From Hoi An, Easter wish for you

If I were to fill an Easter basket with the colours of Hoi An,
I would start with a warm amber yellow and lots of it.
The eggs would have a touch of sunshine...
salmon, aqua, green, red, cream, white and persimmon, 
bundled together, in a honey coloured basket. 

Warm wishes for a Happy Easter 
and wedding congratulations to the newlyweds.

Jeanne xx

Hoi An, Vietnam


  1. Ahhh, that special yellow the camera adores. I've read where filmmakers will shoot scenes made to look like elsewhere to get the effect that yellow gives. There's something about a bicycle that makes me want to know it was parked there, in that spot. Happy Easter, Jeanne, to you and yours.

  2. Happy Easter and thanks for sharing the beautiful colourful pictures, truly lovely x

  3. Beautiful photos indeed. Thank you. I hope you are well over there.

  4. Wow what fabulous photos and colours - love the bicycle photos - you should turn these into postcards.

  5. OMG!! Be still my beating heart, love the colours of your images, I can feel the heat,and the smell of the market. As for those bicycles, pure joy..

    Happy Easter Jeanne xx

  6. Happy Easter dear Jeanne!!!

    These are lovely images and so cheerful. I do so hope that you are finding on your visit that this will be a place that you can call home for a few years.

    It looks lovely, and I am sure that it is wonderful.

    Take care dear friend, happy Easter.


  7. And what a lovely Easter basket it would be. Such beautiful pictures. The colors are delicious. Happy Easter. Bonnie

  8. I love this first picture with the beautiful national dress for women.

  9. Oh the colors are just beautiful and striking.
    Rich with character.
    Wishing you and yours a lovely Easter Weekend.

  10. It looks like a very lovely, very exotic, very different place and will do doubt take some getting used to. But, you are the queen of that. I hope this visit takes some of the fear of the unknown away and replaces it with ideas of how to combine and adapt. I predict an interesting few years. Can't wait to follow you on them.

  11. Beautiful! A photographer's paradise x

  12. You always take the most amazing pictures Jeanne. They almost allow you to smell the climate and feel the texture of what is being photographed. Happy Easter.

  13. Gorgeous photos!
    Love the colors and textures!
    What an adventure you are having!

  14. I want to be there! so gorgeous.


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