My Secret Postcard Box...

My secret box... from Hediard... is not what you would expect.
If you know Hediard's, you would expect some sort of delectable 
treat to be inside of it...and there was, once. But now, it is my secret box
where my secret stash...of postcards is kept.

Postcards of Paris..purchased on my first trip to Paris in 1978.

It is a very clever little box. It opens up into all sorts of shapes and configurations,
allowing me to gaze at own little postcard projector.

I just started this creation, so, please excuse the handiwork...I have never
been known to be a tidy writer, as those of you who have received postcards from me,
will have guessed by now.

No matter, it is what's inside that counts. 
A few of my favourites...

A lady gets a ride in Paris

 Fishing in Florence and a lively chat in Mayfair

Three ladies and their cycles in Paris. 
I would love to know that the giggle is all about. :)

I am off and running again. My solo sojourn to Paris starts in the morning.
I am taking a little postcard break on this trip. But then again, 
I always say that and before you know it...
the list comes out, the pen comes out and I am on my way.

If you would like a day...from somewhere...
drop me a line...always happy to oblige. :)

Best wishes..

Jeanne xx

Images above are of my postcards
Credits noted below
Lady gets a ride...Paris Atmospheres by Editor
Fishing in Florence... Lester Gediman
A lively chat in Mayfair... Norman Parkinson
Three ladies...Paris Atmospheres by Editor


  1. Hello Jeanne

    I am delighted you are getting a break and heading to Paris. I know you will have a wonderful time and I am looking forward to hearing all about. I love your secret box.
    Bon Voyagexx

  2. Jeanne, you too show signs of being a closet accountant! My hubby teases me about being one too because I like to organize and label things. It makes life run more smoothly when we know where our things are!

  3. Oh Jeanne! I love this little insight into your organisation. I think I'll have to start a postcard box as well, now! J x

  4. Your organisation is an inspiration!!! xx

  5. i adore old photos.
    this is fab post!!


  6. Love this what an amazing idea, so lovely to catch up again my friend

    Always Wendy

  7. Jeanne,

    Good afternoon! I love Heidiard, and I love your box of wonderful post cards. Writing post cards and letters is a dying art, it is so nice that you share your adventures with everyone that cannot go along on your adventures.

    Have a fabulous trip!!!!

    Elizabeth xx

  8. I love your postcard collection. Enjoy Paris and don't forget to visit Montmartre :) BTW did you ever get the postcard I sent you? Not sure if it's what you like to collect. I will try to find something more interesting next time.

  9. Loving following along with your adventure. I'm missing Paris, but very much enjoying the book you recommended!

  10. Imagine my delight...arriving home, to find a very special Postcard from Paris.... made me feel very special.
    Thankyou Jeanne, you are a very special person sharing your thoughts, along with photos of simple pleasures of life that give so much inner happiness.
    Have a wonderful week, Cheers Louise x


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