It's All Happening in the Entryway

I am taking a break from Scotland.
The light is changing, the furniture is moving 
and I can't stop thinking...
about entryways.

Ours needs something...

It's the little things.
Colour, boots, pictures, 
books, flowers, hats, baskets, a table,
a chair, a cow....
Or maybe in these cases it's lots of things mixed together.

Does anyone remember the old homes with the big
entryway that comfortably took a table, 
a chair and a phone?

Think Gidget and My Three Sons.
Life happened in the entryway. 

Maybe what I need is a phone...

Not sure Mr. H would agree.

Hope your having a great day!


  1. Great post with terrific images. Love the cow!

  2. Jeanne thank you so much for becoming follower No 21. I'm honoured. I have had a quick flick through your site - it's great. Will come back to spend more time reading it a bit later on. I'm returning the compliment!

  3. Ooh, I like the fourth one down (not to mention that orange wrap/jacket in the picture on the wall!) and the sixth one too!

    I have so rarely lived someplace with a true usable entryway, sigh. Some architects just don't get it! I currently have a door that opens into a great room with a fireplace right in the middle and facing the door way. No place for anything! You have to walk into the den or hall way behind the staircase to put shoes and coats away. Sigh. Your entry way needs something. I need an entry way!

    Love the pictures!

  4. Jeanne, in the Hindu tradition, when someone goes to a new house, a cow is first brought into the house as it is auspicious but what is the significance of the cow in the picture you have posted?

    I liked seeing the pictures.

    Joy always,

  5. Some things just seem so obvious you wonder why no one has done it before - a cow, next season's must have accessory in every well dressed hallway.

  6. I love entryways - they are the corridor to the heart of the home. You get a great first impression of a home when you step through a front door. I've been working on my hallway for a while now and only last night came up with another idea so looking forward to adding a few more touches.

  7. Beautiful photographs, Jeanne. Halls are such important features in a home - they are, after all, the first thing a visitor sees. Wishing you a wonderful day :)

  8. I know this isn't really the topic of your post today ~ but oh, how I loved the series MY THREE SONS. :-)


  9. I always dreamed of an enry way...growing up everyone came through the back door, straight into the laundry, not so pleasant! Actually, prior to that, we lived in a caravan while building & we always had the horse, dog & cat in our entry way...Now, we walk straight into our living room...I love the second pic, homely & inviting.

  10. I love the boots and riding hats. It is amazing what one can find at antique and second-hand shops if one keeps an eye out - creating an entrance need not be an expensive undertaking. I guess, as an entrance is people's first impression of one's home, it should make a statement about who one is and what one enjoys.

    Love your blog,

  11. Yes, the cow, definitely the cow!
    I'm with you. I like a large entry room. We have just enough space for a small table. I'm wanting more, say enough for a cow. LOL

  12. I'm sure your entryway is absolutely fabulous, Jeanne.

  13. Hi everyone
    I can see the cow is a favourite! Good choice :)
    I did a little cow gazing last more here.

    I just mentioned to Lord Cowell that we have a Maori totem from New Zealand, a statue from Papua New Guinea, a collection of hand carved walking sticks and a landscape painting of our favourite view in New Zealand along with a table, lamps, a mirror, books, assorted shoes and hats and boots around the corner. They build houses differently in England...this is a strange one..'the rental'. Still thinking, still moving, adding, taking away and adding again :)

  14. I'm not sure you'll have room for the cow after all with these special treasures needing a home. I have a lovely old wind-up telephone on the wall in my entryway - it seems to fit well there.

  15. Yep, the cow. Just what you need. I once had a sheep pause in the doorway...another good idea!

  16. The telephones are great, but the cow is the best.

    I have never lived anywhere that had a true entrance way so will be looking forward to seeing what you do


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