Sunday, August 1, 2010

Safe Landing

A safe landing into Heathrow this morning.
Always a comfort to return home :)

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!


Miss Claire and Miss Kate along the River Thames
Miss Claire and youngest son, Connor....a peaceful moment this morning and I stress moment!


  1. Yes, holidays and trips are always wonderful, but returning home is so marvellous - as they say, there's no place like it. Wishing you a great weekend, Jeanne :)

  2. Thanks, Jeanne, for being a follower of Katsui. We are having a giveaway (drawing on Monday) for one of our first hundred to thank you all.

    Suz and Kat

  3. Glad you made it back safely...just in time for the weekend! Wish I were having a weekend in London...

  4. Lovely to know that you are safely back Jeanne. Looking forward to photos and stories of your time away. XXXX

  5. Nice that you have touched down safe and sound.
    Always nice to come home.
    Our youngest daughter and husband are in London right now...awaiting their interview for US residency. Fingers crossed! This is where they met, fell in love and married, while students at Le Cordon Bleu.
    So they feel they've come home too.

  6. Welcome Home, hope the flight was a good one.

    And just to make your homecoming the best..

    Richie McCaw took the AB's to a resounding victory over the Wallabies, who in our house are now called"The Wobblies"

  7. Welcome back and hope your flight was not too tiring and may your jet lag be minimal Jeanne! x

  8. Wonderful to know that you had a fulfilling trip and have brought back lovely memories. Can we anticipate more photographs and notes from your journal?

    Welcome Home!!

    Joy always,

  9. Something about landing on home soil where you actually live - can't be replicated... Hope NZ was not too cold and fun times were had with friends and family. Penny xo Wish I was having a weekend in London too...

  10. Glad you made it safe and sound!


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