A Little Retail Therapy and a few questions...

I took my daughters for a little retail therapy today. 
My eldest, Miss Christine, is back in town 
and I had the two girls all to myself.
What better time for a little investigative work.
As we stood on the escalator, going up to the next floor, 
I casually drop into the conversation...

I say: "So, do you know if Dad has bought my birthday present yet?"
Daughters reply: "Yes"

I try again: " Are there any stores we should not go into today?"
Daughters: Silence...pretend to look distracted.

I try a different tact: "Does that mean I should not pop into Brora today?
Daughters turn to mother and say in unison: 
"Mom, you are so obvious, nice try. But it won't work".

Ok, I tried. I have to give myself credit for that :)

I love September, not only is it my birthday (11th) month, 
it also signals the start of Autumn fashions.
My favourite time of year.

I am mad about capes at the moment.
 I also love the idea of slinging a sweater
around my shoulders with a brooch. 
Nice touch by Liv here.

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  1. you're the cutest! Hope you had a fun day with your girls!

  2. Bonjour Jeanne,
    Sounds like you raised two very smart daughters! I'm sure you'll love whatever your honey gives you - a cape would be nice though! And Liz did hit it right.
    Hope you had a great week,

  3. Oooo I love that cape too. Now I need to go shopping. And Liv, well she is just gorgeous.

  4. Jeanne, September is a wonderful month to have a birthday and I too am a Fall baby, maybe that's why it is my favorite season as well. Leaves changing, cool air, and the ability to add layers which lends different looks. I am glad your daughter left you hanging a bit regarding your present, besides, half the fun is the anticipation, isn't it? :)

  5. Does your Beloved read your blog Jeanne. There might be the teeniest hint here of what you would like for your birthday. Do you think he'll twig?

  6. HI Jeanne
    Well Liv is just gorgeous.. I think she would look great wearing anything... and I do love those capes.. My mum had a fabulous one that of course I thought silly as a kid. but now...love them!!

    Glad you had such a nice day with your girls.. and I'll be putting the 11th in my diary..!!!! Have a great day.. xxx Julie

  7. How nice to spend time out shopping with your girls, I miss doing that with my mum, she's too far away. I do love capes, they dress up any old outfit & make it look chic..

  8. Love a spot of retail therapy. Where did you go? Liv Tyler is just too gorgeous. Capes, shawls and wraps - can't get enought of them. Perfect for our Sydney winters when you need an easy layer.
    Have a super weekend.

  9. Happy Birthday, early! Do you really want to know your present? I like surprises.

    Glad you had a special day with your girls.


  10. Nice try, those girls are too smart for you.

    Love that cape, very chic.

  11. I shall have to wish you happy birthday EVERY day dearest Virgo friend. LOVE the cape idea as well... Looking forward to hearing what you got for a present. Do keep us informed.

  12. I'm a September girl too Jeanne, a day after you on the 12th. And I love it for the change of seasons just as much - all the beautiful spring flowers and their delicious scent. Your husband must be very organized. Can't imagine that mine will have given it a moments thought yet!


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