On my Bookshelf...and yours?

I was playing with my camera 
the other day...as you do.
It was morning, 
the house was quiet, 
everyone was asleep,
 the coffee was brewing
and I had an idea.

I went to one room and took pictures of a few of my books.
Just random shots..I wasn't thinking much of it.
Just playing.

I then got to thinking....as you do.
I wondered how many other readers collect books 
and if they are as nostalgic as I am.

Here is my bookshelf...
how about you?

and the lucky last...
My very first keeper.

Many of these books and I go back over 20 years,
some as recent as last month. 

Books take you places, don't they?
Great memories and great dreams for the future.

If you are interested in doing the same, 
I would love to see your bookshelf.
I am going to add a link at the bottom of this post.
Feel free to join me, anytime.

PS..for more books on my bookshelf, 
go to the top of this page and click on 'LIBRARY'.

 PS..to photograph your bookshelf, 
shoot as is and rotate image to create stack effect.


  1. I see a lot that are on my shelves as well! Great minds, my friend, great minds! ;)

  2. Hi Jeanne, what a great post. And the answer is yes; to collecting them and cherishing them. I'm going to do my 'soul food friday' post about this...because if books aren't soul food I don't know what is! Thank you so much for the idea :)

  3. My shelves look a lot like yours and I once did a whole post on them, so I had better refrain from doing it again for fear of boring everyone to death!

    Didn't you just love Jane Eyre?


  4. Hi Jane
    You can add a link to the post you created if you like. See the instructions at the bottom of my post.
    Thanks for your comment :)

  5. Thanks Stephanie, your a sweetie :) and Kerry I could not agree more. Pure soul food!!

  6. Love this idea! Perhaps I'll do a few shots of my shelves at some point. In the meantime, I thought I'd share an old post (a couple years ago!) I did containing some of my favorites. It doesn't include more recent ones, and now that I'm looking at it, I'm not sure it's an adequate representation! Hm. Is it okay if I add two? I'll link up to all my 'books' posts too - there are some great recommendations in there!

  7. Our shelves share a lot of the same titles. I have two libraries in the house, and stacks by just about every chair. I am seriously afflicted by a love of books.

  8. We, too, have a library and I love all my books. My son said on a recent visit that I needed to downsize and start editing the shelves. I said, "then they will be bare or filled with "knick-knacks" but he thought I should do it. I decided it will have to be later rather than sooner. He is an English teacher!!!

  9. Oh I adore your books...the colours all coordinate, did you notice that! My bookshelf has a soft green monotoned array of novels...

    I won't have time to join you in this bookshelf link, but I think it's a wonderful idea and I wish I'd thought of it myself! lol

    Bella Tuscany
    Jane Eyre

    but guess what my hubby went out and bought me? a Kobo reader, it's like the kindle e reader...
    I hated the thought of it at first, but if you can believe it, I love it now as much as I love my MacBook....just another item I can now not live without!

    thanks for sharing your shelf!

    ciao bella
    happy reading...

    creative carmelina

  10. Books and more books. I collect them like crazy but my shelf does not look as organised as yours. Since I am at my thesis, I pull them out and leave them everywhere. Let me complete this thesis. I see you have an eclectic collection! Nice.

    Priceless question: Have you read all the books there?

    If someone asks me that, I am quite brazen and say NO. Well, I like them, to see them and feel them. I will eventually read them some day.

    Joy always,

  11. Hi Mary

    Please feel free to add as many as you like. The more the merrier, I always say. There are lots of avid readers who stop by here so I am sure they would love to come along and say hello to you too. Love your blog by the way...from one Massachusetts girl to another :)

  12. Pamela...I can just imagine your book piles, I am sure they are all beautiful and rich with wonderful stories.

    Donna...Ooh, tread lightly on that one. I did that once and spent the next three years on Trade Me (New Zealand version of Ebay)...buying them all back! I missed them :)

    Carmelina..not to worry, just happy that you stopped by. I am desperate for a ipad just so I can get into e-reading. I will take it anyway I can get it!

    Susan..Yes, I know, they are color coordinated too. I had a friend who did it for me and I liked it so much that I photographed it before we moved so I could replicate the same look. Bringing a little bit of 'home' with me from one country to another :) and...no, I have not read them all. Some are waiting for just that time in my life when I need them most:)

    Virgina...Thanks!! Join us :)

  13. Beautiful books Jeanne, some I have too and some that I would like to own... - Jasper Conran's Country for example. Thanks for the reminder. Lovely post.x

  14. I have a bit of a book addiction too. I never throw books out or give them away. I've kept every book I've ever bought. Recently my niece was reading a book I loved as a child and when she opened it out fell a book mark which my best friend gave me when I was about 7 years old! In another book I borrowed from my mum recently I found in the middle a boarding card for a flight to Australia. I love finding surprises in books when I take them off the bookshelf. This was a lovely idea for a post.

  15. Sarah Elizabeth...I think it is great that you keep them all. Now that you are married you get to merge two collections :) Will the other be in italian? That should make for an interesting bookshelf :)

    Boarding passes make excellent bookmarks and like your Mother, I like to leave little mementos in books too. My favourite discovery was a book I purchased years ago, in a used book shop. The book was Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff. I found it in a little shop in Devenport outside Auckland, New Zealand and in it I found a book review from the NZ Listener newspaper, dated June 23 1984. It's a keeper! The book was first published in 1970, my copy in 1979. I often wonder how many hands it passed thru to get to me. One of my secret delights of used books!

  16. Great post Jeanne. I recognise quite a few of those from my own bookshelves. I've got Joan Didion's Year of Magical Thinking, but haven't quite got around to reading it yet....I believe it's very moving. Meredy xo.

  17. Well Jeanne, it looks like any of us could do house swaps and feel totally at home with each other' book collection!
    This is a great idea, I'll try and put something up later.


  18. Work is about to start on the new (and large) bookshevles in our study and I've decided I'm going to have a bit of a throw out! I seem to have books scattered all over the house so this must be the right time for a clean up. Leigh

  19. I am a huge book Queen...every one is precious to me! This is a great post and a fun idea to share the books we love. Love your blog too by the way! Michallee (Treasures from Moira's Armoire)

  20. What an absolutely wonderful idea to have people link and share books! I'm always wanting recommendations for good reads and will jump in next time.

  21. Hi Jeanne! It's me! Yey home again and my goodness books are an apt topic! I just ploughed my way through a few on holiday and enjoyed every minute. I am a real keeper when it comes to special books and I even found myself telling my daughter that burning books is the WORST crime. She now thinks it outweighs most others. We were talking in reference to what they had no fire wood in the war - do you think I over-reacted?! I have a first edition of my favourite book ever by John Updike - I stumbled across it in a second hand book shop - fate? My goodness yes! Lou x

  22. Kerry at A Tranquil Townhouse sent me over and I love your blog - and your book shelf! I thought I'd link to my latest book post - yesterday's. It's not quite my shelf but the latest book additions to it and my push to Better Reading in 2010! That sounds very formal - it's really just a New Year's resolution to read better... Ann x

  23. The Atheneum library in Melbourne gave me my first copy of Atlas Shrugged They figured I had borrowed it so many times that I deserved my own copy! I still have it 45 years later and I lend it to no one!!!

  24. What a great post and what a great idea! But I'm ashamed to submit a photo of my bookcase - everyone else's look extremely ordered and neat:-) (plus, many of my books are in Danish and therefore not that interesting for the rest of you) That is not the case in my home. I have so many books that it has almost become a problem because there is not room for them. But I cannot get rid of books. I will sure check back to look at the great links.

  25. I love seeing what you are reding and others. It inspires me to look for those books I might otherwise overlook as great jewels. They are definately soul food. I'm thinking of getting one of the new readers because my shelve overflow. So many books - so little time.

  26. I love books!
    Can`t live without!


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