A Tattoo To Remember...

Words can not describe the magic of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo
Edinburgh Castle is the backdrop with a host of sights and sounds 
from around the world that are just spectacular.
You have to see it to believe it. 

The crowd went wild when the New Zealand Army Band 
performed the Haka bringing cheers all around.

A night to remember....

Note to self: Read instruction guide to new camera before 
attempting to use at a major event..sorry about some of the photos.
Still working on the movie clips :)

More travels around Scotland...


  1. Gave me goosebumps just looking at your wonderful photos! This is now on my To-See List!

  2. Hi Jean, I'm back and boy I've missed seeing what you have been up to! Wow, this looks amazing! I love a guy in a skirt! I'm sure they were spectacular!

  3. What fun and you must have loved all the tartans!

  4. Dear Jeanne,
    your photos are wonderful and make me quite - homesick! Britta

  5. Wow. This looks positively phenomenal.

  6. How fabulous to have actually been there! Your photos are wonderful. Leigh

  7. The photographs are amazing! I have been to Edinburgh Castle only once, but I'd love to go again - especially for an occasion like this :)

  8. So amazing to see the castle all lit up.


  9. Jeanne,,,,,, gorgeous pics... brings back happy memories for me!



  10. I can only imagine how awesome it must have been Jeanne. We went to see them when the Tatoo came to Australia earlier this year and I was impressed. xx

  11. Your photos have brought tears to my eyes. I love pipe bands, and have been to a few highland games here at home.The atmosphere must have electric

    And there is nothing like the Haka being performed anywhere.

  12. i love seeing it on the TV every year, can only try to imagine how amazing it must be to be there. would love to see it sometime. the school my son goes to has a pipe band and they practice all the time and play every friday before assembly, and they always get me right in the heart. almost well up with tears every time :)

  13. I love the look of those Tartans.

  14. What wonderful photographs - so long since I have been to the Tattoo (35 years ago was my last visit!!) thank you for these... x

  15. I agree....goosebumps. Your pics are vibrant and makes it seem I am there too!!


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