Friday, August 20, 2010

A Home to Remember in Connecticut

We have moved ten times in the past 24 years.
Back and forth, across the seas.
USA to Australia
Australia to USA
USA to Australia
Australia to New Zealand
New Zealand to UK

On our fifth move,
we left with a beautiful painting of our home.
Painted by Sharon, a neighbour and a wonderful friend, 
to remind of us of our years together.

Sharon and I had children the same age,
all under 10 and we lived in each others houses.
We loved to decorate, shop and share stories about our children.
She helped me find some of my favourite treasures.

I think of her every time I walk past this painting.
It is filled with wonderful family memories too.

I look at the front door and think of the kids sitting on the step
getting ready for their Christmas photo.
I look at the two pots 
and remember them packed with colourful flowers
Spring thru Autumn.

I think of trick or treaters and the look of 
surprise as they turned the corner into our house. 
Pumpkins were alight everywhere.

At Christmas each window held a brightly lit candlelight, 
the shrubs were covered in fairy lights 
and the tree looked glorious covered in snow.

In winter the alcove below was filled with bright pink geraniums.
The sun shone brightly in that little corner and they thrived all year.

We lived in this house for five years. 
Mr. H and the kids surprised me with a 
40th birthday celebration in our backyard. 
It was filled with our friends and neighbours 
and is a night I will never forget.

We loved this house.
The only thing that was missing was our son Connor.
He was born in the sixth house.

I mention this now because for the past few months 
I have been trying to find this painting.
It has has taken me eight months to unpack the garage 
and wouldn't you know was in the last box.
What joy to see it again.

She is done and dusted and in a special place 
where I can see her everyday.

I thank Sharon everyday for what she has given me.
A wonderful memory.

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend...may it be filled with happy memories.


PS..another gift from Sharon for which I am forever first digital camera.
She opened a whole new world to me and gave me one to remember. Sharon


  1. Sounds like you are experiencing a bit of nostalgia. The painting of this house makes it a special memory, but I bet each of your homes holds the same.
    Have a great weekend, and I can't wait to see what photo wonders you capture!

  2. What a wonderful friend and such great memories. Sounds like y'all were great friends that distance will not separate. You are blessed!!
    Love the painting.
    Ladybug Creek

  3. What a wonderful painting - great memories and a fantastic friend. Have a great weekend. x

  4. How lovely and kind of you to allow us to be part of your memories and pictures. Jeanne, I have been reading your posts for some time now and how many times 'home' has been a constant feature. I know how home is not a place alone for you but it is many more things. I'm glad to know that.
    Home definitely is a vital part of our living and without it it will be horrifying.
    I am so occupied with the concept of 'home' as I am dealing with in in my thesis.

    A splendid weekend filled with warmth and lovely thoughts.

    Joy and passion to you,

  5. What a wonderful true story. It's a wonder that you can handle all the are to be commended! But, surely, you have an interesting life learning to know one place after another. :)

  6. Bonjour Jeanne,
    What a marvelous memory of a beautiful home and a an even more beautiful friend!
    Bon week-end,

  7. Thank you all for your comments...I am cooking up a storm at the moment and sneaking peeks along the way. Naughty me but I can not resist hearing from you all....thank you :)

    Lulumusings...I think your right about the nostalgia. That is probably what I should have called my blog! Yes..each home does hold a special memory. Just as I am sure your post today will for you :)

    Karen...Your right and it is wonderful that after all these years (11) we can still get together and pick up where we left off...a true friend :)

    Sarah...Agree! that you mention it, that is very true. I am starting to feel that way about my blog too...I would love to read your thesis someday! I think I will have to combine that with a trip to India :) true! My husband wonders why we carry all this 'stuff' from house to house. This post says it all :)

    Mimi...couldn't agree more :)

  8. What a gift! Beautiful in every way.

  9. What a beautiful house this must have been Jeanne, and how special to have it painted by a good friend.

    House portraits are just as evocative as people portraits!

    Sharon (a different one!)

  10. Your home was just lovely, but I think it is the memories of what was inside your home that has you feeling so sentimental...lots of love I am sure! Sharon sounds like a wonderful and dear friend and I hope you both always stay close!


  11. Such a lovely painting of a lovely place. I always feel a beloved house is truly another member of the family. We have a wonderful painting of ours that hangs in the dining room. I think the house is proud of it.

  12. What a delightful painting and so glad that you found it. Fabulous memories and an eternal friendship even if you are across the sea...the internet brings us together so effortlessly.

  13. Jeanne - what beautiful memories and a wonderful way to have them captured, by your friend and neighbour. A special painting indeed...have a great weekend x

  14. Oh man, what a wonderful post! Even though we all have certain strains or stresses in our lives, it is a true blessing to look back and find a treasure of tender memories tucked away, yet, never forgotten.

  15. Many thanks to you all for your very kind comments.

    I should probably mention that the house has changed completely. A couple went in, ripped out the tree, put semi circular driveway thru the front lawn, painted the house brown and put a porch around the front door. . :( :(.....

    Aren't I lucky to have the painting!! :):)

  16. Glad you found that beautiful painting. I'm sure you've missed it! The home itself is stunning. I'd love to live in such a house! ~ Sarah

  17. Jeanne, all of your posts are lovely, but this one especially warms the heart and touches a nostalgic cord. I so understand what you wrote. My hub and I also moved around a lot. But, like you, I have deeper memories of a particular house. We were there at the right age with the right things happening at the right time. Sharon was/is a true friend who gave you the perfect gift of a truly beautiful home. (I've never figured out what one really wants is always in the last box? *sigh*)

  18. What beautiful memories and a wonderful gift to remember them by. We are lucky to have had some of the neighbours we have had in our life. I had my own 'Sharon' when we went back to London for few years. My sister has a 'Sharon' - her real name - who moved back to the states from London. I caught up with her on a trip to NY last year. Some friendships are enduring beyond distance. Wouldn't you know it - in the last box!
    Have a happy weekend.

  19. What wonderful reminiscing! You have such an adventurous life, my dear! Great for memory making - thanks for sharing it with all of us!

  20. What wonderful memories that picture brings to you, and what a wonderful friend.

  21. As an artist, one of the best things is to know that all the memories that I cannot draw are somehow evoked in the artwork. I am just back from my morning walk and I took lots of photos of some of my favorite homes in the neighborhood.

  22. What a beautiful home and what beautiful memories. I have a close friend who has moved many times as well. We treasure the old memeories and are very fortunate to be making new ones as we visit eachother.

    You are an admirable person to have move and make a new home so many times.

    - The Tablescaper

  23. What a creative and thoughtful gift.



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