Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Spittal of Glenshee and Dalmunzie Castle in Scotland

Come with me thru the Spittal of Glenshee
where the glen is green
and the land reaches out to the sky.

I will take you to a place
where you will be reminded
of the virtues of a life well lived.

This is a place that will tweak your
culinary curiosity. 
You will be fed the most delicious dinner
and wake up thinking about it the next day
and most likely thru the rest of the day 
until the next meal is served.

Your first impressions will be challenged.
A Castle? A Lodge? A Hotel?
All of the above?

No matter.
The questions will subside as you embark on your first
walk thru the Highlands and wander back
 to what will soon become your favourite 
spot to sit and rest. 

Afternoon tea will be served..or as in my case
a beer...whatever your passion after a long stretch.
It will be waiting for you and served by staff with bright smiles
and cheerful dispositions....all Aussie.

Yes, Aussies, as this is a Castle in Scotland
owned and staffed by Aussies. 

We left happier for the experience.

We ate, we walked, we explored,
we laughed, we dreamed, we relaxed... 
in Scotland at Dalmunzie Castle.
An experience to remember.

More travels around Scotland...
Come with me thru the Spittal of Glenshee

images~ me 


  1. I would come with you thru the Spittal of Glenshee anytime! What a nice walk that must have been. The food looked out of this world and the smile on your little man says it all! xx

  2. What a beautiful place!
    The hills and the colours are so surreal looking...and the castle, my heavens it's grand!
    What a fortunate traveller you are to have stumbled upon such an exquisite place.

  3. Jeanne, your photos are just beautiful, I love scotland, you make me want to jump on a plane and go back there.


  4. So inspiring! This makes me want to be there so much...someday...

  5. Looks like we have got another place to visit when we go to Scotland the next time. I am afraid that two weeks will nog be enough ;-). What lovely places you visit, thank you for sharing it all! Enjoy your week, Sandra

  6. What glorious weather you had. No midges?
    I'm so happy you mentioned the delicious food. We always have marvelous meals in Scotland. Not a fried Mars Bar to be seen!

  7. Thanks one and all for your comments!

    Happy to report...no midges although we were prepared!

    I heard about the famous fried Mars Bars but lucky for us, they were not on the menu!


  8. lovely Jeanne... simply lovely!

  9. Jeanne even the virtual walk you took us on has brightened my day. The pictures are beautiful. I know where I'd like to book my next break. Thank you for such a lovely post.

  10. What a beautiful spot. The fields are so green and lush. The castle looks fabulous, I would love to explore it all one day. xx

  11. What an amazing place. And what a hoot staffed and owned by Aussies.

    Your photos are stunning

  12. That place looks wonderful.


  13. Those Aussies! Struth mate. It looks a ripper of place. Did you know that Australia currently has six banknotes in circulation. Apart from the Queen, The Reserve Bank of Australia has chosen to celebrate ten people on these notes. Of these, one was born in Scotland, three are from Scots Australian families, one was probably married to a Scots Australian, two were educated in establishments founded by Scots Australians and one was a Presbyterian minister with close links to the Church of Scotland.

  14. oh my goodness jeanne, all i need is for hamish mcbeth to walk out from the mist and tell me i'm "the one""\ and it would be perfect!!!

    gorgeous pics! jxx

  15. It looks perfect! Makes me feel sad to leave Scotland next week though :(

  16. Thanks for the tou . What a beautiful place

  17. Fabulous photos and lovely post!!


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