~Edinburgh Streetlife~

I wrote a post today...I worked on it for hours and had it just about done when...CLICK...yes, I did it, I pushed the wrong button. Deleted it all. Has it happened to you? If so, you will appreciate the emotion that I felt at that moment.
After one beer, one ice cream cone and two 'Life on Mars' TV (UK) episodes 
(yes, I was feeling sorry for myself) I wandered back to the computer. And then it came to me, 
the song in my head...STREETLIFE* and I started again.
There is no other way to describe what I experienced in Edinburgh last weekend. I was walking in the midst of the Edinburgh Arts Festival, one of the largest arts festivals in the world. 
Why had I never heard of this before??
When Mr. H told me he was planning a trip to Scotland to see the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, I will be honest in saying that my eyes glazed over at the thought of an event with three hours of bagpipes. But a girl has to do what a girl has to do and he does love the bagpipes and I do love cashmere made in Scotland. A match made in heaven!
Who knew that I would end up being crazy about Edinburgh? Not me. Can I also say that I am absolutely smitten with Scotland and the Scots. From Edinburgh to the Highlands...it was 'just grand'.
Ah...but the streetlife in Edinburgh at the time of a festival...well that is definitely something one has to experience on their own. Here is mine..set to the lyrics of STREETLIFE*

I play the streetlife, because there's not place I can go
Streetlife ~ it's the only life I know
Streetlife ~ and there's a thousand parts to play
Streetlife ~until you play your life away

You let the people see, just who you wanna be
And every night you shine, just like a super star
That's how the life is played a temptin masquerade

You dress, you walk, you talk
You're who you think you are
Streetlife ~ you can run away from time

Streetlife ~for a nickel or a dime
Streetlife ~ but you better not get old
Streetlife ~ or you're gonna feel the cold

There's always love for sale a grown-up fairytale
Prince charming always smiles behind a silver spoon

Streetlife ~ Streetlife

Streetlife ~ Streetlife

And if you keep it young your song is always sung
Your love will pay your way beneath the silver moon

I play the streetlife, because there'sno place I can go
Streetlife ~ it's the only life I know

Streetlife ~ and there's a thousand parts to play
Streetlife ~ until you play your life away-ooh

Streetlife ~ Streetlife
Streetlife ~ Streetlife

images~ me
Edinburgh, Scotland


  1. Edinburgh is such a beautiful, artistic and iconic city. It is one of my dreams to visit during the Festival. Thank you for sharing your experience and your brilliant photographs, this was a delight to read :)

  2. You are such a great writer and capture so much with your words! real talent..Hi to Mr. H.


  3. Wow, I can see why you fell in love with Edinburgh. You have captured the city life so well, and I was singing along to Street life while reading your post.

  4. I am so jealous Jeanne, this is something I have always wanted to do with the family and it's just never happened. Next year maybe.


  5. Dear Jeanne - looks as if you had a wonderful time! Did you get to go to many of the festival events while you were there? You are certainly getting lots of ticks on your 'to do' list whilst in the UK! You are putting us to shame! Great photos & vibe x

  6. Wonderfull memories while reading your story and looking at the pictures! We have been there two years ago, not during the festival, but looking at this we might have to go back.... . Thanks Sandra

  7. How wonderful. I've been to Edinburgh a few times but never managed to get to the festival. Looks fantastic you lucky thing. Have a soft side for manly kilts. Not sure why but tend to go a little weak at the knees!

  8. Sharon and Susie..-

    It is a great family trip. The kids really enjoyed it. The trick is to find out which shows are appropriate for the age group of your family. There are a lot of shows for the little ones...get's a bit tricky when they are around ten. We ended up seeing ,Just Macbeth, an aussie production that was wonderful. We all enjoyed it!

    The Tattoo is fabulous- a great family outing. I was surprised by how much I liked it. Pure entertainment and worth every penny. Tickets are a bit pricey though.

    More to come on the Highlands...my kids loved exploring the Castles and long walks in the country...well almost. Walks can go on forever there!!

    Stay tuned...I will have lots more to say...

    Knicky Knacks...

    I know what you mean about kilts making you a bit weak in the knees...especially a well fitted one...I will stop there, swoon :)

    Thanks to Sam, Becky, Angela and Sandra for your kind words :)

  9. Bonjour Jeanne,
    Great photos! Never been to the Tatoo, but must change that. Sorry for all the frustration with the deleted post - I think we have all experienced that feeling as our stomach drops. But it worked out in the long run, and we are enjoying a delightful post!
    Bon journée,

  10. Oh, I spied a poster for Adam Hills from the Aussie TV quiz show Spicks and Specks, in one of your photos. He gets around. I hope you acquired some of the coveted cashmere, but perhaps not a taste for bagpipes. Ach, aye!

    Deb x

  11. Thanks Mimi and yes Deborah, Adam HIll was just one of the many talented Aussies on show. I love that photo of him!!

  12. Thanks Jeanne for capturing the fantastic sights in Edinburgh for us to see! It seems like an exciting journey filled with many colors, sights, and smells. I also love the words to the song!

  13. Great post! Thoroughly enjoyed it set against those lyrics!

  14. Looks like an amazing place and full of colour!
    There is no lack of creative fashions and the Streetlife vibe is energized...looks like you are having fun!

  15. Edinburgh is such an amazing city. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  16. What a lovely post - so glad you enjoyed your time in Edinburgh - I love the city too and love to hear the opinions of visitors. I'm planning a few days on the fringe this week - any tips? So funny you saw the pierced lady - she is a real local celebrity - shocking but also awe-inspiring. Do come back! Lou x

  17. Oh one of my most favourite cities Jeanne and you have captured it so well in these photographs... fantastic! x

  18. wow Jeanne
    the place is buzzing!! reminds me of a saturday in Paddington.. actually i used to work in paddington and it was always filled with wonderful people watching sights...

    Looks like you had a terrific time.. xxx Julie

  19. Edinburgh is a funky place to be, no matter when you go. I was there for a week when nothing was going on and came home with a suitcase of treasures from antiquity to the 60s...weird and wonderful place.

  20. For many years, Edinburg was my favorite city in the world. It was on the top of my list until I went to Prague. So glad you are enjoying it. One of my favorite tea rooms ever, is just a skip away from the entrance to the castle. Happy holiday.


  21. Hi Jeanne, these photos are fab. My mum just happened to walk past as I was looking at them and she immediately sighed and said "Oh, I just loved Edinburgh". I have to admit, I also have a bit of a think for the Tattoo. My Dad made us watch it every year until eventually we all became addicted as he had hoped. I even wanted bagpipes at my wedding {I have NO Scottish connections at all!}. Sadly, my husband to be, put his foot down. I still married him though. Lucky for him:)

    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Meredy xo.


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