At Seventeen

With all the excitement and travels back and forth we celebrated
Miss Claire's 17th Birthday. 

She managed to celebrate it in both New Zealand and England.
Lucky girl!

A night out in Auckland...

and at home in England with
a cake made with love
by her Father...

Surprises all around.

Ah to be seventeen again. 
Do you remember?

A favourite at seventeen for me....Janis Ian

You Tube video


  1. Oh yes Jeanne...I'm going to play that clip over and over! And a very happy birthday to your lovely girl :)

  2. Now that brought back a lot of memories, and a lump to my throat.

    Happy Birthday to your girl.

  3. Oh Jeanne,
    Happy 17th to your Claire. Looks as if she had a lovely double birthday. I'm very impressed with her Dad making a cake !!
    I can vaguely remember being 17, although it was many decades ago !!!! It was our daughter's birthday in the 1st of August. A pair of Leo's !! XXXX

  4. Happy birthday to Claire. What a beautiful & very lucky girl! xx

  5. Happy Birthday to Miss Claire! She looks beautiful and so happy!

  6. How wonderful, your daughter is beautiful!

    It's a special Daddy who bakes a birthday lovely :)

  7. Happy Birthday to a beautiful Miss Claire... a name as pretty as the girl!!

  8. Happy Birthday, Claire!!! I loved being seventeen! Ah to be so carefree...

  9. Happy Birthday to lovely Claire! Congrats to Mom and Dad, too!

  10. Happy birthday to the beautiful Claire!
    I do remember being seventeen! The world on a silver string.

  11. Happy birthday to Claire, I'm sure she had a wonderful time :) I am yet to reach 17, one year to go :D

  12. Jeanne, I was just delighted to get a postcard from you! That was so much fun!! How did you know that sailboats are my favorite? Beautiful picture and you were fortunate enough to have this view from your home?? Gorgeous!! Thankyou for the birthday wishes and must be an extraordinary woman that I am enjoying getting to know through your blog. Thnakyou for the card!!!

  13. Good for Claire.
    Sixteen was big for our girls. Our eldest spent it in Tokyo. Entertained at our favourite restaurant. La Patata. The strew rose petals from the door of the restaurant to our table. What I wouldn't have given to be her!
    Seventeen for me...the year my dad died.

  14. Aaaah such a wonderful song... And Happy Birthday and a wonderful year to your girl. x

  15. Such fun. Happy Birthday, Claire. We just celebrated my daughters late July birthday, while I was in Chicago. Birthdays are so fun. What is your birthday month, Jeanne?


  16. Hats off to your DH Jeanne - what a man! MOTH absolutely refuses to make icing of any sort. But then again MOTH refuses to make cake of any sort too!!!
    Millie ^_^


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