Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tartan in Summer and Men in Kilts

I know...tartan in summer, 
what am I thinking?

I am packing for a week's holiday in Scotland
and just checked the weather to see that
we will be landing in Edinburgh 
to temperatures of 19C/ August.

So...I am thinking tartan 
and lots of it and if I could,
how would I dress myself in tartan.

A Yohji  Yamamoto tartan cape

A vintage tartan skirt

A handmade tartan pouch 
which conveniently is available on Etsy

Even better, if I could find a Scottish cashmere wrap and slippers
that looks like these I would not hesitate for as second.

If you are like me and are counting down the days to September 
when that little kick and a nip is in the air with
 'Back to School' days close behind it
you will understand while I am smiling at this moment.

In the meantime, Scotland here I come.
Rain and wind and all, I am prepared.
My camera is ready for tartan and men in kilts :)
Bring it on!

Gerard Butler via Provocateuse
(well, he is Scottish!)

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!!


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  1. ooh! I am jealous of your travels you lucky globe-trotter! Work commitments and camp have kept us close to home this year. It's been ages since we've been abroad. Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Ah gee, take me with you!
    Or at least, do visit Glenalmond and purchase a tartan handbag!

  3. I sit here this morning in a long sleeve shirt and my green wrap over my shoulders and a blanket on my lap, trying to believe summer really will reappear - I mean it's 59 degrees, for goodness sakes!
    So it's not surprising that the beautiful long tartan skirt, the cashmere wrap and little slippers all look so warm and cozy and appealing. (So does that Butler guy, but I digress...)

    I look forward to pictures of men in kilts, umm, I mean Scotland! ; )

    Have a great trip!

  4. Hello, hello to men in kilts! Hope you have a fun and safe trip! Can't wait to see the pictures:)

  5. Lucky girl...I'd love to join you! The weather sounds splendid to me! Maybe with luck Gerard Butler will be visiting his homeland! ;-D


  6. Dear Jeanne,
    Oh, you will have a wonderful you remember that we went to Edinburgh in April and had the BEST time.
    I can just see you walking along The Royal Mile in your tartan !!!! Have fun. XXXX

  7. Men in kilts!! Nothing like a bit of tartan hehe! , and i do love the vintage skirt.

    Have a great time.

  8. Sorry, I forgot to add, do you think that Ritchie McCaw could be a Scottish name.

    Go the AB's they're playing Oz in Christchurch tonight.

  9. Dear Jeanne
    I am jealous too!!! Living so close to everything I miss in Europe.. as you know it is a tad far to travel from here...!! one day again,... soon I hope

    Have a fabulous time... and enjoy all those kilts!!!

    xxx Julie

  10. OMG Jeanne, the VINTAGE tartan skirt - I had one just like it first time round! Oh no that makes me feel ancient! Hopeyou have a wonderful time in bonny scotland !

  11. Dear Jeanne, as you might have seen on my gardening blog, I spent a whole lovely month of June in Edinburgh, still dreaming of it... Of course you'll find tartan and cashmere on the Highstreet, but I prefer the beautiful shop when you go down a few steps to Haymarket. Oh, and give my love to St. Giles. And I, seldom reading travel books, liked "The Silent Traveller in Edinburgh" by Chiang Yee, written in 1933. Enjoy your stay! Britta

  12. Wow, another getaway, you lucky thing. I had no idea tartan could be so stylish...I'm sure you'll be a hit dressed so suitably Scottish!

  13. Ah, Scotland. I love this country and have not been there in almost 15 years. Enjoy every moment of your holiday.


    PS. Have some trifle for me.

  14. I love these suggestions Brita! I am going to look for them today. Is it St. Giles Cathedral ? Book sounds perfect! I am reading 44 Scotland St for the occasion by Alexander McCall Smith...will keep an eye out for your book.  It is wonderful here! I will have a look at your post when I find a computer :)

    Jeanne :)

  15. Oh!! I want that wrap and those slippers!

    Have a wonderful trip, Jeanne!

  16. It all looks and sounds lovely!

  17. I'm not sure about the kilts, but give me a scottish accent any day! I'm thinking the cashmere look could be more you! Have a great trip. xx

  18. i loved Scotland when I was there.. I kind of felt like I was home... Have a lovely trip!

  19. Jeanne,

    I got your postcard the other day!
    Thank you so so much!
    It was very very sweet!
    Thank you!

  20. Lucky you! I'll be watching Scotland this weekend, as my brother is there piping at the world championship. Someday I'll get over there to see it but for now I'll just put a disc on and let the music rip through the woods!

  21. That cashmere wrap is just beautiful & the sweet matching shoes, perfect!


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