Gone Writing....with my Pen Pal

There are many times when I wish I could close the door to my office
and pop this sign on the front of it. I often wonder what it would be like to take more
than a day...matter of fact, I wonder what it would be like to spend more than an
hour to sit and write? A luxury that I will think about another day :)

Your comments to The Text Message...

I want to thank you all for commenting on my last post. I can't tell you how touched I was to receive such an outpouring of concern and support. I kept the tissue box close at hand as they rolled in. In fact, just the thought of them has me reaching for it again. I forwarded them to my daughter who sends her sincerest thanks. The latest is...she has decided to stay in Christchurch. She feels there is much to be done and she wants to help.

Although I am deeply concerned I have to say I would probably do the same. I think she is at the point where I have to let go and let her make her own decisions. I guess at 20 that is to be expected. Perhaps sending her nearly 50 emails in one day with the latest earthquake reports etc....was a bit extreme.  It was my way of saying she should come home.  I reckon a mother's gotta do what a mother's gotta do...right? She has assured me she is fine. I have faith.

Breakfast at The Wolseley...

It is a funny world we live in, this virtual world. We leave comments back and forth and drop each other emails and as time passes you feel like you know someone as well as your closest friends. My kids tease me and call them my imaginary friends, but really, they are not.

I met my first blogging friend last week and I am just so thrilled that I did. Pamela from The House of Edward and I met at The Wolseley in London for breakfast. I arrived early and busied myself with my notebook. I admit I was a bit nervous but not for long. Pamela swept in, a beautiful blonde, wrapped up for a cold winter's day. I looked up and my nerves dashed away. She has a glow about her. We smiled, we hugged (something I am prone to do :)) and we jumped right into conversation. So much to say!

I told my husband it was like getting together with a friend who I haven't seen for years. We just picked up from where we left off... like time had never passed.  A couple of times we finished each others sentences and laughed. Great minds think alike.

If you have not met Pamela, please be sure to stop in and say hello. She is an engaging writer with a way of writing that sweeps you in and takes you to the most wonderful places. You could be staying for tea, baking with her in her kitchen, alongside her and her fabulous dog Edward for her daily stroll or on an adventure to another place and time. She is a lovely person and it was an absolute delight to meet her.

When you stop in, please stay a while and tell her Jeanne sent you :) You will find her here.

The gorgeous Pamela with her
faithful companion, Edward.

Just in...as only Pamela could tell it,
her thoughts on Pen Pals.
Thank you Pamela :)

Read here

On that note, I bid you adieu and best wishes 
for a wonderfully creative weekend!

Jeanne xxx

@ cashmerejeans...


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  1. How sociable to meet up with fellow bloggers, Jeanne, and what a good start to real life encounters to meet Pamela, who is such a kind and courteous gentlewoman.

  2. Hi Jeanne
    I have had the same experience meeting with "imaginary" friends. Rhonda (Shellebelle's Tiki Hut) and I have met for lunch...Tracy (Ms Bake It) and Becky (Beachsnaps) have been to my home for Art at Home. It's just like you said...like meeting old friends, with no lag in conversation. I truly feel blessed to have these women...and my other bloggy friends in my life. They have brought me so much joy!

    Glad your daughter is well...and so willing to help in NZ. This reflects on the upbringing she received...
    Jane (artfully graced)

  3. Good girl for staying on in Christchurch to help! This will be a life changing experience for her....and for you. It's hard on us moms when our children are so far away and we feel so helpless. All the best to you both.

  4. I wish I had the luxury to put up such a sign. But alas, I have to work :( I have visited pamela's blog and it is gorgeous. I love all my 'imaginary' friends. I have leart so many wonderful things from them.

  5. Thank you so much for the update on your daughter. I am so glad she is safe. I have thought of you often, and have found myself checking to see if you have posted news of her well-being. You all remain in thoughts and prayers. Hugs! Bonnie

  6. Always wondered what Pamela was like in reality...thanks for the glimpse!

  7. Dear Jeanne, how lovely that you met Pamela. I'm dying to know where she went in London. I love her blog, her writing is beautiful.

    I've met up with a few bloggers and we are firm friends now xx

  8. Just catching up on your news. So glad your daughter is safe - I feel for you when you are so far apart. Warmest wishes.

  9. We do think alike! I also posted the same Toast catalog photo...a few days ago!! funny, small world. sweet story of your breakfast meet with your new blog friend. loved it. and i'll be sure and check out her site. Thanks Jeanne for another great post...so glad your daughter is fine and braving it with her friends there. My heart is with all of them.

  10. Jeanne, I have awarded you "The Versatile Blog Award" on my blog for today (2/24/11). I was given this award last week and am charged with passing it on to 7 bloggers that I admire. And, I certainly admire yours!

    The guidelines are on my post. Basically, you thank the awarder (me), then say 7 things about yourself, then list 7 bloggers that YOU admire.

    I had fun with this so I hope you will too! Congratulations.

  11. So glad that she is still fine, and how wonderful that she chose to stay and help - even though I do understand that you would rather see her home:-)
    Meeting a fellow blogger in real life - how amazing.

  12. I have also really enjoyed meeting bloggers in real life. Sometimes they are just as I imagined, sometimes quite different, but I find you can sense people's core level of kindness and warmth, even over the Internet. Glad you had a good time.

  13. Oh sweetie! I somehow missed the last post, but just read it now, and oh, my heart nearly stopped. I am so glad she is OK. Thankfully, we are resilient at that age, and strong. Bless her sweet heart for wanting to stay and help. The wind didn't blow that apple far from the tree!
    I'm glad you had a good afternoon of meeting your friend. And I know she was equally pleased and delighted to spend the day with our lovely Jeanne.

  14. Jeanne,
    This will have to be brief, as I have just seen your comment (and it is late!), but I'm so pleased that you got to meet Pamela . . . and I'm also delighted that her blog has connected the two of us.

    Thank goodness that your daughter is okay! (Blogging truly shrinks the world, doesn't it?)

  15. Jeanne, I found your blog through "snippets of thyme" and am absolutely loving it. I have been reading some of your posts today and sighed in relief when finding out that your daughter was safe. Also, how proud you must be of her volunteering to help those less fortunate than her. and not less importantly, your story about meeting a fellow blogger was quite inspirational. I too often think about other bloggers as if they are my friends already, and I know they are, but it is strange that we never met in person. So I will follow along with your blog from now on if that's ok with you.

    Nice to meet you,

  16. I'm just so relieved she's safe and well, Jeanne. I cannot imagine how harrowing an experience it has been for the both of you to be separated like that at such a time. Sending you a Hobart ♥ J x

  17. How like you your daughter is. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. To go through all the trauma and then want to stay and help is just so admirable. Bless her! You have been throughh a lot with this too so going out to a fun tea with Pamela was a breath of fresh air, I'm sure. LOVE her dog!
    Hope things stay calm in your world for a while!

  18. Dear Jeanne,
    I just read your last two postings a few minutes ago...I`m so glad your wonderful daughter is safe and sound and everything is okay with her!!!
    Marie & I heard the tragedy in the news and we did not know that NZ is an earthquake place...until now.
    So sad and terrified about that!
    But it`s so nice to read that your daughter want to offer her help in the region.
    I guess it was a very deeply experience to see what a earthquake is like...I can imagine.
    The earth seems to change some places in a very extremly way these days...a lot is *in motion* as you also see in the far east.

    Dear Jeanne, besides excitement meeting a blogging friend (I understand completly, because it`s not a every day thing! :)), it must be fun when a *imaginary* friend becomes reality....
    That`s why I think, blogging is a pefect way, to get to know other people in a *relativly* quick way.
    It`s very seldom getting to know people during shopping, dining-out or other circumstances...and getting to know people so well.
    So...blogging might be a very helpful facility (right word for it?).

    Jeanne, it`s wonderful to see you happy again!
    The sun may always shine on you...Hugs, Beate :)

  19. All your stories are so wonderfully real to me, Jeanne. Nothing imaginary about you at all! Glad your girl has a mission and is coping in a tough and all too real situation. Peace to you and yours for the weekend.


  20. Thank you all for your comments and welcome to new friends! I am happy to read that others have met up with fellow blogging friends. There are so many more that I would love to meet. LPC said it well when she noted that you can sense people's core level of kindness and warmth thru their writing. May we continue to write for years to come!

    I appreciate your thoughts and concerns for my daughter, Christine. I am so thankful that she is well and so sad at for the many people of Christchurch who are struggling at this time. I pray with all my heart that this is the end of the earthquakes that have devastated their lives and homes. I wish we knew.

  21. Oh Jeanne, I am blushing! And I think Edward is as well, but he hides it better than I do. I do wish we could meet for breakfast every Friday! And great minds indeed... my post about our meeting went up last night!

    Still thinking and praying for your girl. Please let her know she's being remembered all over the world!!

    Wishing you a restful weekend!

  22. Jeanne ~

    What an amazing, compassionate, caring daughter you have reared! You and your husband must be very proud of her, and you should commend yourselves for helping to mold such a fine human being.

    I will visit Pamela shortly. I'm glad she was there for you. It must have been a tremendous relief to have someone there that you could relax with, talk with, and find comfort with. Friends are wonderful gifts in life. You are blessed with a great many friends and acquaintances if this blog is any indication. ;-)

    Blessings and gentle hugs to you and your beautiful daughter.

  23. Oh! I love Pamela! Her writing always transports me to an enchanted world.

  24. Fantastic that you have been able to meet Pamela.

    Thank you so much for leaving your comment on my post re Christchurch. Well done to your daughter for staying on and helping, the students from the university are doing such a wonderful job of helping to clean up.

    Angela xx

  25. What a lovely venue you chose for your meeting. I have visited via Pamela's blog, what a happy post and what an enchanted virtual and real world we inhabit.

  26. Lucky you to get a chance to meet Pamela in London. We’ve been blog buddies for a long time. I enjoyed reading the paired posts. I noticed a comment from another blog buddy, Bee. It sounds like we have quite a lot in common with the US-UK connection, photography and reading. It’s so nice to connect with you!

  27. I just read the last postings - had been offline for a few days - and feel so sorry for the hours you had to go through and the trouble your daughter is in.
    As a child I wanted to move to New Zealand, my mum had quite some excuse why would better stay in Austria: there are so many Vulcanos and Earthquakes in New Zealand, it is not safe".
    I am so glad to read your daughter is safe.

  28. I'm so glad to hear the news from Christchurch Jeanne, your GG is her Mother's daughter with a heart just as big. I met my first bloggie chum recently. MOTH & I joined Rebecca & her husband Warren from Iowa for dinner in Adelaide (they were visitng family). Just as you experienced with Pamela, it was a truly magical evening, even if MOTH did say to me on the way 'What if they are Serial Killers?!' - which of course they WERE NOT!
    Millie x

  29. That picture of Pamela and Edward has to be my favourite picture that I have seen all week!


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