Shades of Blue

Do you decorate in blue?
If so, is your home wrapped in blue 
or do you just have accents here and there?
Which images do you prefer?
My favourites are #1, #6 and #7.

I always thought my house would be filled with blue.
It seemed a natural to me. I wear it, why not live in it?
A question I have pondered for many years :)

I favour blue in our bedrooms.
 Peace, calm, tranquility...that is what I look for in blue.
How about you?

Photographer: Christopher Simon Sykes 
The Royal Collection 
© 2009 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Are you a true navy blue
an aquamarine, a baby blue..
what's your blue ?

Reminder... if you haven't already,
please join in the

Images 1-6 House Beautiful
Image 789


  1. My blue is turquoise! And I also wrote about blue last Monday. It must be in the air :)Blue is divine and I love all your examples of "blue" rooms

  2. Our bedroom is now a soft blue-gray called Air. And my daughter's is a periwinkle/hydrangea sort of blue. I love blue, though green seems to be winning the decorating sweeps lately!

  3. I don't decorate predominantly with blue but I do use it as an accent colour. My favourite blue items are my Spode dishes and dinner service-I LOVE them!

    Best wishes,

  4. Ah, Jeanne, it's my favourite colour. I adore all its shades. Cornflower ranks right up there. J x

  5. Hola Jeanne! Adoro el azul y todas sus gamas, pero mi preferido es el azul profundo, marino! Gracias por tu invitación al regalo, pero estamos muy lejos, no? Te mando un beso, Gloria,

  6. Blue is too, well blue, for me. I am over on the aqua scale and a tad to the green side of that. Have just redone my kitchen counters, tho, and suddenly have a black and white kitchen with aqua walls. They just don't look right.

    Today I picked up a handful of paint color swatches - grays. The ones I like best are all a little blue, so perhaps I am moving in that direction!

  7. I love to see rooms decorated in blue and white, but alas I have very little in my home. Only in the bedroom. I love #1 and #2.

  8. Such pretty rooms and colours of blue! Bits of blue seems to add air to the rooms...

  9. I am currently planning the new scheme for my rejigged kitchen and dining room and have chosen some rather gorgeous dusky blue and white striped material to make curtains for my french doors! I don't have blue anywhere else in my house but the new opened up area just called for the lovely freshness that blue and white gives - hopefully! Although my house is not filled with blue I do love to wear blue - especially navy blue!

  10. I am always drawn to blue - although mainly of the duck egg variety. I need to diversity! I love turquoise too. Some fab images here Jeanne. Lou x

  11. My sister was always the blue one. I turned out as the wooden decorator (wooden boxes instead of blue glass jars)

  12. I love a dark, true, antique know, the color in an English Blue Willow plate, the shade woven into the rust, cream and green of an oriental rug, the design painted on an old crock. Yes, I decorate with blue and find I gravitate towards the same color in my wardrobe.

  13. blue is my go-to color for everything. i love the color of my boys' eyes.....and navy.

  14. Gosh, Jeanne, I think we're related. Your selections are my selections, especially #1. Could see myself on that gorgeous sofa with a glass of white wine.

    I adore those shades of blue and have kept to that tranquility in the master bedroom/bath. But I've switched to greens/whites in the living and dining rooms. Just felt like a change, but didn't want to blow guests out with the orange (ugh!) that was last year's fashion (not that I change fashions all the time; certain colors are in the traditional family for a reason.)

    I had to chuckle when I read you chuckled (when you read my post.) Because one really has to laugh at this stuff. The alternative's not worth it.

  15. What beautiful rooms. I really like the third one and the fifth and sixth ones. One of our bedrooms is blue. But I feel it is too cool and needs to be warmed up a bit by using some other colours.

  16. Jeanne - your home is beautiful. I love the colour blue. We have an old Georgian farmhouse. I painted the kitchen in a blue/turquoise and ivory. My Other Half had reservations but I like it.

  17. Dear Jeannie, I love blue but rarely wear it. The blue in the first picture is my favourite. My TV room is painted in a slightly paler version of that - it's called Light Blue by Farrow and Ball.

    I hope you're having a great week xx

  18. I love all sorts of blues, and last year even had my bedroom painted a robin's egg blue. But after a few months I changed my mind and had it painted a peony pink, and used the blue more as an accent.

  19. I like #1 for its elegance and simplicity...but these aren't my blues. I'm into the barely violet blues...they are accents in my garden and dining room, backgrounds mixed with a pale pistachio and pale aquamarine in our bedrooms.

  20. I am a blue lover...number 1 is my fav! Just subtle. Periwinkle is my absolute favorite! When my mother moved close to us into a new condo 10 years ago, she let me decorate...such a fun job. The den I had painted a true periwinkle with all white accessories and a blue & white striped couch. EVERY guest that came commented on was so restful and pretty. Fun post, thanks for the memory! (thanks also for praying for baby Caden, they are still testing...)

  21. Lots of blue in our home, but if you saw my recent book review for RED ON RED then you'll see there is also a lot of red. And I always thought blue was our predominate color. ;-)
    My favorite image is the second one with the crisp white and blue sofa, though each of these are gorgeous rooms. ~ Sarah

  22. Our bedroom is painted a deep China blue! Lovely to sleep in.


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