Comfort Food...almost :)

I had the best intentions today.  I really did.
 I was going to take you thru the process of making one of our family favourite cookies. 
All was going well until my camera came out and then...the unthinkable happened.  
I left out a key ingredient and by the time I realised what happened, it was too late. 
The first batch was in the oven and I forgot to add the flour....ooops.

Let me start over again. We have a fantastic cookie recipe, 
'Phoebe's Fabulous Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies'.  My daughters love the TV show 'Friends'
So much so that one Christmas I bought them the cookbook, 'Cooking with Friends' 
and it has been a favourite recipe ever since.

This is a first for me, trying to multi-task with a camera and a counter full of baking supplies.  
All was going well up to this point.  I added my last drop of Equagold Pure Vanilla...
the Pacific Tahitian Variety from our days in New Zealand and then started thinking
 of my daughter in Christchurch. This could have been where I went off track. 

I was whipping and stirring the batter...thinking of the next step.

The secret ingredients were added.
The recipe calls for raisins but we like dried cranberries.
Another favourite is dried apricots.

I wanted to show you my Exopat Matfer baking sheet.
Everything tastes better when I cook on this....well almost.

I think this is when I lost the plot. I popped the cookie dough on the sheet
with a slight hesitation as something seemed amiss. By the time I realised that I had 
forgotten to add the flour it was to late and I just had to go with the flow.

Things looked a little promising here...

but not here!

Truth be told, they were not bad. If you like a thin cookie,
that is crispy and loaded with sugar and butter than
skip the flour in this recipe!

I managed to save the next few batches...
this is what it should look like!

As I write, each and everyone has been devoured..not by me :)
Yum Yum!!

If you are feeling in the mood for a little comfort baking. 
Try this recipe.
Just don't forget the flour!

A little Phoebe humour for you....

Okay. We haven't known each other for that long a time. 
And there are three things you should know about me. 
One, my friends are the most important thing in my life. 
Two, I never lie. 
And three, I make the best oatmeal-raisin cookies in the world.

Okay, Thanks Phoebs. Why haven't I tasted these before?

Well. I don't make them a lot. 
Because I don't think it is fair to the other cookies.

images for above~me

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  1. Mmmmmm love the idea of adding cranberries instead of raisins! I will have to try that!!

  2. Jeanne - they look delicious and weight watchers will go crazy over them! ps my thoughts and prayers are with you and your lovely daughter and all those other people caught up in this terrible time. Keep strong!

  3. Molly....shhhh....we have to keep quiet on that front. These are most definitely not in my diet plan...they were for the family, really !! :)

  4. Wow they look so delicious. Maybe after lent. I hope you are hearing from your daughter often. Bonnie

  5. I've done that a time or two also...left out the main ingredient, shucks!
    But all in all, I was thinking....I think I've been "comforted" by too many times!!!!

  6. Was IChatting with my daughter in Miami the other day while making a quiche for dinner. Realized, after she and I had ended out chat and the quiche was in the oven that I had forgot to add the tablespoon and a half of flour (that makes sure everything sets). Quickly removed it and stirred the flour right into the now quite hot mix. Turned out just fine!
    Just goes to prove...I can not and should not multi-task!
    I am going to try that recipe this afternoon Jeanne. Cold and snowy here, so they look just about perfect! Thanks!

  7. So cute! As long as they taste good, what's one ingredient between friends?

  8. Gee. I made oatmeal cookies, too. This kinship is getting scary. Mine had toffee bits and dried cherries, and I did remember the flour! :)

  9. Ah, Jeanne, you funny thing. Thanks for 'keeping it real' and not omitting the boo-boo!Gosh, you made me all nostalgic for 'Friends' there - I hadn't thought of that show for years! What's the latest from your daughter? J x

  10. Oh, would my husband be happy if I made a batch of these. ~ sarah

  11. Thanks for sharing the good and the bad!!! I love your blog.

  12. Had a little giggle with this one....we totally forgive you for losing track ;D....thanks for sharing..

  13. Oh my! Those cookies certainly looks yummy and delightful!

  14. Shhh...we won't tell a soul. ANother thing we have in common! :) It happens! The cranberries are a nice touch.
    Cntinued prayers for your daughter Jeanne.
    Wishing you a lovely week,

  15. Could you blitz them into an ice cream crunchy topping?

    I hope all goes well with your daughter in NZ. The media coverage has dried up considerably now the urgency has passed.

  16. They look divine... I need to diet though so no baking for me xxtrajuwa

  17. I would prefer cranberries or apricots to raisins too. I hate it if I forget and ingredient, although I usually check my cakes/cookies etc before baking them. However, once i tried a cupcake recipe out of a magazine and they forgot to add eggs in the recipe. My cupcakes were flat, very sweet and tasted of flour and butter - not very nice.

  18. You're making me beloved is going out right now for some bakery breakfast goodies

  19. Hhhahhahaa- at least you don't eat all the cookie mixture like I do. What's left to photograph when I cook? Nothing ! :) these look very yummy !!

  20. I love that Phoebe quote - I always rewrite it when talking about my Tiramisu:-D

  21. Oatmeal raisin cookies happen to be my hubby's favorite, and I don't make them often enough for him, but that's probably good for his (and my) waistline. You know, I've had cookies come out looking like your failure and I followed the recipe!

  22. Every day needs a bit of comfort food. Hmm... No wonder I'm having a hard time losing ten lbs.

  23. Dear Jeanne, they look fabulous! I hardly ever buy or make biscuits as I always eat the lot! The Actor would love these, I shall make them with cranberries. Thank you for the recipe xx


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