Simple Thoughts

Simple thoughts today...

 rain outside my window

 flowers on the kitchen table

reading the weekend newspaper

letters to calls to family

a few stitches in my needlepoint project

reading a 'Week in December' by Sebastian Faulks

a walk in the woods

Simple thoughts on a quiet afternoon

and a bit of English humour..

Hoping yours is going well :)

Jeanne xx



  1. Bonjour Jeanne,
    Glad you are having a quiet Saturday afternoon- me too! Hope all is still well with your daugher, and you too my friend.
    Off for some English humour

  2. I love the photo of your pretty flowers! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Tulips are gorgeous. have a lovely weekend, Jeanne.

  4. jeanne,

    thank you for visiting over at my place and leaving your kind comment - i am so happy to find your lovely blog(s)! --- also to learn your daughter is well after reading the post about her experience in new zealand.

    i look forward to exploring collage of life!

  5. Sounds blissful and balanced Jeanne....savour all.

  6. Jeanne, I've been away from my computer and just now catching up on your recent posts. I'm so happy to hear that your daughter is fine. I'll continue to keep her in my thoughts as I do with the others dealing with this tragedy.
    Beautiful posts below. I think of my blogging friends as my pen pals. Always so enjoyed the pen pal experience as a child, and still find it most rewarding. I've only met one of my blogging friends. Imaginary friends ~ interesting comment from your children. I think my friends think the same as I go on and on about my various friends in the land of Blog. Difficult to describe the joy. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  7. It sounds like you are having a peaceful and relaxing Saturday! Me, too! Love your pretty tulips!


  8. I love this British humor. I don't laugh out loud easily, my neighbours might be worried, after this outburst.
    Thanks for the laughter.

  9. I love days like that!

    I just noticed your bookshelf on the side. My eyes immediately fell to Mr. Pip. I really enjoyed it, but I found many who did not. And, after clicking and being transported to you Aug. 2010 post regarding your bookshelf I found "Atlas Shrugged". It is one of the few books I reread each decade.

  10. Simple thoughts are ofen the best thoughts. Enjoy! ;)Sharyne

  11. Sounds like a wonderful day. Hope your daughter is still fine.

  12. The simplicity of life is often the beauty of it xx


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