From me to you...a surprise giveaway

Dear Friends

I have been thinking of a giveaway for some time and collecting little treasures on the theory of 'one for me and one for you'.  That one big prize has been on my mind but nothing has called out to me. So, I am going to do something different. I am going to giveaway my little treasures and personalise the giveaway to the individual winner. There will be five winners and I won't know who is getting what till I know who has won. I am hoping that this works as I love to pick up this and that and I would love to share them with you.

Just what is in my little treasure box? 
A few of my favourite things wrapped up in brown paper packages and tied up with strings...
Items that interest me...all the things that make up my blog... music, cooking, art, reading, writing, beauty...little things. The sort of things you can appreciate every day, that will hopefully bring a smile when you do. This is when I need to ask you to have a little faith in me :)  

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What do you need to do?

1. Follow one of my blogs. 
If you already do, 
tell me which one (s).

2. Tell me a few things about you. 

The colour of your eyes
Your favourite season
Your favourite perfume
The last book you read
The last movie you went to see
The last music CD you purchased/downloaded

I will start with a few things about me...

Entries close 6:00pm (UK)
18 February, 2011


Five winners...five surprises

Leave a comment...
Tell me which of my blogs you follow

Tell me about you 
-colour of your eyes
-your favourite season
-your favourite perfume
-the last book you read
-the last movie you went to see
-the last music CD you purchased

Entries close 6:00pm (UK)
18 February, 2011

With that I say adieu and send my biggest and best wishes
for a wonderful weekend. 

Jeanne xx

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Just had too! 
Love the part when Julie Andrews joins in the chorus ;)


  1. Oh, this sounds fun! I am indeed a long-time follower of this blog and I follow a couple of others of yours too! About me? Well, my eyes are blue, I love Winter and I love wearing Jo Malone's Lime, Basil and Mandarin perfume. I even burn that candle as often as I can afford to buy one!

    Thanks for this.

    Best wishes,

  2. Well, aren't you the creative one!
    Put my name in the hat, please! This sounds like fun :)

    I follow Collage of Life but occasionally take a peek at Finding my way through England.

    1. My eyes are hazel--they change between blue and green, depending on the light
    2. Summer is me
    3. I don't do perfume but like to splash my body with Pear from Victoria Secret.
    4. CHI Walking by Danny Dreyer is my latest read
    5. The King's Speech
    6. Enigma - Voyageur

  3. Dear Jeanne:

    Being your lovely generous self, you have announced this giveaway and I cannot but refuse to take part in this.

    I follow one blog of yours: COLLAGE OF LIFE.

    I can tell you more than three things but you have asked for only three. Here they go:

    1. Colour of eyes: Black

    2. Favourite season: Winter

    3. Last book read: Postcolonial Theologies: Divinity and Empire by Catherine Keller et al.

    Crossing my fingers.

    Joy always,

  4. and easy! I follow Collage of Life, B-Well and Cashmere and Jeans
    - green eyes
    - spring for sure
    - Beautiful
    - A Married Man by Catherine Alliott
    - Another Year
    - Angus and Julia Stone: Down the Way
    (had to go and look for that last one!)
    Can't wait to see who wins...thanks Jeanne x

  5. Hi Jeanne, what a lovely thoughtful thing to do - I shall enjoy taking part! My eyes are blue, autumn is my favourite season, my fave perfume at the moment is J'adore by Dior, The Hand that First Held Mine by Maggie O'Farrell is my current read, The Kings Speach my latest movie and my new driving cd is the wonderful Adele! It may seem as if I have too much time on my hands but I do follow all your blogs, Twitter and Facebook! Love them all!

  6. I have enjoyed following this blog as well as cashmere jeans. eyes are green
    My favorite season is spring full of hope and all things green
    My favorite perfume is Rive Guache by Yve St Laurent...I've worn it for 40 years
    Latest movie is the excellent King's Speech
    And CD is Dave Koz...Just to be Close to You (perfect for Valentine's Day!)
    Know whomever wins is one lucky duck because you have marvelous taste!
    Ps...just discovered your photography site...will enjoy following that as well!

  7. Oops forgot the Time in Heaven by Richard Sigmund. :-)

  8. Dear Jeanne,
    What a lovely giveaway and how lovely to personalise it that way as well.
    Well, I follow Collage of life and here are my answers to your 5 questions:
    1. I have GREEN eyes
    2. This isn't a cop out but I really do love all of the seasons.
    3. My favourite perfume is Agent Provocateur
    4. The book that I am reading at the moment is The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
    5. The last film that I saw was Another Year
    6. I have pre ordered Pearl Jam Vs and Vitology
    I shall put your giveaway on my sidebar.
    Thanks so much for such a thoughtful giveaway. XXXX

  9. What a sweet, fun thing to do. Collage of Life is at the top of my favorite blogs list.

    My eyes are brown like my father's. I love Spring the best - end of cold, and color is popping up all around. I wear Chanel No.5, just like Mama did. I am re-reading all of the James Herriot books, currently All Things Wise and Wonderful. They make me laugh out loud - my favorite thing to do. I don't go out to watch movies much, but the last movie I watched on DVD was I Am David - just lovely. The CD I am listening to in the car is called Paris - fun to drive with.

    Have a wonderful day!

  10. Coming to you from Vermont (home of the Trapp Family)...Yes, the hills are alive!

    I follow Cashmere and Jeans, but also visit Collage of Life.

    . My eyes are blue/green with flecks of brown.
    . I love the Fall
    . I rarely wear perfume
    . Last book was May Sarton - Plant Dreaming Deep and Jud Hale's Inside New England (I read two at a time, depending on my mood!)
    . Last movie - The King's Speech
    . Last CD - Nick Drake and another by Sam Bush

    Thanks for sharing...and toss my name in the hat as well!

  11. I love surprises!

    I follow all of your blogs! (are you feeling stalked!!)

    Eyes - blue

    favourite season - Autumn

    favourite perfume - Chanel No. 5

    last book you read - A Thousand Days in Venice,
    Marlena di Blasi (for the fourth time)

    last movie you went to see The Social Network

    last music CD you purchased - Enya - And Winter Came
    (I don't purchase CDs often, I download from ITunes)

  12. Ooh what fun.

    I follow Collage of Life but now you've mentioned the other ones I'm off for a browse around to see what I'm missing out on!
    1. Follow one of my blogs.
    If you already do,
    tell me which one (s).
    Collage of Life
    Finding my way in England
    In One Place....with a camera
    B-Well for Life

    2. Tell me a few things about you.

    The colour of your eyes - bluey greeney - if they water they look like the colour of the sea

    Your favourite season - Spring - when there's so much loveliness to look forward to before Winter.

    Your favourite perfume - Gucci

    The last book you read - Novice by Trudi Canavan. I like a bit of fantasy in my fiction.

    The last movie you went to see - Tangled! More fantasy! My son and I loved it. Highly recommended :)

    The last music CD you purchased - Adele, 21 too!! I love it. Been playing it on long car journeys this week and can't get the songs out of my head. Very disappointed that the CD wallet didn't contain lyrics though!

  13. This sounds like fun! I follow 4 of your blogs (all but Cashmere Jeans, and only because I didn't know about it until just last month). For me it's: Brown eyes, summer, Creed Virgin Island Water, the last book was "The Opposite of Me" (but that will change today ;) ), and the last music I bought was John Mellencamp.

  14. Hello there big sis - please add me to in. Love a giveaway! As for little old me:
    1. my eyes are green.
    2. my favourite season - oh that's hard, I would have to say summer. I love the sun.
    3. Fave perfume - Dityque's Philosykos - it's the fig one and I am bewitched with it.
    4. the last book was another John Updike, I adore his books.
    5. last movie - hmmm cinema visits are rare for me so I have to cast my mind back. I hate to say I think it was Gulliver's Travel - kids' film with Jack Black. A culture vulture I am not!
    6. the last music - I think was the soundtrack to 500 Days of Summer.
    And you know I follow you - my best are Collage of Life and Cashmere! Lou x

  15. Very fun! I'm a follower of this blog. A few things about me:

    1. My eyes are dark chocolate brown.
    2. Fall - I do live in New England.
    3. Don't have a favorite perfume yet, but I'm currently wearing Sugar Fresh Lemon.
    4. Currently reading "Never Let Me Go"
    5. Last movie was Black Swan (but also adored The King's Speech)
    6. Just bought Amos Lee's new CD

  16. What a fun Friday treat!

    1. I follow "Collage of Life"
    2. Blue eyes
    3. I adore autumn
    4. My present perfume fave is Bond No.9
    Scent of Peace
    5. Last finished "The Doomsday Book"
    for book group.
    6. I last went to see "Black Swan"
    7. Last CD was an El Divo

    Wonderfully war way to end a week of snow, ice and frigid temperatures. Bonnie

    Bond No. 9 scent of peace

  17. this is too fun....and i'm a huge sound of music fan.
    i follow this blog and b-well.
    1. my eyes are blue-green, but after a cry? green-blue
    2. i adore summer
    3. i've worn anais-anais for over 20 years
    4. just read "the help" this weekend
    5. i cannot for the life of me remember
    6. jack johnson

  18. I follow Collage of Life and B-Well
    (I love a surprise!)

    My eyes are hazel
    Summer, because of the warmth and the garden is at it's prime.
    Voyage d' Hermes crisp and green and not too heavy.
    The Sad Truth About Happiness was my last read.
    Last movie- True Grit (hubby's choice!)
    Springsteen- The Promise

    Can't wait to see what you've got wrapped up on those brown paper parcels!

  19. Love Love your blogs "College of Life" my fav.... my eyes are hazel, I love spring time, all is new, my perfume is "euphoria", the last book I read was "a farm in my heart" last movie..."Bottle Shock" Michael Buble fun!
    Julie Zoller

  20. You're so clever Jeanne, what a terrific way to learn something more about your followers.
    I discovered you early on in my blogging life and have enjoyed reading your 'Collage of Life' ever since.

    Now for the specs:

    Eyes - hazel although I love to wear green as they become a clearer shade of that colour

    Season - Spring, Spring and more Spring - am counting down the days!

    Perfume - At the moment 'Romance' by Ralph Lauren

    Book - "The Book Thief" Markus Zusak - terrific read

    Movie - I couldn't tell you the last time I watched a movie am hoping to see "The King's Speech" next Tuesday

    Music - Am waiting for a new local band called 'Microwave Jenny' to release their first album to itunes so that I can buy it

    Here's to a wonderful weekend!


  21. THIS IS SO FASCINATING!!! I am going to have to do a post on a post on a post...that should just about finish off the month of February :))

  22. What a great idea for a giveaway! I like the "One for me, one for you" attitude!! So here goes:

    I follow Collage Of Life and Cashmere Jeans

    My eyes are dark brown

    My perfume is Coco Mademoiselle Chanel

    Last book...The Help

    Last movie...The Holiday

    Music...All Bruce Springsteen {over and over!}

    Thanks again!


  23. Ooh, I love little interviews like this!

    Let's see....
    Blue eyes.
    The Distant Hours by Kate Morton
    Another Year.
    Kate Rusby.

    And, of course, I follow all your blogs!

  24. Hi Jeanne! I've had you on my sidebar for some time, but just "followed" both Collage and Finding My Way. I enjoy them both. Hazel, Summer, Samsara by Guerlain, The Sea--by the wonderful Irish writer John Banville, 127 days (I had also read the book--I have adventurer sons), Madeleine Preloux--Half the Perfect World.

    This WAS fun!

  25. Ok, now I have to remember everything.

    1. I follow Collage of Life
    2. My eyes are blue
    3. Favorite season is spring
    4. I love L'Air d'Temps
    5. I'm currently reading "Fugitive Pieces" - excellent book
    6. Last movie was "Barney's Version" - excellent movie
    7. Music - My own daughter's first venture into singing and playing guitar on My Space -- excellent singer!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! I love winning!

  26. Jeanne - such a cool idea. I don't know if I'm within the time frame, but it doesn't matter; I'm hooked.

    It's been lovely to hear a little more about you and your other readers,too.

    1. Follow Collage of Life
    2. Blue eyes
    3. Spring/summer (on the fence)
    4. Currently Chloe, but hopelessly disloyal and ever in search of 'the one'.
    5. The King's Speech
    6. Florence & the Machine 'Lungs' but loads of iTunes downloads since.

    Thank you!

  27. Oh, and the last book I read was 'Wide Open' by Nicola Barker. A bit grim, but a fascinating writer.

  28. Hello Jeanne... this is fun to say the least! Even if I don't win, it was great to see personal stuff about you and read what others had to say.

    So here it goes: Well darlin, I follow three of your blogs, obviously this one, and then Finding my Way and In one Place.

    As for me:
    My Eyes are blue/grey
    Without a doubt, Spring is my favourite season, my heart literally pounds in my chest when I hear the Robins singing, then I know it is not too far away.
    My favourite perfume (at this moment) is one called Pacifica's French Lilac.
    I am crazy about books and I have five on the go right now: Stretching for Dummies, retirement planning by Gail VAz-Oxlade, french decor, Change your brain Change your Body by Dr. Amen and Committed by Liz Gilbert.
    I don't go to movies very much anymore because I have to go an hour and half either direction to get to other cities to see them. But I did see Eat Pray Love just before xmas.
    As for music, I have been feeling stressed so I bought this one called Zen Garden, it's so relaxing.

    There you be darlin....

    Cheers to you

  29. Jeanne, what a sweet idea.....

    1. I follow Collage of Life and B Well
    2. My eyes are dark blue.
    3. Spring is my favourite season.
    4. I love Chanel #5 but am allergic to perfumes.
    5. I am reading Barbara Kingsolver's book The Lacuna.
    6. The Tourist was my last movie out.
    7. The Reminder by Feist is playing in my studio.

    Have a good weekend everyone!

  30. Hi Jeanne, what a generous suprise!
    My answers?
    Finding my way
    Green eyes
    Euphoria by CK or Bluebell by Penhaligan
    The Book Thief (amazing book!)
    DVD The Red Shoes with my daughter
    Mary Chapin Carpenter - Stones in the Road

  31. Oooo sounds fun!

    Collage of Life - and a peep at cashmerejeans
    Chanel No. 5 or No. 19
    Three Cups of Tea
    The American
    Adele - 21

    Happy weekending!

  32. Hello dear Jeanne!
    Thank you for the very fun giveaway - this is great and I have enjoyed reading all the comments. So interesting!
    Here are my responses:

    1. My eyes are blue
    2. Favorite season? Fall, easily.
    3. I don't wear perfume, but I love scented lotions and oils. Coconut, sandalwood, pomegranite, lavender, etc.
    4. The last book I read was "Life Lessons from the Monastery" by Abbot Jerome Kodell
    5.Last movie I saw was "Gifted Hands - the Ben Carson Story"
    6. Last CD I purchased was Vince Guaraldi's A Charlie Brown Christmas. For some unknown reason, I did not have that as part of my holiday music repertorie!

    Oh, and I forgot to say: I thought I subscribed to all of your blogs but realize now I do not follow In One Place...that is going to be remedied immediately!

    Warm regards!!!

  33. You have me intrigued....I'm a long time follower/acolyte as you know:)

    1. Hazel eyes
    2. Spring
    3. Jo Malone lime,basil & mandarin or Marc Jacobs Lola.
    4. Deep France - Celia Brayfield
    5. The Green Hornet {regrettably kids choice}
    6. Back it Up - Caro Emerald.

    Can't wait to see who wins what....and why:) Meredy xo

  34. What a thoughtful thing to do!

    1) Collage and B-Well
    2)Brown eyes
    3) spring
    4) SJP's Lovely and Channel #5
    5) an anthology of women's erotica - well, you asked!
    6) The Kings Speech
    7) Jacqueline DuPre - Brahms Sonatas

  35. I confess....I am a Jeanne junkie and look at all your blogs but respond most to Collage of Life which I love. You already know some things about me, but in answer to your questions:
    1. My eyes are brown
    2. I love each season. Right now I'm loving winter in Maine, at least for 10 days.
    3. No perfume. It makes me sneezey, headachey and puffy eyed.
    4. Just finished Fall of Giants and have moved on to Three Seconds. Have you read either?
    5. Black Swan, the creepiest movie I've seen in ages.
    6. My favorite CD is Mama Mia. I can sing really loudly to it!
    That's it for today. Have a great weekend.

  36. What a fun and clever idea (just like you!)

    My eyes go between brown and green - depending on what I wear. (really!)

    My favorite season is spring, closely followed by fall.

    I can't wear perfume.

    Just finished Jan Karon's "In the Company of Others"

    Saw "The King's Speech" last night. (loved it!)

    Last cd was susan boyle's newest.

    I follow all of your blogs, except the fashion one (oh no, what does that say about me.) :-)


  37. I'm a follower of Collage of Life.

    I have brown eyes.
    I love summer.
    I don't really wear perfume, but I did love the smell of India Hicks Island Night perfume - don't own any though.
    The last movie I saw was King's Speech (loved it - I wrote about the set locations as I loved them too).
    I don't listen to many CDs - pathetic I know.

  38. That´s lovely invitation, thanks Jeanne ¡¡

    I follow Collage of Life and Finding my way through England. Occasionally I visit Be-well too.
    Last Christmas my sister Cristina and I enjoyed so much with Downtown Abbey and Cranford ¡¡

    1. My eyes are hazel
    2. Spring
    3. Amber, Prada, is my perfume
    4. My latest read was The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.
    5. True grit
    6. James Blake

    Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration.
    Best wishes

  39. reading your blog, and this is certainly a fun way to discover your readers interests!!!
    1.Collage of life is the blog I follow mostly.
    2.My eyes are blue.
    3.Autumn is my favourite season.
    4.Paris my favourite perfume.
    5."Cloud Atlas" by David Mitchell last book read.
    6."The King's Speech" last movie watched.
    7."Soldier of Love" by Sade, last cd purchase.

  40. Dear Jeanne, I am a recent follower of all your blogs.

    That sounds like fun! Here goes.

    I have hazel eyes but sometimes they look amber.
    I love the summer but I also love the snow.
    My favourite scent is Must de Cartier but I have recently discovered Another 13 by Le Labo which is amazing.
    The last thing I read was Keith Richard's biography.
    The last film was Gainsbourg.
    The last album was Adele's brilliant album after being reminded by you. I love it!

    Have a wonderful weekend xx

  41. Surprises are always fun! I hope you enjoy the comments. Here is mine:

    * colour of my eyes
    green with a hint of amber.

    * favourite season
    as seen here:

    * favourite perfume
    Essence / Narcisso Rodriguez

    * book I read
    Das Halsband der Taube (sorry, no english title available), still reading.

    * the last movie I went to see
    Another Year

    * the last music CD I purchased
    Soundtrack of "Flight of the Conchords"

  42. Almost forgot, I am a follower of your blog "Collage of Life"

  43. Good morning Jeanne, First of all I must comment on you post of this amazing artist. I am always amazed at how many superb women there are and always have been...not matter what the era. I try to buy only painting by women when I purchase art....I think it is almost an impossible way to make a living and they need to be supported in every way possible.



  44. Now for your sweet give away. I am a follower of Collage of Life and your blog B-Well report.

    things about me. eyes - hazel
    perfume - no longer wear it but when I did it was Jessica Mcclintock.
    season - winter in AZ
    summer in Montana
    last read - Cutting for Stone
    last movie - The Kings Speech
    last CD - Melody Gardot
    I so love it when ladies can reveal more personal information about themselves....thank you for this,



  45. Oh I'll join in!
    I follow:
    In One Place with a Camera;
    Finding my way in England

    Eyes: Blue-Green
    Season: Autumn and Spring
    Perfume: Depends on my mood - currently Femme by Hugo Boss
    Latest Read: In the Company of a Courtesan - Sarah Dunant
    Movie: The King's Speech
    Last music CD: Dido - Life for Rent

    Holding thumbs!

  46. Well I feel a bit bad that I stumbled on your blog on the very day you're having a giveaway. But I immediately loved Collage of Life and have become a follower. I think you'll find me prowling around your other blogs too because they all look very inspiring. Your giveaway sounds like fun. So I'll answer your questions although I don't expect you to enter my name.
    1. Dark brown
    2. Spring
    3. Miracle by Lancome
    4. The Book Thief
    5. Animals United (does that count??) My husband and I watched Under The Tuscan Sun last weekend for the third or fourth time. We both adore Tuscany.
    6. Anchor by Mindy Gledhill
    I feel like I've talked too much already :)

  47. Hi Jeanne, What a wonderful gesture and a fun way to do a giveaway. I so enjoy reading your blog. I have been following your College of Life and FaceBook for a while and click over to B-Well and Cashmere Jeans often. Now following those as well. You have such a great variety to choose from and wonderful ideas.

    About Me:
    1) Eyes are blue
    2) Spring is my favorite time of year with Autumn a close, very close second
    3) Donna Karan's Cashmere Mist is my favorite perfume of late.
    4) I just finished reading 365 Thank Yous
    5) The Way Back was the last movie and The King's Speech before that. Both amazing movies.
    6) Deuter's Hand's of Light was the last Music CD I purchased.

    I have so enjoyed reading everyone's comments as well. Thanks for such a thoughtful post. ~Blessings, Janet

  48. You are always doing fun things, and now a secret treasure giveaway.

    Faithful follower of College of Life and Cashmere Jeans.
    Chanel Chance
    'The Red Sea Rules'
    CD of my favorite songs created by my daughter.

  49. Oh, Jeanne, what a delightful and original idea.

    1. Okay, as you know, I follow all five of your blogs.

    2. The colour of my eyes - hazel
    Your favourite season - summer
    Your favourite perfume - Laura by Laura Biagotti
    The last book you read - 'In Search of Hobart' by Peter Timms
    The last movie you went to see - 'The Hurt Locker' (I know that was a year ago but we rarely get out now due to the pixies. I'm hoping to see 'The King's Speech' this week.)
    The last music CD you purchased - 'As day follows night' by Sarah Blasko

    Ooh, this was fun! J x

  50. I must say, I love the National Gallery, and your photos are beauitful. That said,
    My eyes are blue.
    Summer! Summer! Summer!
    Jessica McClintock
    The Fall of Rome and the End of Civilization by Ward-perkins
    The Kings Speech
    Believe it or not, Rosetta Stone audio French.

  51. This sounds fun!
    I am a your photos!

    1. My eyes are hazel...Actually, they change color, depending on my clothing.
    2. I love all the seasons...I live in FL, afterall...All seasons are wonderful!
    3. I cannot wear perfume, but often splash on the last of my Mango body splash by Garden Botanica (it's discontinued :-( )
    4. Books...Breaking Dawn
    5. Harry Potter
    6. Revolver by the Beatles (for my husband)
    (I rarely purchase son usually makes me compilations of groups he know I would like, or thinks I should know. Many songs are by new bands...he's in the industry)

    Jane (Artfully graced)

  52. This sounds wonderful

    Ok here goes:
    My eyes are green
    my favourite season is Autumn
    my favourite perfume is an essential oil called JOY
    the last book I read The Affinity Bridge ( a steampunk novel)
    the last movie you went to see The King's Speech and I loved it. Colin FIrth is the best.
    The last CD, I think it was Crazy Love by Michael Buble

    How about a few more things: I am a weaver, spinner, writer, mixed media artist and I have my own ning site at

    I also have 3 sheep, a border collie, 3 indoor cats and 2 outdoor cats and I live in Idaho in the US.

    Oh thanks for following me on twitter, I am following you there and on this blog too.


  53. This sounds like fun! A bit of reading on your part though!! I follow this blog and B well,

    My eyes are brown
    I love Autumn
    My perfume of choice is Lou Lou
    I am reading Life by Keith Richards
    The last time I was at the movies is was for Tangled
    Just downloaded Thankyou by Dido the other day

  54. are so inspiring and amazing. I have been a faithful reader of all your blogs and now have crossed over to be a follower. I just can't imagine how you do it all.
    Now...a bit about me....
    Eyes : green
    Season: all, but spring is a standout
    Perfume: Chanel Bois Des Iles
    Book : Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand
    Film : I Am Love
    CD : Leonard Cohen Live in London
    Thanks for such a thoughtful giveaway.

  55. I follow all your blogs... love them!

    Tell me about you
    -colour of your eyes
    -your favourite season
    -your favourite perfume
    -the last book you read
    -the last movie you went to see
    -the last music CD you purchased

  56. O.K., I haven't done any of these contests! It sounds fun! About me:

    My eyes are hazel/green
    My favorite season is Fall
    My favorite perfume is Chanel No. 5
    My latest read is (are you ready?) "Blogging for Dummies"
    My latest music listened to is George Winston's "Winter"
    My latest movie watched was "The Kids are Alright" (It was very interesting...ahem)

  57. I follow Collage of Life (love it!) but I will check out the others as soon as I'm done. I'm brown spring time...don't wear perfume but kept my mom's bottle of JOY perfume after she died--she wore it my whole life. I'm addicted to itunes and love poking around--my new favorite song is Radioactive by Kings of Leon. My sister & husband insisted on the DVD Red w/Bruce Willis an action/comedy & actually it was pretty good. I'm devoted to reading--just finished What the Night Knows by Dean Koontz (it was almost too scary)This was fun--thanks!

  58. Hello, new to this...and am so excited:) I love Collage of eyes are blue, i love winter, my favorite scent has to be incanto shine by ferragamo, Sarah's Key by Tatiana DeRosnay was a wonderful book, Megamind with my beautiful son and just downloaded The Clientele "(I Can't Seem to)Make You Mine", haunting.

  59. Hi! I just started reading your Collage of Life blog, I found you through another blog (weareallinthegutter), and it seems cool.

    -My eyes are dark brown.
    -I like the Summer.
    -The new Poppy for Coach perfume
    -The Time Traveler's Wife was the last book I read.
    -I went to see True Grit with a friend a few weeks ago.
    -Ingrid Michaelson's Boys and Girls was the last CD purchased.

    Yasmin (from NY :))

  60. I adore the photos on your blogs-especially Collage of Life. They make me want take up my camera and start shooting.
    My eyes are brown
    Summer is the best of seasons-seashore-long summer evenings outdoors
    I do not wear perfume, but love the the fragrance of Lorenzo Villoresi room fragrance in grapefruit. Last evening I saw the King's Speech (fabulous) and am re-reading Wish You Were Here by Rita Mae Brown. Working at a university I often opt for fun reads.

  61. Oooh, how fun! It's nice to learn more about you. About me:
    green eyes
    Fall, definitely
    I don't wear perfume
    Anna Karenina, Tolstoy
    My latest movie: Inception (I haven't been to the movies in a long time, yikes)
    Music: Ingrid Michaelson
    I follow Collage of Life.

  62. I've just today subscribed to your Making My Way through England blog, and just discovered this lovely surprise!
    My eyes are green
    It's a close call between spring and autumn - I love them both
    My favourite perfume is Estee Lauder's pleasures intense
    The last book I read was The Boy With No Shoes by William Horwood
    I saw The King's Speech at the cinema and the A-Team on DVD
    Adele's 21.

  63. From Janet...via email :)

    - So you know I really like Collage of Life!
    - My eyes are hazel
    - Favorite season...this is tough. Adore Spring and Adore Fall. Spring #1 because of new growth and gardening season. Fall in New England is breathtaking!
    - I don't wear perfume and a pet peeve of mine is the highly perfumed inserts in magazines! I do, however, love the scent of lily of the valley and anything lavender scented.
    - Currently reading: The Food Matters Cookbook by Mark Bittman. (I collect and read cookbooks all the time.) I'm on a waiting list at the library for The Help.
    - Last movie we saw was Inception
    - Last CD purchased was James Taylor at Christmas


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