Your Life...Freewriting

I like to freewrite.
Freewriting is writing without rules.  
You write to get into the right frame of mind for writing.

You start by jotting down your first thoughts
for five minutes and write non-stop.

Keep fingers down on the pen or keyboard...whatever your fancy.
No stopping to ponder...just keep writing and if you get stuck, 
write "I'm stuck, I'm stuck" or something to that effect. 
No daydreaming here...just write.

You may toss it all, you may highlight a few phrases, 
you may discover that you are a genius.

The key thing is that you are actively searching for ideas and words.
You are are a writer.

I find freewriting works best for me when sitting in
a quiet space, these days, in my studio,
where I am free of distractions.

How about you, do you have a favourite spot to write?
Do you like to freewrite?

Do you have the same problem that I do...
ideas seem to come when I am driving, taking a shower,
on hike or when I am about to fall asleep. 
Then what??

My solution to these little annoyances
is to have a pad of post it notes and pens
by the bed, next to the sink and
even in the laundry room.

I use the Voice Memo App
on my phone to record my thoughts
when I can't write or type.
It's a "wordsaver" for me!

More on freewriting and how to take it
to the next level HERE

Happy Writing!

Jeanne xxx

Top image- Travelinoma


  1. Sometimes my thoughts strike me at odd places. I wait. If the thoughts persist, then I venture to jot them down. Some thoughts evaporate as quickly as they surfaced. I have no favourite place to write. Of course, these days, i jot my thoughts in my notebook whenever they strike.

    I don't know whether my writings are examples of freewriting. Most of the times, if I find something interesting and captivating, I proceed to translate those thoughts into words.

    Great ideas to comment.

    Thanks for this post.

    Hope you have been well, dear Jeanne. Seems like a real long time.

    Joy always,

  2. Thanks Susan, I guess we just have to be ready when the moment strikes us and when those moments are far and few between I like to freewrite. You are right, it has been too long! I am coming over...wait right there :)

  3. Oh, squeal! Jeanne, I *adore* this concept. I've never heard of it. I'm going to try it very soon. Thanks, my Fairy Blogmother! J x

  4. Jane...I know for sure that you will enjoy it but the bigger question is will your family??? You may come away with an extra blog or two :)

  5. Dear Jeanne, my favourite place to write is from my bed in the morning. I am constantly making lists on my computer then forgetting where I've put them, so many things pop into my head to write about. Have a great day xx

  6. Christina, we sound a lot alike...all these lists. I say this as I scroll thru all my blogging and twitter emails looking for an email from my son's teacher for an appt today. I really have to get my priorities right!!

  7. Oh it`s funny, Jeanne. I`ve bought a book about *writing in cafe`s* a long time ago...never got (came?) to the end, not because it was so boring, but my mind is like a butterfly....thinks this and that, sees this and that and want to try it out in the same I need more discipline on that (reading till the end!).
    But the main thing is, the female author recommands writing without rules, like you said and wanted just to let it flow whatever comes across the mind.
    I must admit the idea was seductive, but never tried it out.
    But every now and then I think of this small little book, but never had the muse to sit down and start with it...
    But I love the idea. :) Time will come.
    Wonderful post, Jeanne!Have a *good talk* with the teacher, today...Beate :) XXX

  8. I'm there with Christina this morning...writing from my bed with my beloved canine by my side.
    Creative....that's what came to mind as I read your post....and that's what I think of your blogs too. You must be an extremely creative person.
    Love your style!

  9. Thanks I am curious, you will have to at least speed read thru that book! Be sure to tell me all about it :)

    Thanks Donna, I think we are all creative, we blog!!!

    PS..the idea for this post came to me as I was pulling into the driveway this morning...go figure!

  10. Jeanne ~

    I enjoy free writing.I used to do that while nestled in my bed with one or more of my four feline family members. These days, I've moved out to my wingback chair in the living room to do this. I, too, get ideas in the oddest places. I keep little notebooks everywhere. At least one in each room (yes, the bathroom, too)as well as in my purse and in the glove compartment of my car. As you know I am not big on tech-y gadgets, however, I do have a small hand-held digital tape recorder that I keep in my purse, so if I'm in the car and can't pull over to jot my idea down, I record it, and later put it down in my writer's notebook.

    I'm so pleased that I have found your blog. I enjoy it immensely. Thanks for being there!

    Gentle hugs!

  11. I also like to free write. I've gotten some pretty interesting material that way, too, as well as a good amount of gibberish. My mind has a terrible habit of starting to write things internally when I lay down to go to sleep. I used to get up and start writing, but my ability to sleep would fly out the window. Now I have to lay there until it quiets down, knowing that, sadly, I just lost some good stuff by not getting up.
    I had to laugh over the eaves dropping - I have found that over hearing conversations in cafes can lead to some really fun and creative writing - people say such crazy things!

  12. Motherkitty...I too am pleased that you found my blog! We think alike right down to the voice recorder. I use my iphone to record it all. I just have to learn how to find it :) I wonder if like me, you take care in selecting a is never an easy task. Never enough if you ask me :)

  13. Hmmmm....I like your thinking on the eavesdropping Mindful...I did hear a doozy of a story the last time I was there :)

  14. Jeanne ~

    Indeed, I do take great care in selecting a notebook. I also am extremely particular about my pen. I can't think without a pen in hand, but it has to be just the right one!patessi

  15. I LOVE to eavesdrop - there , I've said it!
    Nice idea this freewriting, sounds like free falling
    Have a great weekend Jeanne

  16. Motherkittyl....Yes!! I am not the only one...phew :)
    Pentel energel 0.5 is my pen of choice... blue or black ink. It glides over the page...I love them and pick them up every chance I get...are you by any chance a VIrgo????

  17. Sorry, honey. I'm a Scorpio.

    As far as my pen goes, it must be either a Tul gel retractable 0.5 fine point --- blue or black, or a Pilot retractable fine point in blue or black. I may give your Pentel a try. The bad thing about the gel pen is that it doesn't last long. As much writing as I do, I go through those quickly, so the Pilot pen is used far more often, and always purchased in a 12 pack.

  18. i certainly need to check this out.
    thank you xx

  19. I started free writing many years ago after participating in "The Artist Way" workshop. It is a great way to start each morning. I get the best ideas around 3:00 a.m. I lay pondering whether I should get up and write or just lay there. I usually lay there fearful of waking my husband; my thoughts just venture away. I've started keeping a little journal with me at all times.

  20. I like free writing too - it is so amazing what materializes like now for instance. Going to check out that web site - thanks Jeanne xx

  21. Bonnie... Great book! Have you written your list of 50 things to achieve in your life? I wrote it 12 years ago and still enjoy it checking in on it. Waking up at 3:00am? You need an iPhone .,, mine gies under my covers as I madly tap away. Turn the volume off and he will be none the wiser :)

  22. Molly... I have more sites if you would like them :)

  23. Great post! Writing is good for the heart- I love it. I usually have an idea and try to visualize the idea with pictures and words. I wish I could write from bed, but I have a dinosaur of a computer! xoxo

  24. Sharon....there is nothing like a good eavesdrop...especially in a town where the ladies like to lunch :) have the perfect balance of picture and words on your blog. I especially love todays post :)

  25. I've done this and it's a wonderful exercise. Just keep the pen moving and the thoughts will come. :-)

  26. Thanks Sarah...I find it relaxing too :)

    Just realised I missed Renee... I think thus would be perfect for your warehouse post Renee. Imagine the possibilities if you did a bit of freewriting around that space!

    Hope I got everyone... I enjoy these ongoing conversations. I must try to do it more often!;)

  27. What a delightful idea--freewriting!! I must try it sometime...perhaps it could free me up a bit! I'm always so busy editing myself...a habit from my occuptation!...leads to formality

  28. Becky...I wuold be curious to know what you think when you try it. I think your posts are great just the wqy they are. This style of writing helps me to think outside the to speak :)

  29. For me, there's no other way. I don't mean that flippantly, it's just the way my mind works.

    Anything else hurts my head... so for me, the exercise is the opposite.

    Peaceful day,

  30. I often make my students freewrite to get the started.
    As long as I can remember I have always had a paper pad or a notebook, because I think, see, hear so many things I want to remember. My friends and family use it as an indicator of my health. If I don't have my notebook and I'm not writing, drawing etc. I'm not well:-)
    I also have ideas when I'm in the train, in cafes, at work, at the movies (not in the shower - there, I just sing), but as mentioned, I always have my book with me. But another 'problem' I have is that since I started my blog, I have started thinking in posts. Do you do that as well? Everything I see, hear and experience seem to provoke the thought: 'This could be a great post':-D

    Have a wonderful weekend Jeanne

  31. We call it "morning pages" and only do 3 pages . . . and it is always pen and paper for me.


  32. have come to the right place..we think alike :)

    Carina....thinking in posts? absolutely! You have very wise friends! Now I need to ask what you teach as I am very curious:)

  33. Salut Jeanne, that's an interesting post since I "came down" with complete writer's block a little while ago... I guess the problem with my writing is that I tend to "rant" and wanting to put the world right and wake everybody up to all the wrongs in the world. Plus, my best ideas always come to me when I really am not in a position to write them down...arrgghh!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend, Love from London xo

  34. Yes please - Jeanne - I would love that. I have always yearned to write and to learn how to make the best job I can of it. You were the one who directed me to Shadow Shot Sunday which I am also loving. Thank you so much!

  35. I'm glad it's not just me. I was afraid the blogging had gone to my head.

    I teach English literature:-)


  36. Carina...all sorts of little pieces of a puzzle have now come together....english literature..perfect!

    Glenda..I tried morning pages too with Artists Way...a greast writing exercise. I have been meaning to read that book again, it is time :) Hope you are staying warm in Chicago! you go, I haven't read them yet, they look promising, I put them aside for weekend reading :)

    Mademoiselle Poirot..I know the feeling! I think the worst is when it comes to you in the shower. I think a waterproof recorder is the only way to go but I worry what my family will think when I start talking to myself in the shower. I may be taking blogging a bit to far:)

  37. Oopps...Molly, here you go..

  38. Thank you all for your comments and for coming back for more. I have really enjoyed this ongoing conversation. I will have to try and do it again. Thank you!!!

  39. Jeanne, I'm glad that the puzzles of my life come together for some, because I don't always feel that way myself:-D

  40. explains Oscar Wilde..I love that photo and have always wondered about the connection :)

  41. Oh yes, Oscar and I go way back. I fell in love with him in high school and was lucky enough to take several courses on him at university.

  42. Your blog looks really wonderfully created. I am running through blogs (I am new!) and stopped at yours. The layout, simplicity, and photography caught my eye. Thank you.

  43. Hi Jeanne
    This is interesting stuff for me.. I have to write technical papers/docos for work and often find starting the hard part.. so learnt over the years.. just to start.. not to critique ... just to write everything that comes to mind and then I have something to go back and edit.. delete whatever.. but from there I am usually on a roll and work it out... I try to adapt this to anything that stumps me now.. just start... a pretend attempt.. and then the juices get flowing...

    Have a lovely weekend.. pardon my absence.. life's been a bit messy my way... ciao xxx Julie

  44. I need to do this! Would you believe I have never done this.
    Thank you for the link , because I NEED to.
    Great post,
    Have a pretty day!

  45. Some of what I am sure are my best ideas come to me at times when I can't write them down or am not likely to remember them. It's the same way with dreams...they seem so vivid, so clear and when I am fully awake they are but dim recollection. I have journals for recording but the pages stay emptier than I'd like. I think I am free writing at this moment on my iPad at my desk before going to bed and having those ideas I can't remember!
    How was the b-day party?

  46. JUlie...I can't imagine writing technical documents and you are so just have to get stuck into it and go...much like life :) glad you came along...let me know if you have any questions, happy to help :)

    Linda...I am still standing after the b-day party..I think :) You lucky thing, an ipad. I go back and forth on that one, how do you find writing on it? Do you need a separate keyboard are can you write freely on the ipad? I am getting pretty adept on my iphone at writing notes. I figure if I can do that I can do anything.

    You might like this momento app I found for my is for the ipad too. I just write whatever comes to mind, including my 'to do' lists. I really like it :)

  47. I've tried it a couple of times but I always end up
    doodling all over the page! What's up with that!

  48. Victoria, it is called daydreaming, something I know all too did my teachers all thru school :)

  49. When you freewrite all the lost thoughts ..those that get away before you have the chance to write them down..those thoughts might visit again when the pen is dancing this free dance on the paper..
    Have a nice weekend.

  50. I like freewriting in a cafe. I carry a notebook with me everywhere to get those great inspiring words that come at any time.


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