Invisible magic in the blogging world...

From my home to yours..

"Perhaps our paths crossed randomly, 
but somehow I think not, 
choosing to believe instead that there is invisible magic 
at work in all our lives, 
magic that sets us down on the routes we're meant to walk, 
magic that lends us to one another, 
magic for fuelling every journey 
undertaken in the name of mystery and love 
and faith in the ultimate rightness of things"
Written by Katrina Kenison 
'Magical Journey: An Apprenticeship in Contentment"

I saved this passage from Katrina Kenison's book "Magical Journey", hoping to share it one day..and that day has come. What can I say, the response to my post "Searching for Tom and hoping it is a small world"  has been magical. Readers picked up the thread and continued the search for me, something I never anticipated. From Barbara in San Diego.. to Susie in Melbourne.. to Linda in Perth and Susan in Greece and the many more who left leads on my post, I am deeply touched and most appreciative. Katrina is right, there is an invisible magic at work in all our lives. The blogging world is just one of them.

I just love that about life!

As for the search for Tom...I want to tell you that the deed is done... but not quite yet. I have had some great leads, have sent off letters and now I wait. I shall persevere,  I have a feeling that one day, out of the blue, my message will come. When it does, I will be sure to report back to you.

Speaking of friendships and magic, I would like to leave you with a little dance magic for the weekend. With special thanks to Maude for showing me the way....

Dance Walking Fitness with Ben Aaron

Sending you best wishes for a wonderful weekend,
with hopes that a little magic comes your way!

Jeanne xx

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