Saturday, April 24, 2010

Signed by Ange

A few weeks ago I spotted this lovely antique crucifix 
on Signed by Ange's Blog and knew that I had to have it. 
I love everything that Ange does 
but this just spoke to me. 

Antique Crucifix with Shell Font
'For the good, the world is good'

If you have not met Ange, be sure to stop by and say hello. She is a wonderfully gifted artist and writer and I am delighted to have her as my blogging friend. She has recently established a website, Signed by Ange which I have to say is fantastic! Trust me, it is worth a visit!

Her package arrived and we were so so was more than I ever imagined.
She has hand painted the words 'For the good, the world is good' in french at the center of the crucifix.
To add to this she included several keepsakes; a handwritten note with a yellow flower, a collection of sea shells, a mother and child ornament and an invite for a diner a la maison to which I say 'with pleasure'. I also received a scrabble letter 'j' for my name and two french words 'veut/veux' meaning 'want'.

This sweet cross and the trinkets that followed will be favourite keepsakes for many years to come.
 I have a special place in mind for this cross but need to travel to another continent before I can finally say it is 'home'. When I do, Ange will be the first to know!

Thank you Ange!


  1. What a pretty way to pack something! Thank you so much Jeanne for this one, I had never seen Ange's blog before, it's wonderful. Oh dear,another one to visit!

  2. Goodness me! I just popped over to meet Sharon who had introduced herself on my blog and I spied your post in her sidebar! Jeanne that's really sweet of you to put up the crucifix but more than anything, I'm really chuffed you love it so much. Knowing you have it means I will always think of you too... Much love!

  3. PS I collected the shells myself on L'Ile d'Yeu, a place I think you'd love. And the dinner invitation has no use by date. Let me know when you're available :-)

  4. Hurrah for smart, ebullient and creative Ange who is a delight to us all.

  5. I love Ange's work and have admired it for some time. I really need to comment more often. I know that Mimi just spent some time with her while in France-both lucky ladies. Your crucifix is lovely-thanks for showing us. Hope you're having a nice weekend.

  6. How beautiful Jeanne
    You know I love that cross.. one of my favourites of Ange's work... Was eying it myself sometime back and wondered where it travelled off too.. well I know it is in good hands.... and will be loved.. hahaha

    Ange certainly is talented... and incredibly sweet to include all those other goodies in there also.... what a treat... a little package of delight... Have a great weekend xxx Julie

  7. Thank you for sharing all your little finds and gifts and acquisitions-- and for the new blog to check out.

  8. Beautiful! I will definitely go take a look! Enjoy it for many years to come!

  9. I agree! Ange's blog is absolutely wonderful, but Ange herself is a real gem!


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