A House by the Sea

This little beauty is a painting given to me by a friend. 
It has sat on a small easel on my desk for years and I love it. 
I imagine a house by the sea and often wonder 
where and what it might look like.
I like to think it will look something like this.
At this moment in time, after a frantic day in and out of London, 
I would be quite happy just to sit on the front porch and look out to sea.
I would sit in a rocking chair, feet up on the veranda, 
a glass of wine by my side with Mr. H close at hand. 
As for the kids....
they would be in town doing my shopping 
and planning a fabulous meal.
Does it sound like Friday night thoughts to you???

Off I go...
Miss Tine (daughter #1) is making homemade pizza tonight!
I train them well :):):)

Happy Weekend to one and all!!!


Rockport, MA 


  1. Yes, you do train them well. I taught my boy to do the laundry.

    A house by the sea for the weekends sounds lovely. Hope your weekend is fabulous!

  2. Sounds perfect Jeanne and the cottage picture so pretty too... x

  3. Wow thats a thoughtful gift from your friend. And looks like you r going to have a fabulous Friday night :)

    Have fun Jeanne !!!


  4. Nice Friday thoughts...and a very nice idea...a house by the sea.
    I wish you a great weekend.


  5. Enjoy that pizza and your weekend Jeanne. I'm off to the Blue Mountains for four days..I love your painting. It means so much more when your art comes from friends I think.

  6. I love your little painting~it's darling. I too would be quite content to sit and sip a glass of wine and do some serious daydreaming~ or star gazing.
    I wish you a slow, sunny weekend.

  7. MOTH wants exactly the same Jeanne. That's why we live a zillion kms. away from the sea in the rural Hills area??
    Millie ^_^

  8. Beautiful painting and beautiful dreaming....Friday thoughts alright

  9. Hi Jeanne
    Well I love your little painting.. I think my most constant dream is to have a cottage by the sea... I think that's all I wrote about when I first started blogging.. one day I hope..!!!! You know my mum trained all us kids well... even my brothers could cook, iron and sew.... a good thing I say... Have a great weekend.. xxx Julie

  10. Hi,
    you have a nice blog and I love to read about the house by the sea. It awakes my dreams...


  11. That is a beautiful print you have from your friend. Enjoy the pizza!

  12. Beatiful painting!!!
    Have anice weekend!!!
    Daniela "DREAM SHABBY CHIC" Milano


  13. I do love that little painting of the cottage by the sea.

  14. Jeanne I love that little painting -hope you had a wonderfully relaxing Friday night...I thought of you tonight when we had to go on a mercy mission to collect our neighbour from the London train (her hubby had departed earlier today to collect their stranded son from Geneva). We asked her if she would like to come in for supper but she politely declined saying that after the day she had had in London, all she wanted was a hot bath and bed!!! Hope you enjoyed the pizza & are making the most of this beautiful sunshine! x


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