Poetry of Home

Friday morning
a file of torn pages
no rhyme or reason
from lots of magazines over the years
memories of New England

A peaceful morning
filling a basket with hydrangeas...

smell of fresh cut grass
rocking chair and ice tea waiting...

A busy mud room
excited voices ready to play....

Nantucket nautical breakfast room
coffee brewing on the stove...

looking out to sea
   listening to music....

made in New England
     relaxing with a good book.....

an artists corner
adding another thought or two...

the end of the day
chamomile tea and Robert Frost...

Can I just say that I am in this peaceful mode because my lovely children have been away for three days on school trips. One to France and the other to Spain. I have been galavanting around London for the past two days without a care in the world. Each morning I passed the dishes, the laundry pile, the beds and pranced out the door to catch the train, as giddy as a school girl. Managed two museum exhibits , lots of breaks in cafes and a dinner in town with Mr. H.  It was a vacation in itself.  I am taking the day to have a 'domestic' and am ready to tackle the mess. Well, sort of, does blogging count as work???
Can't wait to see the kids and hear about their adventures. I saw the images above and thought of the heart of a home and the simple things we do that bring so much joy.
Ok..off to work!

Best wishes for a wonderful, wonderful and fabulous weekend :)


I will do my best here, they are from all over....
Image 1-3 Remodeling Ideas Magazine June/July 2003
Image 4-8 Elle Decor, assorted issues

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  1. Great pictures Jeanne, but my favourite bit is your text at the end. Talk about carpe diem.

    Have a great weekend

  2. Lovely pics Jeanne, and I had a little laugh at you, what a rebel!
    Isn't it nice to have some breathing space all to yourself? Enjoy! K xx

  3. Hi Jeanne - firstly thank you for your comment on my 'good enough' post - such wise words. You are like the big sister I never had.

    Glad you have had a few days galavanting! My daughter is off on her first two day school trip next week, I am abit nervous, the house will seem very quiet without her!

    Love these New England pictures, a real treat. Especially the mud room - I would like an enormous one of those for all the muddy shoes and boots we seem to accumulate!

    And on whether blogging is work...hmm not for me! Its kept me company these last two housebound days...

    Take care
    Lou x

  4. What a dream of a home in that top photo. All of the rooms for that matter~ and I agree very New England. When can you come? Put on the sound track to Somethings Gotta Give- that's what I've been listening to all week! Have a wonderful weekend with your husband and children just back from their big adventures.

  5. Dear Jeanne
    Such a beautiful collection... I'll take Nantucket nautical please....

    glad to hear you have had some 'me time'.. sounds wonderful.. .and catching up on missed time with MrH is probably overdue after his recent exile...

    What lucky kids.. getting to travel to Spain and France.. as you know.. here, if they are lucky they will get to travel to Canberra.. hahaha.. Have fun xxx Julie

  6. Absolutely beautiful Jeanne....what a dream of a house :)

    Your days in London sound FABULOUS, good for you. I am planning on some days like that in September when my youngest starts school :)

    Happy Week-end!

  7. Lovely photos, Jeanne. I'd love to sit in that rocking chair and just enjoy. And big applause for stepping out and being free to do Whatever. When your kids return, it's going to be a happy gab-fest with everyone sharing adventures. Have a great weekend!

  8. I was just thinking of you, so I'm glad I checked in! Lovely pictures as usual! How wonderful for you to just be "free" so to speak! I think getting away makes you all appreciate each other more, don't you? To be able to sit in cafes, go to museums, ah sounds dreamy!

    Have a great time revisiting with the kids!

  9. Freedom from schedules and the opportunity to explore and tend to YOU! How blissful.
    Domestics can be fun, and blogging does count...have a fun weekend.

  10. Oh, I am so envious of your traipsing all over the place. Pleased to hear you had a good time, and hoping your weekend will continue to be lovely.

  11. Yup - the pictures have nothing on your gorgeous words. How fabulous for you!! I have finally decided to home school mine. They don't do many school trips down our way anyway ;-) Enjoy that life of yours Jeanne, sounds just wonderful!

  12. Ahhhh... that must be a welcome break for you :) And lovely pictures I must say!!!

    Have a great weekend dear Jeanne.


  13. I love that you had a little "you" time! And your little household rebellion. Sometimes, we need to leave the dishes and the like behind, don't we? Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Oh such beautiful images of homes from home. It must be quite strange, living in a country that isn't your country of birth. It doesn't matter hoW wonderful the country is, your own country must pull at the heartstrings every now and again,
    Sounds as if you've been having a great time in London. There is so much to do and see isn't there Jeanne ? .... and, who cares about the cleaning and the laundry ? It will keep !!!! xxxx


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