Blog Talk

I have been thinking and I wondered if you could help me....
It has now been seven months and I still have unanswered questions.
You might feel the same way too:)
Every now and again I pop into a blog and read comments about blogging etiquette or receive a question from a friend who is new to blogging and is wondering about the right thing to do..
My motto has always been 'watch and learn'. 
Truth be told I would prefer a book that covers 'Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Blogging'.  It would make life so much easier. I have done the Amazon search....but I am just a girl writing a blog and I like to keep things simple.
I went thru a couple of weeks of angst at the start over what to write and in the end decided the best path was to just 'be yourself' and like minds will find you. 
Like anything you start to second guess and wonder...'Am I being a good Blogger?'

So, here are my QUESTIONS: 
How often do you post?  What are your thoughts on more or less?
When you leave a comment, do you go back to read follow up comments?
Do you know what a Ping is? Should I be doing something about that?
Do you list your blog on other blog sites like Blogrankings, Blogcatalog,
what are these and what are the benefits to doing so?
To Twitter or not to Twitter...that is the question. Do you?
You may have a thought on one of these or all of them.
All comments, suggestions and more questions are welcome
Stop in as many times as you like. 
Let's look at this as a running dialogue.
Many thanks in advance for your comments!

I will be away for a few days getting lost (I am sure) 
in the English Lake District.
Best wishes to one and all for a great week!


  1. Oooh, great post, I am dying to read the responses to this!!

    Funnily enough, I stumbled on to a blog just this week and ran straight into an extremely heated debate on "netiquette" as all the participants were calling it! I am clearly very naive about these things since the 90% of the points being made had never even occured to me!! It was all very complicated and people were taking things very personally.

    So....I personally think you should blog however much suits you....some blogs I read blog every day, some several times a day, some once or twice a week.

    Comments and/or responding to them was actually when the blog argument I read was about. The blogger in question was ranting about the fact that she comments on certain blogs and they never respond to her (which she thought was just very rude) and also she felt that if she followed a blog, then they were obligated to follow her.

    I disagreed with the above actually....I don't feel there should be any obligation on anyone's part....blogging is about freedom for goodness sake!!

    I respond to comments made on my blog on the other blogger's blog, not on my own.

    I certainly don't expect people to feel they have comment back to me when I have left comments on their blog.

    I have no idea what a "Ping" is and I have never used Twitter....altho I can see a lot of bloggers do.

    I use Blog Rankings and Blog Top Sites - I saw someone else who used them and simply thought it would be interesting to see how popular my blog was - altho I do also use Google Analytics. Through Google Analytics, I can see tho that people do find my blog through these ranking sites - I guess that's an added bonus. Someone much cleverer than me can tell you how useful they are though!!

    I like to keep things simple, I have people who regularly comment on my blog and I comment on their blogs simply because I really enjoy their blogs and I have some sort of connection with the blogger. I can see that these things can be much more complicated if you want them to be, but that's not for me!

    I think you are doing a great job, does that help?!!

    Have a wonderful time in the Lake District....lucky you!! Hope that your daughter has landed safe and sound :)


  2. PS Sorry for such a ridiculously long response!!


  3. Thanks Simone...that is a great help! I have been reading the same thing about 'netiquette'. All seems a bit overwhelming at times. I have not looked into Google Analytics...good tip!

  4. PS..I am one of those people that loves long resonses!!
    I do the same...sometimes you just have to go with the flow and what will be will be :)

  5. I am going to ponder on this one and come back to it, as I am in the middle of mowing the lawn at present, just sneaked in for a drink and a quick blog catch up.

    I hope you have a lovely time in the lake district and fingers crossed the weather will be kind to you.

  6. Thanks Jeanne!

    Google Analytics I put on shortly after my blog started...I don't have any advertising on my blog, it's just my own words/pictures I was just interested to see what it told me.

    It is interesting and does give some information - you can see where your readers live, how popular certain posts were, which blogs refer most readers to you, how many people looked at your blog that day, what your most popular posts were....just all quite nice to know!

    I have someone who reads my blog from Vietnam, I don't think they are a follower but they read me each day - I love that!! So for me, it is just out of interest really - I'm sure you can use if for other purposes too.

    Google Analytics is something you can add via Blogger, very easy to do, I think it just takes a few days for it to get up and running.


  7. PS The only "netiquette" rule I follow is be nice...and be positive :)

    I find there is a lot to say for the saying "if you can't say anything nice, then do be quiet...." ;)

  8. Thanks for this post. The comments are equally interesting.
    I have a small blog that for some reason, I am trying to increase viewership. That is hard for me to put out there. I don't know when it went from writing for myself to writing for others. Do I need some extra affirmation or is it just that I have set a goal for myself and half the fun it going after it. I am embarrassed to admit that but it is the ugly honest truth. The upside is I am making new friendly connections out here every week and I am learning and being inspired by others daily. Maybe that is my ultimate goal. I could be comfortable with that. :)

    I don't have many answers for you. I do link to twitter but I don't know how to use it.

    I am reading your post and the comments and now that I think about it one thing I will change is how I respond to comments. I have responding on my own blog and I will be changing over and answering on their blog unless they have asked a specific question that I think others may have too.

    I will be checking back this week to see how others have responded to your relevant post.
    Thanks for the food for thought.

  9. Pam...when I first started, I did the same but I found that once I started commenting on other blogs the friendships started to form. I have met the nicest, loveliest people in the process and feel so lucky for it.
    It takes a bit more time to comment...but it will open another dimension to the experience which I am sure you will enjoy:)

  10. A few responses, then:
    Blogging - i.e., posting and reading every few days suits me fine. I can't keep up with any more often than that, and I think I'd be a bit overwhelmed by blogs that habitually posted several times a day.
    Follow-up comments - yes, I go back to read them if I've said anything that might elicit a follow-up.
    Blog directory/ranking sites - no, I don't use them

    Have a good time, Jeanne! I hope all the rain that's pouring down here doesn't reach you.

  11. Jeanne, I love this post. So many of your questions are my questions!

    I don't post everyday. If I feel like something is worth posting, I post!

    I don't think just because I comment on someone's blog that they need to follow me, if they do great! When someone new comments on my blog I check them out because it could be a great blog that I need to follow. I am curious as to why I get comments from the same people but they aren't a follower. It seems they like what I post about and keep coming back but they just don't want to add themselves, oh well.

    I rarely go back and read when I leave a comment on someone's blog. And if someone posts a comment about my comment I will never know. So it is true what they say, what I don't know won't kill me!

    No idea what a ping is!

    I don't list my blog on other blog sites!

    I don't get twitter, so I don't twit. I may be a twit but thats another post, lol!

    I like to post from the heart. I love to decorate like the next gal but it isn't me if I just pull pictures from the Internet and post them if it doesn't tie in with me or with a project I am currently doing. I post for me and if I get comments I'm thrilled! If I get followers I'm thrilled! I wondered recently how to get more followers and if I needed my blog to look different to attract more followers or do a giveaway but I like what my blog is because it reflects me, Megan

    I think you have a fantastic blog! You know I am a huge fan of yours! I think we need to not question ourselves like we do and keep doing what we're doing!

    I love you! Hugs


    Have a wonderful time in the Lake District!

  12. Thank you Jeanne for such an interesting post.
    I have been reading the answers, and for me, one of the best things about blogging is the new people you know every day.When i started blogging about six months ago (did i say six months? oh dear, this is totally addictive!)i just wanted to share with everybody my passion about vintage and recycling projects, but couldn´t imagine how many people, from very different fields, i would know.
    As Simone said, i also respond the comments made on my blog on the others blogger´s blog, as i think everybody loves having nice comments on their blogs and this is the way to know they will read the answers to their comments.
    For me posting two to three times a week is ok, as i find so difficult to follow people who blog every day...
    I am totally lost about twitter, sorry, but i can´t help you about this one...
    I will be coming back to keep reading all the very interesting answers, and thank you Jeanne again to start a "blog talk".

  13. Megan, I like your blog just the way it is just keep doing what you do so well and we will just keep smiling while you do it!! Thanks for the comment..I can see this is going to be a very interesting post :)

  14. Hello many of these quesions I have wondered myself. I am pretty new to blogging so I am still learning the ropes...

    For me, I follow what I like - that can be pictures or words but what I am really interested in is people's lives - its slightly voyeuristic of me I know, but people fascinate me. As does whatever form...and so I also like blogs that capture life and beauty together! That's what makes me personally want to comment. I love it when something really resonates. Interestingly I don't have to find that resonance in blogs exactly like mine; I love that there are people of all walks of life and ages and I find what they do/think very enlightening.

    If I comment, I rarely go back and check if the blogger has replied - maybe I should? If they are keen to get back to me they visit :-)

    Ping? No idea.

    Twitter - I worry that's a little bit too over-connected for me. For some blogging is a social forum for them with people they know and see in their real everyday life. For me its more anonymous. I now have 'friends' in the blog world, but to my 'real' friends, most don't even know I blog.

    On posting - I sometimes have so much to say I have stop myself posting! And other days I have writer's block! I do find when following blogs that if there is a really high volume of posts I cant keep up and miss some.

    A real conversation point, your me thinking!
    LB x

  15. Great post Jeanne - once again!!

    I started blogging every day and now find it completely impossible. So I either blog when I'm overtly inspired and 'just have to get it down' or when I have time after painting and kids and 'chores' are finished. It ends up being about 3 or 4 times per week now. I like it better like that as it was becoming an obligation.
    I comment on my own blog if I can't get back to a blogger or comment on their own. Most often I comment back on the lovely person's blog who left me a word, or I send an email wherever it's possible.
    I have no idea what a PING is and am most curious to find out.
    I started using Twitter then realised that I could say goodbye to any outside peace time if all I did was communicate permanently. So I only tweet if it's really important.
    I don't expect people to comment me back either - but like us all, it's nice to know we're listened to so comments are always appreciated.
    For me a blog is like a friendship - there's a minimum amount of communication to put into it for it to blossom - but I don't hold it against anyone who is so time consumed with their own life that they can't make it over to see me. I'll be there when they have time ;-)
    Have a great time in the Lake District and look forward to reading you when you get back!
    PS - did the cross come?

  16. Thanks Ange...agree with you on that one. Whenever you have to step out for whatever reason, it is nice knowing everyone will still be there waiting for you. Saying that, I do miss people when they have been gone too long and have dropped them a line to see if all is well.

    and....YES, the most wonderful cross and lots of other little surprises were delicately unwrapped to the amazement of my family. How appropriate for Easter weekend! I am going to blog about it on my return. I just love it all!!! So glad I was able to grab it before it sold to someone else :)

  17. Great post and questions.

    I think it all comes down to one question: Why are you blogging? Is it just an outlet, an electronic journal? Are you looking to be part of some sisterhood of bloggers? Are you promoting a business?

    Personally I think you should do what works best for you - period. I post once every seven to ten days and some have requested I post more but the time it takes (blogging, answering comments, answering emails, visiting other blogs) can consume hours and I just don't have that much time to invest and keep a home and run my business and maintain relationships. Blog for you - write when you want, what you want!

    You linked in to my post card exchange and I emailed you but haven't heard back yet. Please contact me

    Have a wonderful day,

  18. Deborah, thanks for your comment and apologies for the delay in responding to your great postcard exchange. I have since written and am all signed up!
    For anyone who is interested in this lovely idea..go to the top of my blog and click on the Fairfield House button :)

  19. I have to race off to work but I'm coming back to this when I get home...I did a post on this not long ago...will share what people said to was really helpful. Back later!

  20. Well....let's see....
    I post only when the muse visits.

    Sometimes I check for followups on my comments, but usually only if I've asked a question.

    The only Ping I am familiar with is the one right before Pong.

    I have no idea what B-catalog or B-ratings are.

    Not to Twitter.

    I suppose I am basically a Luddite with a blog!

  21. Hi Jeannie - I try to post 5 days a week, if I can. But you have to get out there and live it before you can post it. I sometimes go back to read follow up comments. I don't list on other blog sites. I have a twitter account, but I don't really tweet. As for comments, I think if someone takes the time to leave a comment, you should try to visit and comment back. For people I regularly follow and who follow me, I really only comment when I want to - but the ones I follow usually inspire me to comment often!
    We're human, and we try our best, I guess is the short answer.

  22. Wow! Such a lively topic. I have a friend who creates lovely items, such as refridgerator magnets or cards; but as soon as she sees other people's work of a similiar nature, she throws out all of her stuff and loses her inspiration-because she compares their stuff to hers. I tell her that if I did that with my blog, I would never return to the keyboard again! There are so many lovely blogs to learn from out there and they are inspiring to me! Sometimes I will write a post and think, why are you doing this- everyone already knows this. But I try to remind myself that maybe not everyone does and that there might be at least one other person out there that finds the information useful... Also, in a weird way, I'm not writing for anyone- but with the hope that after my children are grown, they may read my blog, go back in time and see me in a different way.
    Have a wonderful vacation! xoxo

  23. Thanks are so right, your children will appreciate it someday. I blog with the same hopes as well. Mine are older so I have given them no choice. I put them on my auto email list so they get a post from all three blogs on a regular basis :) The joy of Motherhood! I am still thinking about that bread recipe you posted yesterday so keep doing what you are doing!! It is great :)

  24. Jeanne~ This is wonderful. You have addressed so many of the same questions I have. Basically I try to be kind, positive and bring a little something to my blog that others may...just may find fun or interesting. I use to comment back on every comment and may well return to that. I do admit to feeling badly when I consistantly comment on a favorite blog and they don't visit- but I understand~ I love my blog friends and appreciate their comments, but it can take an incredible amount of time. I love all of these comments and suggestions here. I will return to read more as they come in. Enjoy your get-away Jeanne. Oh- and PING...I haven't a clue. I thought it was a golf club!

  25. Thanks Debra...I can relate on the comments, so glad you frequent mine!
    As for the ones that don't...their loss.
    Thanks for stopping by, it is going to be hard to leave my computer behind.. Thank god for iPhone :)

  26. Oh gosh Mate, just reading your post has given me a shocking case of the blog guilts! I post everyday 'cos its the only disciplined thing I do in my life, woeful isn't it. As The Laurel Hedge is a train-wreck of a blog I'm the last person to give advice. However I always promised myself that once I start feeling any pressure or oblogation to do things a certain way, I'll pull the pin pronto. I started it just as a bit of fun, & to have a document of our reno. & MOTH'S 'indiscretions', nothing more.

    I visit some blogs & its all too heavy & serious & I feel I'm being yelled out, so I never return. Life's too short for all that stuff, so I try to keep it light, bright, humorous & a bit quirky. The blogs I love have a wonderful Point of Difference & I want to keep coming back. I don't worry about stats, but Son #3 does & sends me a monthly analysis - how cute is that! Just cruise & chill I say, I love what you do, so just keep doing it.
    Millie ^_^

  27. Other than linking to anything that I mention on my blog which was found elsewhere, I confess I don't worry too much about all the etiquette questions. I don't use twitter. My husband likes to use Google Analytics, and occasionally he shows it to me, but generally I ignore it. I have BlogRankings on my blog, but I usually ignore it, as I feel that the amount of traffic I get isn't an accurate measure of my blog.

    I figure my blog is my own, and I started it to meet needs in my own life, not to worry about what other people think of it or of me. Because of this, I rarely post a picture that I didn't take myself, and I simply remind myself to stay on course with what my goals are.

    I follow a few blogs that I like, but will often stop reading ANY blogs for a week or two. I really try to not let the whole thing take up too much of my time or attention. I remind myself that the circle of influence that I must nurture most carefully is the one I live in, not an online one.

    I comment only when I feel I have something to add to the discussion, or when the post resonates with me for some reason. I always feel flattered when someone leaves a comment on my blog, but I have no expectations for comments, followers, etc. It's tempting, sometimes, to wish for more, but I refuse to let myself get caught up in it. I don't believe that the measure of a blog is solely in how many other people follow it. Mine has only a few readers, but it's mine and it's relevant to my life. That's what matters.

    I enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

  28. Millie...don't you dare change a thing! You keep doing what you are doing because that is what we love about your blog! I blog daily will be hard for me not to as like many others I blog to let it out. I like quirky, light and is serious enough which is why I like to give myself and others a least I hope too:)
    Thanks for your comment....I know we all appreciated it!

  29. Jennifer, it sounds like you are blogging for all the right reasons and the important thing is that you enjoy what you do. You are inspired and you inspire others...perfect combination in my mind! Have to say after just looking at your burlap storage bin...I am inspired, what a great idea!! Thanks for stopping in and sharing your comment :)

  30. So you mean I wasn't the only one bothering you for advice Jeanne, that's reassuring! You obviously project a very wise and helpful image!
    I think your idea is a great one, especially if if gets published and we all get a mention in the preface - can you imagine? the ultimate blog roll ... "and I'd like to thank all my blogging friends Millie, Julie, Debra, Karyn, Simone, Renee, Sandi, Vicki............" a chapter in itself!
    Being fairly new to this wonderful blog world I'm still on a learning curve.

    It's a subject that comes up a lot at the dinner table, my children are still trying to get their heads around the fact that
    1. their mother can use internet
    2. it's suddenly OK to spend hours in front of the computer (difficult that one)
    3. it's possible to make new, lively friends all over the planet.

    So in answer to your questions, yes I blog every day, in several short, and not so short, bursts.
    Yes, my chores are suddenly not kept up to date.
    Yes, I love the politeness and kindness of the blog world.
    Yes, I love these new international contacts.
    No, I don't use twitter or facebook.

    Initially it took me about 2 months to work out how to use Blogger - I know, pathetic. Now I adore finding ideas for posts and testing their appeal, but I don't think I could ever reveal anything too close to home.
    If I think of anything more I'll come back.
    Don't forget to show us some pictures of the lake district.

  31. Hmmm I love to post when i have interesting things to say. I actually am not good on the technical side of things but it doesnt seem to affect my traffic levels xx

  32. Hi Jeanne, I pondered this in a post a week or so ago. Should I concentrate of finding pictures, tell my story, practise my writing, seek advice from others, share the things I love, talk about my funny little projects...what should this blog be about? And I found a quote that prompted my musings and it was "be you, find you, be happy with that". I think it's good advice in the blogging world, and as you yourself and like minds will find you. Like you, I got a lot of comments about that post and the main message I took from it was - blog it all, mix it up, write what YOU want to write. Sometimes we'll get it, sometimes perhaps not. Sometimes we'll be interested, sometimes too busy. I started my blog to practise writing and to perhaps ease myself into another career sometime down the track. When I lose sight of that is when I run into trouble I think. My very wise daughter reminded me that while we all love comments, feedback, accolades it's important to stay true to you. Sorry, a very long winded way to say keep on doing what you're doing, what feels right to you and what makes you happy. I try to post every day but I'm rethinking that and will at least give myself Sundays off now I think. I always try to comment on someone's blog when they've been kind enough to comment on mine, but shrug my shoulders if that's not returned. Sometimes I read follow up comments, but not many blogs, so little time! I don't Twitter...don't know how, not interested in finding out! No idea what a ping is but I'd be interested in finding out...just for interest's sake. Don't do stats since the horror of Psych 101! So sorry this has been so long...practising my writing :) Have a wonderful break...very envious of where you're going.

  33. Jeanne, so many interesting comments here. I adore your blog because it seems you post what brings you joy. Whatever you're doing - keep doing it.

    I post when and if I can. Not long after I started tentatively blogging, a number of "big" bloggers retired citing it was just all "too much". That was a really good lesson when just starting out, I think. I'd rather be consistent for the duration than prolific for a short while.

    I don't twitter, mainly because most of my inner dialogue is drivel and needs to stay right where it is - inner. It would run along the lines of "changed a nappy. mopped the floor. counted my stretch marks." and who needs that in their life? All that twitters is not gold.

    My advice would be to just let it evolve, grow organically and enjoy the journey. Speaking of journeys....I hope you have a wonderful time in the Lake District. Drive safely and keep warm, my friend. Meredy xo.

  34. On the road with pockets of reception..giggling away at responses and enjoying them all...hooray for iPhone! Will comment more on return:)

  35. Hello jeanne, I have pondered.

    I think I saw blogging for dummies over at someone's blog, not that you need the book, being such a fabulous blogess.

    I tend to post, whenever I have an inspiration surge, sometimes I have a few draft posts lined up ready to be fine tuned and other times it takes me a while to find some inspiration. I don't think it matters how often you post as long as your having fun doing it.

    As far as comments are concerned, it is lovely to receive them. Sometimes I reply to comments on my blog, it depends whether the comment warrants a response, for example a question but I prefer to visit other peoples blogs and leave them a comment on their posts.

    I don't mind if people don't return comments etc. Life is too political already, without making blogging politically correct. mainly it's like real life, common sense, positivity and manners.

    I have a feedjit thingy on my blog, which I find fascinating, with regard to where people come from, it's quite exciting to see people hopping on from all over the world but I am not hung up on numbers.

    I don't really have a twittering sort of lifestyle, but if I lived in city, no doubt I would succumb.

    I have just googled 'ping' there is an explanation on wikipedia, I have read it, but am still none the wiser.

    One thing I will say, I think blogging is all about sharing; lifestyles, information, art whatever.

    The other thing that blows me away is it is such a great support network, recently a couple of bloggers who have been going through a hard time, have been touched and overwhelmed by the amount of support they have received in their comment boxes. Now that is a good thing.

    Sounds like you are having an excellent road trip, how is the weather? I suspect, even if you encounter bad weather, you will still have a wonderful time. I am envious of your ability to post a comment from your iphone, I don't know how to do that yet.

  36. Dear Jeanne,
    You're probably in the Lakes by now, having a wonderful time and blogging is very far from your thoughts.
    Well, my answer to your question is....there aren't any rules, and if there are then, who made them up ?!! I don't have any rules in my little blog world. I post very erratically, am pretty good at commenting as, I love the regular blogs that I read and really do think of you all as friends. That is the best part about blogging. I have met so many lovely people from all over the world. I don't have any, that's a lie. I have a site metre which I looked at once and didn't understand it so I don't bother anymore !!haha. I didn't start my blog to tell everyone about my life etc. I could imagine that it could become competitive for some people.... a bit like the school playground !!
    I do try to comment back on every comment I get but I find that quite difficult sometimes. I find it hard enough blogging, let alone tweet (is that the correct grammar?) I feel that I'm on the computer all day as it is !!
    I'm not really bothered about statistics or analysis or any of that.I can't see the point. So, if your stats are great, what does that mean? That you're a better person or blogger? I think that some people appeal more to others. There's one girl out there, who is lovely, by the way, who only started her blog just over a month ago and she has over 1,000 followers !!
    I am usually 'nice' with my comments, but that is because the post justified 'nice'. I have entered debates before and had 'arguments' but everyone was friendly about it. If someone makes a point that I don't agree with I don't just agree. But, isn't that healthy? It doesn't mean that I don't like that person. I just don't agree with them on that particular point.
    God knows what 'ping' is and I don't think that I want to know !!
    Well, Jeanne, I think that you have certainly got people talking on this one !!
    Have a great time at the Lakes and tell us all about it on your return, whether it be everyday or once a week !! XXXX

  37. Hi Jeanne,
    I wish I could post everyday, but I can't. There are days when I don't even go online. I guess being self employed does that to a person. I'm thinking of cutting back to just two days a week.
    I used to respond to every single comment, yet not anymore. I prefer to read another blogger's post and keep connected with them that way. If the person has posted something that I haven't read yet, I will read and comment. I consider commenting a form of common courtesy.
    If a question was asked, I'll answer through email.
    I believe a ping is when a certain website or online magazine links to an article of yours. I could be wrong though.
    I have never heard of Blogrankings and Blogcatalog.
    I don't Twitter, but I do Facebook.
    This is a great post!

  38. Wow, you have really got a great discussion going here! I have loved reading everyone's opinions and have to agree with everything that has been said.

    Regarding my blog, I don't have anything set up to look at blog traffic, I am not a tweeter, don't have a Facebook page and post when I can and when I want to. I always try to visit my followers when I can and I always try to comment on a commenter's blog. I also tend to follow someone's blog if they follow me...they must have something in common with me if they like my blog, right???

    Anyway, happy holiday and I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful pictures when you return.

    Take care and best wishes,

    PS Isn't pinging something to do with the way that search engines find your blog/content? I am going to have to look into this...:)

  39. Jeanne:

    A long answer now: First, you don't need any help. You are doing just fine.

    Replying to comments is polite and a form of acknowledgment. Something like smiling back when someone smiles at you. Even if one cannot answer all the comments individually, a common thanks would be great, I suppose.

    I don't use twitter but I do have a Facebook account but that's no way connected to my blog.

    I post whenever I have something to but sometimes, I do admit that I become obsessive about posting.

    I do have a statistics of the people visiting my blog AND that is some ego-boosting factor. Nothing else.

    As for being a 'good blogger,' I think it's just plain satisfaction in the way we write. Traffic or no traffic, one is writing.

    I am part of some blog directories in India but seriously I have stopped thinking about all that now. It's a hype when one starts blogging.

    Blogging is also a form of virtual socialising. If I read someone's comment, I visit their page and through that I visit some other blogs. The circle keeps going on.

    As for following, I follow blogs that capture my attention for more than a minute otherwise I don't much bother. Sometimes people follow you once you follow them; I don't much do that. Let me tell you that I even do some cleaning time to time. There are some blogs I follow but I get no response from the author. It's almost like waving but the other person looks away. I stop following.

    I also don't find it mandatory to comment on all posts of the person whose blog I follow. I do it when I feel like writing genuine comments.

    And no standard phrases like: 'Nice post,' 'Well-written' for me.

    Jeanne, just follow your gut. Don't worry about following tips and suggestions. Your blog rocks anyway so why these thoughts.

    Joy always,

  40. I used to think i knew a bit or two about technology (well compared to my mates that is)but blogging has made me realise i'm a bit thick! hehe.

    No idea about pinging or tweeting.

    But i'm getting my way around blog stuff ok.

    I think be yourself and do what suits you, and good tyhings will come : )

    Great topic and really enjoyed reading through the responses. Will be back to finish off reading and check in for more! jules

  41. Hi Jeanne - nice blog, and I have had similar reflections on blogging lately too - I just wrote a post the other day on reaching the magic number of 50 followers and it reminded me of the delights of blogging - I do try to answer all post comments, as a courtesy. I hope those I reply to have enabled comment notification so they will know I've replied to them. As you don't know if they have, do you then have to run over to their blog and advise them to check back your blog to get the reply? I enjoy blogging and wonder about the blog-etiquette too. I think comments make the blog worthwhile as you get feedback on what you write. It's not like a review of a book in a paper as it is usually very pleasant positive feedback. I like to follow blogs I like - like I will follow yours now - and while I am always flattered to have new followers I don't feel miffed that not all I follow reciprocate. They have to like my blog to do so. Having said that I do hope you visit my blog and if you like to follow you are most welcome! Obligation to follow is not good though as it would be resented!
    I was delighted to get to the shortlist of the Irish Blog Awards, and to get up there with the best was great - I got to the last 25 in two categories - food and drink, and personal. So that was a nice bonus!
    All the best - Catherine.

  42. Bonjour Jeanne,
    What a great discussion you have going here. I've had so many of the same questions - but really Jackie hit it on the head. Just be yourself. I admit when I first started 6 months ago I was paranoid about checking comments and visiting their blogs to leave a message but sometimes that is overwhelming and just not enough hours in the day.
    I still try to visit with everyone who is kind enough to take their time to leave a kind comment for me or to follow along. But now I know when I don't have time they will understand and won't think I don't care.
    I do try to follow anyone who follows me, I think everyone has something to say and put alot of effort into their blogs.
    I have been completely surprised by all the wonderful blog friends I have made. So I try to do the best I can to let them know I appreciate them.
    Don't do Facebook, I'm still a rather private person. I do use Site Meter - I still get excited to see friends from all over the world coming by.
    The main thing is to simply enjoy blogging. It needs to be a treat not a chore. I can honestly say it is a treat for me.
    You do a fabulous job with your blog Jeanne, it always a pleasure to visit. Have a wonderful time in the Lake District, it should be so pretty. Looking forward to lots of photos.
    Wishing you a sunny Sunday,

  43. Beautiful and fashionable young people theme of the times!It is my pleasure to read your article!I hope your readers become more and more!

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  45. Thank you so much for writing this! I learned a lot and appreciate the perspective.

  46. Ladylike Post. This record helped me in my university assignment. Thanks Alot


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