Postcard Trail....

Months ago, 
before the first packing list was created, 
before the first box was packed, 
before the move from England to Vietnam..
I happily and merrily sent off postcards 
to readers who were interested in receiving one.

Life has been a bit hectic since then
but I managed to collect quite a few
and I love to share.

I admit I am behind on some and I know who you are.

I can not promise which one I will send..

I can not promise when I will send it..


 I can promise that I will send you one.
If you requested one of me in the past, 
just let me know that you would like another.

If you are new to my postcard passion,
you can leave a comment or write to me
with your details. My email address is

 I am off to Myanmar/Burma tomorrow...
I hope to send a few from there.. :)

 If you are active on any of the networks below, 
I would love to stay in touch..

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I also write about life in Vietnam  here 
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My parting thought for the day...


Jeanne xx

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