Postcard Trail....

Months ago, 
before the first packing list was created, 
before the first box was packed, 
before the move from England to Vietnam..
I happily and merrily sent off postcards 
to readers who were interested in receiving one.

Life has been a bit hectic since then
but I managed to collect quite a few
and I love to share.

I admit I am behind on some and I know who you are.

I can not promise which one I will send..

I can not promise when I will send it..


 I can promise that I will send you one.
If you requested one of me in the past, 
just let me know that you would like another.

If you are new to my postcard passion,
you can leave a comment or write to me
with your details. My email address is

 I am off to Myanmar/Burma tomorrow...
I hope to send a few from there.. :)

 If you are active on any of the networks below, 
I would love to stay in touch..

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I also write about life in Vietnam  here 
and Style..the quirky kind here.

My parting thought for the day...


Jeanne xx

postcard own


  1. Jeanne, I would love to receive one of your postcards. I will send you an email. I will follow you on Instagram and FB. I am on Instagram too. Burma is such an exciting place to visit. Enjoy, take lots of pictures and most of all, have a grand time.

  2. Actually, i am in awe of your going to Burma ... sounds not so safe, but am confident that you are well planned. Travel safely.

  3. Oh how I would love a post card.... so I shall send you an email with my info.

  4. Your colection of postcards are wonderful Jeanne ..... I still have all that you have sent me.
    Have a brilliant time in Burma. XXXX

  5. I have those wonderful Penguin Books Post Cards. As a new follower I would love to receive a card. Happy Trails to you.

  6. Oh Jeanne, I would love to receive another one :) You have been on my mind lately, and so have postcards. You will find out why soon ...

  7. Waahooo! Off to Burma?! Just like that? I nearly squealed out in delight. Oh my, I am so excited for you my friend. Remi and I had a green light to do a story there, gosh, almost ten years ago and it was negated at the last moment. I was so disappointed but will look forward to discovering it through your eyes...
    Gros Bisous et Bonne Voyage,

  8. Oh Jeanne....I would love to receive a postcard from you. I will send you a quick e-mail with my info.
    BTW I belong to a women's group called "Great Decisions".....we sit around and try to solve the ills of the world...without much success I might add....LOL..but anyway last week's discussion was Myanmar i.e. Burma.......fascinating country.



  9. Jeanne, How delightful it would be to receive a postcard from you. I don't know how you fit everything in! I shall send my address.
    Farm Gal in VA, USA

  10. What a wonderful idea! I just sent you not one but TWO e-mails because silly me forgot to give my address in the first one! So looking forward to the post card! How fun!

  11. Hello my gorgeous fellow Virgoan Would love another missive if you have the time and inclination. J x

  12. Hello! I am glad to find your blog. I have just returned from Burma so am very interested to hear your impressions and hope you will be able to post them on your blog. I am sure you will have a wonderful time (I did!). You can see photos from my trip at

  13. Hi Jeanne, I love this post. You are decidedly winsome. I too love postcards. I request them from friends and family and my little rack is overflowing. Your pictures--perfect, as usual. Thanks for adding Mother Teresa's words. Blessings!

  14. What a wonderful gesture.. sending postcards out! I'd love to have one.. I'll send an email.
    Enjoy every second of your trip.

  15. I've just found your blog and am wonderstruck! I'd love a post care.. and will email you.
    Enjoy your travels!


  16. I hope that I'm not too late to say that I'd love to receive a postcard from you. I will email you with the necessary information. Thank you for your fascinating blogs. I'm looking forward to your comments about and photographs from your trip to Burma/Myanmar. Leslie in Portland, Oregon

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