Small Town Joy: Maine

This was put together by the community of Damariscotta, Maine USA.
It is inspiring and I hope it brings as much joy to you as it did to me.
What do you love about where you live?

Images of Damariscotta....

Damariscotta looks like many of the small towns 
that run along the Eastern Seaboard in the USA.
I grew up in one of them.
Beautiful places filled with wonderful people.


  1. Oh gosh, that made me tearful! I loved the little boy whose sign said simply "everything"....just lovely :)

  2. It makes me think of all the little things in life, the ones we can easily take for granted.

  3. Jeanne~ Just checking in quickly before I have some early morning errands. I cannot wait to watch this~ Damariscotta is a bout 40 minutes from my home and such a lovely coastal village. It is full of cute shops, lovely homes and friendly people. You come to Maine and I'll take you there. Can't wait to watch this when I return.

  4. Debra, I thought of you when I watched this. I thought you might like it :)

  5. Dear Jeanne,
    It must be lovely to be part of a community like that and to live in such a pretty coastal town. I guess it's not quite like that, living so close to London but we do have other advantages ! I loved the film and you could really tell that those people love their town. XXXX

  6. Jackie, imagine doing something like that for London..what a blast!

  7. How sweet was that! You could really feel the pride that these people have about their town, what a neat thing to do!

  8. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing the video. I adore small towns - the buildings, the people, the whole atmosphere is unique.

  9. Looks like a fabulous place to live... If I don't move back to NZ one day, maybe I can move there... LOVE THE ORANGE speedboat thingy too ;-)

  10. Jeanne~ This was fun! I think I'll have to attend their Fall Festival later this year. You are so sweet!


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