Colour My World

I did a bit of shopping recently. I spotted this over at The Altered Page and fell in love with it.
It represents my life at the is called Earthworks. 
I have it propped on my desk and it brightens my day.

Not only is the artist, Seth, a talented painter, he is also a wonderful at wrapping packages.
This is what I unfolded today.

Thank you Seth!


  1. Wow Jeanne GOOD ON YOU! I love Seth's work but haven't bought any of it yet. You may just inspire me to do so. Looks wonderful!!

  2. Looks wonderful. Good for you-we need to treat ourselves, don't you think?

  3. Nice Choice! She went to a lot of time and effort to pack this didn't she, something I must learn!

  4. Hey Jeanne
    Fantastic... I love the colours.. so soothing.. I haven't seen Seth's work, will have to check it out... I love receiving parcels that are wrapped so well... xx Julie

  5. How lovely and how beautifully packaged too.. x

  6. What a beautiful gift.;)
    And what a lovely place. Your life and life perspectives sound very intriguing to someone like me, who is a cosmopolitan too.
    I found you through Susan.;))

  7. Thanks so much for spotlighting Earthworks here. So glad you like the piece and the wrapping. Thanks once again for shopping at my Etsy shop.


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