Seashore Dreaming

I came across this on a post 
from The Inspired Room a few days ago 
and just love everything about this kitchen. 

I can hear the door swing open, 
the rustle of kids feet and excited voices. 
As I trail in bare foot behind them, 
I can feel the sand graze the bottom 
of my feet around the areas of the room 
where the children just passed. 

The aroma of coffee from the 
Nespresso machine fills the air 
and is mixed with the clean fresh ocean scent 
that is filtering thru the open windows. 

Madeline Peyroux is playing in the background. 

The dog is sleeping in a sunny corner 
of the room and I sit in my favourite chair
 to see the sun glistening 
on that gorgeous blue sea in the distance. 

Want to join me? 
Pull up a chair :)

Best wishes for a wonderful week. 
Can you believe April is nearly here?


  1. i love this room.
    great choice.

    it is happy.

  2. And Madeline is singing Dance Me To The End of Love!

  3. Love this kitchen, and what a wonderful picture you paint of living in this amazing space! Ah, to dream, to dream...
    I've just found your blog - love it!
    Kerri x

  4. Bonjour Jeanne,
    This does look like such an inviting, comfortable kitchen - I'll definitely join you.
    Thank you so much for sharing the Happy 101 Award, it is much appreciated coming from you my friend. I will post on it soon.
    Bon semaine,

  5. HI Jeanne
    You're right.. the room just looks alive with energy and reminds me of my mum's high traffic kitchen.. always filled with people and love... oh and food!! love this doggie painting.. great colours.. xxx Julie

  6. Morning - we are playing comment tag at the moment but its great there is such mutual appreciation! I am admiring of this kitchen picture, it looks exactly as it should - the heart of the home.

  7. Dear Jeanne,
    Well, this is my kind of kitchen. You can keep those massive, hi-tech,streamlined, impersonal kitchens.
    This one looks homely and comfortable, but still modern and up to date. I love it.
    Have a great week, Jeanne. XXXX

  8. Yes please - I can't think of a more gorgeous room to sit and stare at the sea. I love all the touches of green and blue and the dog painting of course. Leigh


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