Sister Disciples of the Divine Master

Do you have one of those pictures you are just drawn to?
It intrigues you so much that you clip it and keep it somewhere close at hand.
Sometimes it is forgotten and then it reappears....
and your enjoyment starts all over again.
This is one of those for me.
I did a little search to see what this stands for.

The Sister Disciples are nuns.
 I have simplified the description of their calling
 and a wonderful calling it is. 

"A Sister Disciple is called to be a "living center of light and grace." She becomes the representative of humanity...adoring, praising, giving thanks, making reparation and supplication. She uses all forms of creative means (painting, sculpture, Church design, architecture, music, needle work and writing) in her work. Sister Disciples are consecrated women who share the call to be disciples…living, loving, and sharing lives of prayerful simplicity with hearts open to the world and its needs."

It is just a sign and a collection of oil cans with a wee bit of  a door to the side.
I found it in Boston Magazine's Home & Garden a few years ago and just love it. 
Maybe it is my Irish Catholic roots coming out
or maybe I have those early Hayley Mills movies on my mind
either way...I would love to have this sign in my home.
Better yet, I could change the wording to

Sister Disciples
of  the
Divine Blogosphere

What do you think?


  1. Oh My! I'm speechless! We really are in sync aren't we... The sign is truly, truly divinely Perfect Sister ;-)

  2. What an amazing photo! Striking!


  3. Love it, love it, love it. Do you think the cans are to oil our squeaky wheels to prevent unnecessary whining? Lucky there's lots of them....some days I'd use up about five all by myself :) Meredy xo.

  4. I agree, it is great. And yes, I do have pictures and quotes torn from magazines and newspapers that I keep in various places. Some I slip under the corner of my bathroom mirror, and others are stuck in drawers, books, etc. I sometimes wonder what my daughters will make of my collection when they are left to clear out my house.

  5. Hi Jeanne
    When reading your description I was thinking just that.. the world of blogging and the friendships made within.... Right on Sister! [although that doesn't really sound like something I would say hahaha] xx Julie

  6. I think this photo is almost painfully beautiful.

  7. Lovely photo jeanne, I have to admit when I first saw the photo,(without my specs) I thought they were opium pipes, then I scrolled down and realised they were in fact oil cans, ha, silly me.
    No bag yet, the post comes at lunchtime, so fingers crossed.

  8. Fantastic Jeanne - I think Sister Disciples of the Divine Blogosphere
    needs to become your new Header!! Thank you sweet friend for your awesome comment over @ The Hedge today, it totally stopped me in my tracks - very overwhelming!!
    Millie ^_^

  9. Beautiful sign and sentiment....
    Oddly...and I guess I am a bit odd...I collect oil cans too! lol
    I am enjoying your beautiful blog and spirit and am glad to have found you!
    Take care,

  10. Hello dear Jeanne!

    I love this! And I love the idea of Sisters Disciples of the Divine Blogosphere! What a wonderful name! Isn't is funny the things and the photos that we are drawn too?

    Are your kids there yet?

    I hope you have a fabulous holiday JEanne! I am sure that it is different there, but you have the most important part, your beautiful family! I am looking forward to more of your adventures and your tales of the divine "artist" colony/farm that you just aquired!

    Have a blessed holiday! xxoo Elizabeth

  11. I own that sign. And the oil cans. I bought that about 2o years ago and enjoy looking at it every day.
    If i ever decide to sell it I'll let you Know.


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