Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tatler Insights

One of the things I love about living in England 
is the easy access to Tatler magazine. 
One of the first things I did when I arrived in the UK 
was to subscribe to Tatler. 
Each time it arrives, I find a cozy corner, put my feet up 
and just slide into another world. 

Does one ever tire of looking at Grace Kelly? I don't. 
The feature is this issue is 'How to be a Princess'.

Countess Alexandra Tolstoy looks wonderful 
in a collection of evening gowns.
The article is titled 'From Russia with Love'.

Rosella Jardini is Creative Director for Moschino.
Her Mood board is wonderful...

How cute is this Burberry ad? 
Just had to include it.

Trend Alert
'Earthy desert hues of rusty reds 
thru to flaming oranges'
Love it!

Carolina Herrera handbags
Just CH!

A moving tribute to Alexander McQueen
Shown here with his mother.
Feature entitled 'Crowning McQueen'

Arianna Huffington at work
Great office!

The young 'It' girl of the moment
Clemence Poesy

The issue to buy
April 2010

Images via Tatler

My, my I have had a busy week with all these assorted posts.
Hence, the blog title, Collage of Life
Thanks for following along :)


  1. I'm a Tatler fan too, but need to remortgage the house every time I buy a copy here! Love your new avatar.
    Millie ^_^

  2. Millie...this is why I am so thrilled. If I could ever find it in New Zealand it cost nearly $20.00. In fact all International magazines were in that price range...use to drive me crazy!

  3. Dear Jeanne,
    What wonderful images. I'm a bit worried about the orange trend. I might need professional help if I'm going to wear it !!!!
    Grace Kelly was so beautiful and, I love that navy blue gown that Countess Alexandra Tolstoy is wearing. Tatler is a VERY classy magazine. XXXX

  4. I'll have to see if Barnes and Noble carries Tatler..never heard of it! All of my favorite magazines are gone now...and I need some new happy mail!

  5. A fabulous magazine! I often purchase it, and British Vogue. They seem so much more imaginative that the fashion mags in the states. At least to me.

  6. I am loving that little girl in the Burberry raincoat!

  7. Dear Jeanne,

    When I first looked at the image of Countess Alexandra Tolstoy, I thought it was a younger Grace Kelly. What do you think?

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. Well Jeanne
    That is where all those gorgeous images come from we see floating around blogland... I must see if I can find it here.. but as Millie says!!! Also.. don't have a house to mortgage... haha... Hope your having a great week xx Julie

  9. I feel a bit that way about Jeanne d"Arc Living magazine ;-) Love the new trends - but with my love of orange - I only have a couple of pieces... stick to whites, chocolate browns and navys. And that BEAUTIFUL little girl SO DID NOT put her handprint on that wall. Tell me she didn't or I'll cry...Mine would have it on the wall, on the burberry, in the hair...

  10. Egmont, I agree. She has the 'Grace Kelly' look in this image..

  11. Jeanne - I want that office....and I want it NOW! I pick up Tatler now and again & when I'm out today I'm definitely picking up this issue...I bought a burnt orangey/red linen shirt for summer (!!!!!) a week or so ago & have been deliberating about whether it will be going back - now I'm thinking I might keep it! x

  12. Love Tatler but only buy it in UK! nice to see inside the pages via you... and am loving the burnt orangey shades...x

  13. You're lucky-Tatler isn't even available locally! So much to love here-where do I start? The orange-this really appeals to me with the coming of spring, and I have never been an orange person! Adore Princess Grace-still love reading anything about her. I would steal away for the whole day with a copy of Tatler-enjoy Jeanne.

  14. A glass of white wine and Tatler would be the very thing this evening, if the shop has managed to get it on their shelves. Thanks for the reminder that a bit of escapism is missing from my day.

  15. What a wonderful magazine. I'm going to have to have a copy!

  16. You know, it's one magazine I don't really buy regularly....until now! What a gorgeous post!

    LOVE that blue gown especially.

    Sitting with a magazine when I actually have enough time to really sit and peruse it from cover to cover is one of my treats too!


  17. PS The Burberry ad is BEAUTIFUL!!


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