Guest Notes for the Perfect Guest Room

What makes a guest room memorable? 
What does it take to have your guests leave your home saying 
'Wow, that was so wonderful, I really enjoyed my stay'? 

Am I being too hopeful to think I could conjure up 
that sort of reaction? 

This started my quest for the perfect guest room. 
I started thinking of my own experiences when staying 
with family and friends and a few things came to mind.

A comfy bed and lots of pillows are my slice of heaven.

A stack of thick, soft towels
are a welcoming touch.

Fresh flowers and a few nibbles 
are nice after a long journey.

A comfy chair and a collection of reading 
material for those moments when 
you feel the hostess needs a break 
and it is time to convene to your room 

There may be a time when you would like to drop a line
or tidy up a few of your garments. 
Any of these are a nice touch,

At the end of the day, after a bit of pampering in the guest bath...

It is always nice to have something nice to slip into

and then back to bed for a restful nights sleep

and in the morning....

Now the trick is for me to create all this 
in two small single bedrooms. 
While not as luxurious as the bedrooms featured here 
and I must say that four poster is looking heavenly,
I could create some of the comforts of home.
Am I missing anything?
What have been your favourite guest memories?

Images 1, 2, 6, 11 Restoration Hardware, Image 3, 16 Google, Image 4 Examiner
Image 5 Southern Accent, Images 7,8 Carolyne Roehm, Image 9 Room Envy
Image 10 Style Hive, Images 12-15 Ghare Expert, Atlanta Home
Image 17 Over the Moon


  1. Umm can I come stay at your house? ;-)It sounds lovely...

  2. You forgot TLC!!!
    Tender Loving Care in liberal doses :)

    Joy always Jeanne and lovely weekend,

  3. Jeanne, you sound like the perfect guest and a perfect host!

  4. Yes. I agree with "LouBoo", how does your schedule look for a week in April:) ?

    I must warn you, when a guest room is that comfy, I'm a hopelessly horrible guest! I sleep all day, leaving the room only on occassion for a peek in the fridge. Why would I want to sight see, if my surroundings are already so pretty? xoxo

  5. We once stayed at a delightful bed and breakfast on an estate near Maybole, Scotland. Whilst we were enjoyed creme brulee by the roaring fire in the dining room, our hostess slipped upstairs to slip a piping hot water bottle into our bed. Bliss!

    As for me, our guest room has a night sky, complete with owls, painted on the ceiling, all the best new magazines, a fat feather bed and freshly starched cotton sheets scented with lavender, vases of fresh flowers.... and, if they so desire, a large white dog that just might visit them in the night if they forget to close their door!

  6. Dear Jeanne,
    My husband and I will be booking a long weekend in June, if you have vacancies !!!! You sound as if you have it all taken care of. As long as I'm warm and have a comfy bed, I'm fine. Sometimes, in a modest house, we can't give guests everything but we can have a good try. The room that we stay in at my sisters house has a four poster bed and, I feel as if I'm in the house that I just posted about. She told me that they did take a lot of the things from there when they visited, but not the horrible bits !!
    I'd be a guest at your house, anyday. XXXX

  7. I love for my guests to feel comfortable and well looked after but unfortunately we dont have a separate guest room (yet!) so I have a little 'kit' of items ready for guests--the bedside water, towels, snacks, travel size toiletries and toothbrushes, a book about the area and a humorous book, etc that I can set out in the den next to the sofa bed. I also try to remember guests favourites, like favourite drinks or snacks.

    These photos are fantastic and inspiring!! If only... :)

  8. Sounds like heaven to me! Lovely choices.

  9. Jeanne, I'm on the way. I'll phone from every stop so that you know when to expect me. If anyone else gets there first, fob them off with some excuse. I don't mind if the tasty treats aren't homemade so long as you tell me they are.

  10. I always have a warm cherry stone pouch nearby for guests. I love getting a room ready for company. Let's do an exchange - I'll be there in the morning-can you prepare breakfast? I'll take care of lunch.

  11. There is such simple beauty in your posts. Very inspiring!

  12. HI Jeanne
    Well I think the comfy bed and pillows is the must.. these all look a bit more comfy than my bed at present... so I would find it perfect... love to have that little porch and outdoor breakfast also... lovely post.. have a great weekend.. xx Julie

  13. I'm rushing over quick to get there before Mise!! Hope she doesn't take all the towels and those lovely comfy socks before I arrive. Seriously, my favourite moments when I have stayed at friends have been the never ending laughter and the copious amounts of good food and wine that we all prepare together (same if they stay here ...).

    As long as there's that - adequate warmth in winter and a decent library, I'm in heaven ;-)

    We plan lots of visits and walks too ... just to get us all out of the house

  14. Thanks Ange, sounds like the perfect mix to me!

  15. If I were your guest I would probably never leave. :0

  16. Jeanne - this is timely as we just had both 'guest rooms' filled at the weekend - hence my lack of contact with the blogging world!!
    I realise as I grow up (not grow older!!) that as lovely as it is to have everything absolutely perfect for guests, there's nothing worse than spending so much time preparing and getting frazzled that by the time your guests arrive, all you can about is when they're leaving! Simplicity is the key - the most comfortable bed, made up with beautiful bedding freshly laundered, down doona & pillows, fluffy towels, a few fresh flowers in a small vase, plenty of reading material and warm blankets/electric blanket for warmth here in the chilly U.K!
    I've also learned that when you have guests in the house is definitely not the time to try out the new four course supper you read about and have been meaning to try...a sure recipe for a frazzled hostess who can't wait to get rid of her poor unsuspecting guests! Happy week to you Jeanne x


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