Marveling Martha

As you can see from the following images, you know what I will be doing this weekend, 
hence the 'playing hookie' day yesterday. Unpacking can go pretty smoothly 
especially when you have those last few rooms 
that you can stuff everything into and close the door. 
I have four such rooms. I now need that space. 
I can always trust Martha to have a solution or two. 
I found that and more...





I marvel at this woman..what will she think of next? 
My all time 'wonder of wonders'
are the tags for the mattress to remind you when to flip it over 
and the hanging boots. I have never seen hanging boots!
Pebbles in a foot tray...she is onto something there!

It is nice to know that no matter where I live in this crazy world, 
there will always be Martha and her band of merry organizers.
You can check her out at and or
Images via Martha Stewart

Have a Marvelous Weekend!
Jeanne :)


  1. You and Martha can come over and do my house next. Wouldn't it be great if she made house calls. Great or really scary? Guess it depends on if she brings a film crew. :)

  2. She is remarkable, isn't she? And to think, the woman will be 70 years old next year!!

  3. I have 2 children, a husband, a dog, and a career. My boots rarely get the trees in them, let alone hung! But there is something about Martha that makes us want to shape up and organize, isn't there? Some great ideas here!endi

  4. God, I dream of being that organised. Good luck with the unpacking and installing.

  5. People tend to speak negatively about Martha, but I have always loved her. She inspires me to get organized, to be more efficient. What can I say, Martha has definitely influenced my life in a good way. Gotta love the woman. Have a great weekend!

  6. Yes to Casa Bella, your right. Good ole Martha has had her fair share of problems over the years and I know there are many who would not agree with my enthusiasm. I remember when she first started out and I hung on her every word. We were living in Connecticut at the time and I had a house full of active toddlers. She was my sanity. I have photos of magnificent table settings at Thanksgiving and remember the days when my glue gun was my best friend...all because of Martha. I was in love! I have looked for someone similar in every country but still...there is only one Martha!

  7. You're right Jeanne, I think there is only one Martha, and the mean-spirited may shout "but one is enough!!", but I'm with you on this one, I think she's done us all alot of good, and you have to admire the gal!

  8. It is remarkable how tidy one's home could be. emphasis on the could. Inspiring, isn't it? Thanks, xo Lidy

  9. What a terrible mess these photos are compared with MY house. Yes indeed.

  10. Gosh.... amazing ideas - sometimes I wish I was a little bit organised like Martha.. one can only dream , sigh!!! Good weekend to you Jeanne... x

  11. Ahem - you mean one should turn one's mattress over??? OOOOPPPPS! Well - lucky my house burnt down 4 year's ago now so I only have 4 years of mattress turning to catch up on! Seriously though - happy unpacking ;-) and have fun making all those tags...

  12. Oh Jeanne,
    If only I had Martha's talents. I wish I was as organised as she is...although, could it be classed as organisation overload ?
    I think that I'd rather be going out to lunch, reading or listening to music....or doing anything other than organising !!
    I do try and organise things etc. but it's not my favourite pastime.
    I wish someone could send Martha round to my house while I'm out shopping (in my top hat !!) and, when I return, my house is completely organised !!!! XXXX

  13. Is it wrong that those images actually make my heart beat faster?!! If only my life were that organised...I can only dream of tidiness like it!

  14. I'll be doing the same and these are some great ideas...

    Dorothy from grammology

  15. Theres day I imagine myself as Martha and have my whole house organized but then what would I do with myself? Its what we women do, clean organize, decorate. Then repeat!

  16. I have a few I-pod (cooking & recipes) episodes of Martha that I watch on our television. I own 4 of her inspiring books and I keep surfing on her internetsite for ideas. So, I think I must be considered as a Martha Stewart Addict. Ever heard about Anita Kaushal??

  17. I love to look at beautifully organized spaces and wish that one day mine might actually look the same. Oh well, I will keep wishing.


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