Spring Shopping, Books and a Question....

This may be more than any of you care to see of me 
but I would like another set of eyes, 
could you tell me which of the two photos you prefer?

The warm green above
or the cool grey below?

Why am I asking you this?  I'll tell you...
My friend Joe Valentine of Juniper Hill Farm recently expanded his business into portrait photography, adding to his already incredible portfolio of garden photography. I was lucky enough to sit for a photo shoot with him and have so many great shots that I am having a hard time picking just one! My family has their favorites, I have mine and my friends another. Which do you prefer?

If you live locally and would like to consider a studio
portrait, you can see Joe's wonderful photos HERE.
While you are there, see if you can spot two
of my brood, Claire and Connor.

Back at the Farm....
I love this photo of the ladies from our Tahilla Gathering last month. That's me in the center, holding a wild turkey feather with blue hand weights at my feet. I have been busy working on the ins and outs of setting up a retreat based business. The details are endless but getting it right is very important to me. Mr. H had a very clever idea as we discussed what to call it. In the spirit of sisterhood, simply... "Tahilla Gatherings".  Has a bit of the "Irish" about it..I love that.

Ladies of the Tahilla Gathering

Ok..yes, I know what you are going to say,
I am looking a bit "Martha" in this photo. 
The giveawayis the plastic bag to the left.
Martha would just say no!

In the kitchen...Tahilla Gathering

The wounded warrior
Many of you have been asking after one of the many ailments I seem to be sporting these days. I am happy to report, after my visit with the Orthopedic specialist today, I am on the mend. I have a great physio and am working hard. Thank you for your concern, very kind. :))

Spring Shopping...the things I have loved this month
I received  My MAY Stylish French Box this week and it was sensational. I am keeping it under wraps until everyone receives there's...the next one will be posted in August, if you are interested, read HERE

Some of you took advantage of the discount on the cashmere travelwraps from The Travelwrap Company that I posted last month. I hope they arrived and you are enjoying them as much as I am. I just read that there is a 15% discount on offer for all shades of summer blues. The offer ends on midnight May 27th, you can have a look HERE. Enter BLUE15 at check out.

I was in NYC recently and picked up a great pair of Vince shoes at Bergdorf's (beige) and found another pair on sale at Bloomingdales (navy). They are super comfy, perfect for city walking, and I like that they are more stylish than my usual hiking boots and gardening shoes. 

I updated my make-up last month and am very happy with it all but I am especially in love with this ultra skinny fine liner eye pencil from Marc Jacobs. I snapped up a few more colors when I was in NYC. You basically can't screw up applying it...it's that good!

I am very excited to see Vicki Archer's new business venture, The Emporium. She just launched it and I know she will take it from strength to strength. I just missed out on a bracelet...I have to remember to act quickly next time. You can check it The Emporium HERE

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Probably not difficult to figure out what I will be doing this weekend.
Bit of gardening, walking, cooking, writing 
and reading in a hammock
 Just the way I like it. 

In the meantime, a few books you might like.

I finished listening to The Lakehouse by Kate Morton.
Kate weaves a good tale. I read The Clockmaker's Daughter 
a few months ago and was equally intrigued.

I also completed Save Me The Plums by Ruth Reichl.
If you remember the days of Gourmet Magazine and
want to know "the scoop". I recommend it. A good
weekend read...especially to cook by. 

I am still reading Richard Power's The Overstory
Winner of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize in Fiction, 
it's a must read for me.
I love all stories around trees.
I am taking it slowly and enjoying it as I go.

I am also revisiting two books I read years ago 
and consider my all time favorite travel memoirs. 
by Alice Steinbach. 
Ms. Steinbach won the 1985 Pulitzer Prize 
for Feature Writing.

Perfect books to read in a hammock.

Wishing you a Happy Weekend wherever you are in the world.
Thank you for taking the time to read with me.
Love when you do!

Don't forget to let me know which photo you prefer,
warm green or cool grey?

Thank YOU!!

Jeanne xx


  1. Jeanne, you look beautiful in both but I am leaning towards the first photo! Joe takes such beautiful photos of his gardens that it is wonderful that now friends and family can sit for him as well.

    I am happy to hear that you are feeling better! My mother slipped a few months ago and broke her left wrist and her right shoulder and it has been a long, slow mend for her. She is in therapy too and is making progress but not as fast as she would like.

    I LOVE the name of the group, Tahalia Gatherings! Perfect, a gathering of liked minds.

    I will be doing much the same this weekend, walking, going to the beach, I might do a little baking although I am trying not to give in too temptation, and lots of reading. Without Rervations is one of my favorites as is Educating Alice.

    I am off to check out your shoes and other links just in case I need something.

    I hope that you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

  2. You are a very beautiful woman, in all the photos you shine, but I also react most warmly to the first photo. Tahilla Gatherings is a wonderful name.

    1. So glad you like the name Lisa...feels simple and true to the cause. ;)

  3. Hi Jeanne - Great photos and you look lovely. I also prefer the green version as you look warmer and more lively - the grey is rather cool.
    I am also reading The Overstory - we should compare notes sometime. I heard a great interview with Richard Powers on Michael Barclay's Private Passions on Radio 3. If you don't know this it is an interview programme similar to Desert Island Discs and is available on the BBC Sounds podcast site. The archives are wonderful - a trawl through living history and a great travel companion. I assume it is available in the US?
    I am about to go to the Hay Literary Festival so should have a huge haul to add to my towering TBR pile soon. I grew up near Hay on Wye which is in some of the most glorious countryside in the UK. I have meant to go to the Festival for years so this is another tick off the Bucket list. It will be a week of walking trips down memory lane.
    I also love the name Tahilla Gatherings - it sounds convivial and spontaneous and joyful.
    Happy Weekend.
    Ceri x

    1. Thank you Ceri...have sent off an email to you with my thoughts on The Overstory. It is definitely a book suitable for discussion. After seeing your IG photos of the Hay Literary Festival, I feel like I need to make a trip to England just for this event, it looks wonderful. How can one not love a festival devoted to literary pleasures. Your description of Tahilla Gatherings is absolutely perfect... "convivial and spontaneous and joyful". Thank you!! xx

  4. Beautiful and warm green for sure!

  5. The warm green for sure. Love Richard Power's The time of our Singing and just got Overstory. Some of his others have been heavy going. Have you discovered Kate Atkinson? Life After Life is a good place to begin.
    Barbara from Guelph

    1. Would love to know your thoughts on The Overstory Barbara. I haven't read his other books but am intrigued. I haven't read Kate Atkinson and you are the second person this week to mention her, I must get onto it! I will look at Life After Life. Thank you!!

    I'm leaning towards the GREEN however..............this is a TUFF ONE TO PICK!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth...I feel you would know best! :))

  7. Definitely warm green!
    I received my travel wrap and it is gorgeous! Thanks so much for the recommendation and discount.

    1. So so glad you are enjoying it...I am sure it will keep you feeling lovely and warm all year long. It does for me. :))

  8. Hello Jeanne, you are beautiful on every picture including Martha. The best one for color balance is the third portrait, where you look away from camera. First one is a bit too yellow, second a bit too blue, the third is in between and perfect. Post-production editing can perform miracles and enhance overall image or selected details.

    As for reading/listening I'm totally hooked on Donna Leon Commissario Brunetti series set in Venice. Wonderfully written with 3D characters, not flat cut outs as often the case in mysteries. Very enlightening regarding everything Italian from politics to family life and culinary recipes. Not to mention a magic Venice backdrop and what it's like actually to live there. I like very much the narrator David Colacci and started to hunt for other audio books read by him. Quite enjoyable experience. Please keep catching photo moments. You are amazing!

    1. Thank you Natalie, Mr. H preferred that photo too. I have since looked into the Donna Leon Commissario Brunetti series and it looks fantastic. I loved the Inspector Montalbano TV series filmed in Sicily. I miss it and imagine the Donna Leon books could step in to take it's place. I am still looking into the audio version...I imagine it will be perfect for summer driving and gardening. Thank you!

  9. Thank you Jeanne for the lovely shout out :)

    I love your new portraits... and they are all beautiful... I err to the green tones and also love you looking away from the camera... Gorgeous! Thank you again xx

  10. The green is probably my favourite but the grey background make your features pop out more. All of them are gorgeous though and it's also nice to see you in photos.
    Tahilla Gatherings sounds like the perfect name. As you know, I always enjoy your book suggestions. I have a few of my own that I will share later. Sometimes I feel like I have so much to write about and so little time.

    1. I know exactly how you feel Lorna...trying to catch up can be exhausting!! Thank you for the photo feedback, much appreciated!! :))

  11. Lovely photos both. How a browser shows the hues can make difference. The white 2nd makes you look thinner. The warm 1st has a softer tone.

  12. I like both photos. Your beautiful eyes sparkle in both. I do like how the first one is cropped a bit tighter. I think of you when I put on my new netted garden hat...best Mother's Day gift to beat those black flies. Happy gardening! I feel like my gardens are Finally beginning to fill in!

    1. Thank you Sarah...and I am glad you are in the swing of the netted garden hat. The black flies are just starting to disappear. Finally! Happy travels...enjoying your Scotland pics on IG. :))

  13. I know you didn't ask, but the third is my favorite - the color is just right. Between the two that you asked about, I prefer the first. They all are lovely, though. Your weekend plans sound perfect and I have plans for much the same.

  14. First portrait would be my choice - softer tones, less contrast. But I don't think you can go wrong with either image. Sounds like your Spring is filled with lovely things :)

    1. Thank you Quinn...I really appreciate your thoughts. Happy Spring!!

  15. You are just so lovely. My pic is the cool gray as I never like anything with a green cast. You are very photogenic.

    1. Thank you Vickie...I had a great photographer, I give all the credit to him! :))

  16. Of the first two photo I really like the bluer one and I really like the side angel of of you! Great portraits. Have a great week.

    1. So appreciate your feedback, thank you!! Wishing you a lovely weekend. :))

  17. Perhaps you have already done your decision but you look pretty on all photos. My
    preferred is where you look away from the camera (no. 3)


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