Easter Surprises

I came across these wonderful Easter ideas in 
If you are looking for something new and different for your family 
or ideas for a host and hostess gift have a look at these.

A simple container of farm-fresh eggs 
makes a beautiful gift when adorned 
with a few cuttings from the garden and a velvet ribbon.

An easy arrangement. 
Cut a block of floral foam (soak in water the night before), 
pop it in a basket or container of choice 
and arrange your flowers to suit.
A beautiful ribbon says it all.

Small iced cakes are sure to surprise and delight.
Cut a large deep fruit cake or other dense cake into small squares. 
Cover it with smooth white icing (available from supermarkets).
Cut narrow strips in another colour 
and attach it to the sides with royal icing.
Pop a small bouquet of fresh flowers on top.
Voila...your own creation!

Take your favourite basket, line with a tea towel 
and pop on a large colourful ribbon.
Fill with goodies for the kids..drink, iced cookies, 
crayons, a rabbit toy, Easter eggs...be creative!

A sweet pancake breakfast theme.
Pancake mix repackaged in a cello bag 
with instructions on an attached tag, 
eggs, home-made jam wrapped in tissue, brioche 
and other delectable treats from your favourite baker. 

A bucket painted white and a box pleated lining 
set the scene for an easy pasta meal. Dried pasta, 
basil pesto, block of parmesan, 
a few sprigs of fresh pesto, bread and sparking water.
The next meal of the day....all ready to go!

A beautiful basked filled with artisan breads and Easter buns.
All great ideas which in turn spark other ideas. 

As for me...
I like gardening themes and herbs for the garden. 
This basket from www.blossomfarm.com is perfect!

Happy Creating!

Images 1-7 and ideas from New Zealand House and Garden
Image 8 from Blossom Farm


  1. I like your Easter surprises. I sure hope the Easter bunny stops off at my home on Sunday with a little surprise. After giving up sugar for Lent I'll be in the mood for a chocolate egg... or three.

  2. Such beautiful ideas for Easter presents, Jeanne.... and, they are not too difficult to do and are pretty inexpensive...unless my husband would like to pop in a diamond ring or two !!! haha XXXX

  3. I love how simple they all are. Gotta love simple and pretty! Great ideas.

  4. I love your Easter treats! Beautiful ideas!

  5. Beautiful post Jeanne, I'd be thrilled to receive any of these lovely gifts !

  6. They're really lovely. If only I had the time..perhaps if I start now for next year!

  7. These are beautiful, now I just need to find someone to make it all for me and deliver it in Easter Sunday!
    Kerri xx

  8. Yep - after that I'm ready for Easter now! How beautiful. Tomorrow I am going to dye eggs with my wee chicks ;-)

  9. Oh..Brilliant Easter Ideas Jeanne..Thanks for sharing..

    OMG.. How do you maintain three blogs.. Thats is really wonderful.. I Was just hooked up here and went through some of your lovely posts :) Glad I found You..Waiting for more posts :)


  10. Aaaah Jeanne these ideas are adorable... thank you... x

  11. Love these images. The cake is fabulous.

  12. Wonderful gift ideas for spring! Thank you for sharing- I'm off to make them my favorite. xo

  13. Great ideas! I always try to save fun gift ideas to my favorites...never know when you'll need to pull something together. :)


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