Girlfriend Talk

Since so many enjoyed the Tatler photos, 
I have added a few more that you might like.
But first, we have to imagine that it is summer, 
the sun is shining and we are sitting on our favourite beach chair
 with sunnies, big hat and something cool to drink by our side.  
Everybody has packed their own reading material
 for a day at the beach and of course that includes the latest mags... 
Glasses on, leg's out for that extra bit of sun and the flicking begins,
 then the comments....from me you will here....

Could any woman look more comfortable in a ball gown?
Love the purple and that gorgeous smile!

Is this Madonna? old is she??
Not fair!!

Arianna is lost in thought ( I hope)... 
Love the outfit, Donna Karan do you think?
Perfect solution for those of us who would 
prefer to hide the upper arms...that includes me:)
I think she looks lovely in the photo with her daughters. 
And the painting?

To have aged so gracefully....and to be remembered so fondly...

Mother and daughter, Yasmin and Amber Le Bon
I am sorry, who is the mother and who is the daughter???

Don't you just love girlfriend talk?
Could you pass the sunscreen? 
 J :)

PS..if you have kids and need more girlfriend talk, go visit Megan @ 1 Funky Woman, she had one of those days that I think many of us have had before...

Images via Tatler


  1. Since we are just sitting on the beach talking....why is it that Madonna's chest always resembles a baby's bottom? At least to me.

  2. So beautiful! I will meet you poolside with my kindle and magazines!

  3. Think I'll start losing weight and plastic surgery now so I can have that sort of mistake happen to me in ten year's when my eldest is 20... Naahhh - I'll just keep the wrinkles and big smile, and go for the purple ball gown look instead!

  4. Oh just gorgeous, she sure knows how to wear a gown!

    Love the mother/daughter pic, gosh Yasmin is looking good....xoxo

  5. Pamela, I hear you!

    Stephanie...I will be waiting for you!

    Ange...Purple and Virgo, just go together!

    Ok, now which one is Yasmin??

  6., I'm just coming with a fresh bottle of Pinot Grigio ! I'm wearing my one piece cossie as I'm older than you lot !
    Beautiful images of beautiful women, Jeanne.
    Now, what gossip have you got ? XXXX

  7. Fun post. I'm right there with you. Poolside girl talk - it doesn't get much better.

  8. Bonjour Jeanne,
    Yes she does look so comfortable in that ballgown - good for her. And Yasmin (on the right?) wow! Of course Grace Kelly is in a league of her own!
    And please pass that sunscreen over this way when your finished!
    Bonne weekend my friend

  9. Yasmin Le Bon...always fabulous! :)

  10. Hey Jeanne
    Well.. I really do like that Madonna image.. fantastic.. the feel is very 50's... I could handle having a baby's bum on my chest if I looked that good!! Have a great weekend.. xx Julie

  11. Julie...I got a good laugh from that one :)
    Rita..let's poolside Tahiti? I know a great spot :)
    Jackie..I have been wearing a one piece since I was 16!
    I am now in the know on that google!
    Now..who is Simon Le Bon??


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