DKNY For Spring

I am a big fan of Donna Karan, can't say I own a lot of her clothes 
but I love them all the same.
Being someone who likes the 'twist it, tie and wrap it' philosophy 
I was naturally drawn to these tops.
Have to say the shorts and high heels were not quite the look I had in mind for myself. 
Perhaps many many years ago. 
Which got me thinking..what would you wear with these tops?

What would you wear?
Do you have a favourite style/colour? 

I like the two on the bottom right (blue and coral).
So fresh and lovely for spring!

Images via Tatler Magazine


  1. We were at a holiday cocktail party and a young lady was there wearing this in black. After a few comments- she showed a few of us just what this one piece will do. Very versatile-she draped, pulled, shawled, tied, knotted, twisted this thing into anything you could possibly want to do with it. I would give it a thumbs-up!

  2. Thanks Debra, the great thing about tops like this is that you can have dessert when you go out to dinner.
    Hides it all :)

  3. I would wear the light blue one with skinny black pants and ballet flats.

    1. I llike your style Pamela...always have...always will. :)


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