A Dream House in Vermont

This post should read....
Mr. and Mrs. H. in Search of Their Dream House
Every now and again, Mr. H and I bring up the topic of where we want to settle once we 
step off Expat Express. It usually happens on a long walk, a Sunday afternoon drive or 
with feet up in our sitting room. Peace prevails and we let our thoughts carry us off into the future. 
Today, we drew up a list of the first thoughts that came to mind and here is what we have:

 Mr. H. would like.... 
Water views and to be situated within 100 metres of the water (ocean or lake), 
wood burning fire places, lots of windows, french doors, 12ft high windows, lots of 
natural light, privacy ( can't see or hear the neighbours), a long driveway entrance to the house, 
the house should not be visible to a main road, he would like forest and fields around the house, 
situated in a country with four seasons (snow in winter) and it should be 
under a flyway of geese and ducks. Yup, that's what he said!

Mrs H. would like...
A spot to hang my hat, a comfortable home, lots of light, natural surroundings, a garden,
a studio, house to easily sleep 6-8 guests, large windows throughout the house letting the 
outside in, preferably has water views, has woods to ramble in, is walking distance to a village, 
a train ride into a major city and not to far from an international airport. I guess we were 
both thinking flight patterns except he is looking up and I am looking down.

Now, add Lisa to this equation and things start to happen.
Lisa follows and comments on a few of my blogs which is very kind of her. 
We have been writing back and forth, sharing interests, stories and having a few laughs 
along the way. With each letter she gives me something that I might like. She has put me 
onto other blogs she thinks I might enjoy and she is always spot on. Lisa does not have a blog
and I think she should but that is another matter.

Last night she left me with this...
Not long ago, a woman walked in to our office and asked us to take a look at a home 
she wanted to sell in Marshfield, Vermont.  The small town of Marshfield is full of creative souls.
I will travel for interesting people, antiques, a great story. I fell in love with her house and 
gardens and refer to the property as "Lark's Nest".

She then gave me a 'visual treat for the day', a link and what a treat it is!
When I opened the link, I sighed...a dream house...the beginning of my search. 
I am thinking that other readers might be in a similar position and might even be looking 
in earnest. If you happen to be thinking of Vermont this might be the one for you....or me :)

Here is what I love about this house... 
The windows, the wood shingled roof, siding and the leafy setting.
I can hear peace, I can smell the wood and I so desperately want to 
park myself on an Adirondack chair to take it all in.

There's my chair ..my Adirondack chair, 
waiting for me and a cup of coffee.  I could
happily wander these gardens in the wee hours of
the morning...reflecting on the passage of time.

Can you hear the crickets, the snap of branches underfoot
as you carry cocktails into this lovely screened in porch?

The entrance is perfect for hot summer afternoons
and cold muddy winter days. I have just the oriental
in mind for those in between days.

Wood fireplace, lots of light, wonderful hanging lights
and better still that table by the window. A perfect spot for a laptop:)
 I can almost imagine Cary Grant and Myrna Loy lounging in this room.

Everywhere you turn the outside is coming in.
You can appreciate it at every turn. 
I imagine whipping up something delicious would
be very easy in this kitchen.

This room is perfect!
I am beginning to wonder about the person who designed
and decorated the house. An artist, a gardener, a writer,
a baker, an candlestick maker ? Did I leave out anything?

I see candles lit along the windowsill at night and I hear
classical music by morning light. 
A bath to love!

There you have it...a dream house in Marshfield, Vermont,
with a community to love and support. 
It looks like a dream come true to me :)
How about you?

Video created for Kellogs Plant a Seed Promotion

I created this post because I fell in love with this house and I thought
you might enjoy it too. I have not been asked to promote it, in fact,
I asked if I could. I can sense that this is the beginning of something for
Mr. H and I. It's a nice feeling and better yet, dreaming is free!

If you would like to learn more about this house, 
please feel free to contact Lisa

You can read more about the house here:

To get you in the mood....
A great movie!

Do you have an idea or location for a dream house? 
Do tell!

Top image via This Old House and bottom


  1. I'm working on it, but so far the reality has not quite matched the dream and I am having to accommodate compromise. This weekend we came close to ticking several big boxes - light filled rooms and wide valley views being two of them. I loved this post.

  2. What a fabulous post. I am very happy in my cottage but I do love the dream house in Vermont. How nice of you to help Lisa find a buyer. Do you know where the sellers are moving? I hope they find deserving buyers who fully appreciate what they've created.

  3. Thanks for the lovely tour of an amazing home. Wonder just where you two lovlies with end up . . .


  4. Oh what a wonderful dream house! I love the bathroom! I'm off to bed now, hopefully dreaming of dream houses.

  5. So odd, we have begin a conversation about where we want to settle down this morning and it has continued throughout the day. Wow, that property is absolutely gorgeous! I will be revisiting this post to share it with my husband.

  6. Ah gee. That house might just tempt me away.
    Sheer perfection.
    And I do understand your husband's desire to be underneath a geese flight plan. There's nothing wilder than that glorious sound when they fly over.

    I always identified with the trouble Mrs. Blandings caused with just the simplest request for a flower sink.

  7. Thanks for your comments ladies:)

    Hi Lucille...wide valley views sounds wonderful to me!

    Hi Rosemary, I do not know much about the sellers except that they know how to create a lovely home. Your right..it deserves someone special.

    Hi Glenda...the magic question!

    Sweet dreams Carina :)

    Bonnie, nice to know we are on the same wave length :)

    Pamela....somehow I knew you would appreciate the comment about the geese flight plan :)

  8. Thanks for your comments ladies:)

    Hi Lucille...wide valley views sounds wonderful to me!

    Hi Rosemary, I do not know much about the sellers except that they know how to create a lovely home. Your right..it deserves someone special.

    Hi Glenda...the magic question!

    Sweet dreams Carina :)

    Bonnie, nice to know we are on the same wave length :)

    Pamela....somehow I knew you would appreciate the comment about the geese flight plan :)

  9. Thanks for the tour of such a beautiful house. I'm sure I could dream in it!

  10. That is a cozy home in a peaceful spot.

    I do like both of your dreams of where to settle. I have a feeling, though, that it won't happen for a while. You two seem to love your life as it is, way too much. And, it is a great life.

  11. HI Jeanne
    One of my favourite movies.. I don't have a copy of it right now but just thought about it the other day.. cleaning out the garage found lots of old Cary Grant videos...

    so.. I completely agree with Mr H's specifications.. could have written them myself.. although the geese flight path isn't high on my list..

    Once again i find myself looking for somewhere to live.. need to get out of the hell hole that was my last move.. and now.. I'm considering really changing things around.. maybe OS.. or interstate.. or just a long extended trip to Europe.. If I could just win the lottery .. then maybe this gorgeous home in Vermont

    Have a lovely week.. ciao xxxx Julie

  12. How amazing to feel that you have found your dream house - it looks wonderful, maybe you and Mr H will end up there!

    I'm being punished by Blogger today! - impossible to get my thumbnail picture up GRRR

  13. Such a pretty house and the bedroom is swoon-worthy. I wouldn't mind a house like that.

  14. That is a fantastic house. I agree with you 100%, it is really a dream house! I would love a place so full of character and surrounded by such beauty.

  15. That is an adorable house, but the cynic in me is asking to see that same view now, in mud season. Summer, fall and winter is glorious in Northern New England but "spring" is a nightmare, especially this year. There is more than a foot of snow melting in my backyard, flooding the garage and turning sidewalks into slippery skating rinks. Real spring doesn't kick in until May. Still, I love living in Maine for the rest of the year.

    Have you considered Maine too? We love Brunswick. It's a college town with a vibrant "downtown" and oceanfront property too. It's popular with professional commuting to Portland (biggest city) and Augusta (capital) and very family oriented. It also gets rated as a top 10 place to retire. I can't get over the number of authors, artists and creative people I know here. It's worth suffering through March/April mud season for the community and beautiful landscape. I can't imagine being happier anyplace else, and I've lived in Oxford, London, NYC and Cambridge, MA.

  16. Hi Sarah...yes, Maine is high on the list too along with lots of other places! I know many people who live in Maine and love it as much as you. We have a few more years to go...this was a great way to get the ball rolling :)

  17. Oh, Jeanne this all sounds like music in my ears....:)
    I do love nature around me and want to see the beauty of it from all windows in the house.
    The photo of the kitchen is a dream (and all the others)!
    So much light and during cooking and baking you can wave *hello* to deers, rabbits and coons....:))Love this idea!
    And having the ocean or a lake near by is a luxurious thought!
    I would love to have a lot of light and whitened wood walls/floors which has a character of a *holiday or beach house*.
    The dream house should have a character of a sunny, bright and comfortably house.
    I`m hoping your dream house will come true one day!Wonderful post, Jeanne!
    Beate :) XXX

  18. Ah, mud season,black fly season, that month of summer with the ' challenges of Zone 4 gardening, foliage, stick season and then six months of winter. Surely we have a strong sense of humor and community, or we New Englanders would come to our senses and move to other parts. Having lived in the Northeast all of my life, I will gladly endure any minor inconveniences to be surrounded by beauty daily. This is my Vermont dream house as well and today's picture would include up to two feet of snow that fell yesterday! Thank you for your beautiful, descriptive and intuitive post! PS: By the time April rolls around, most of us get out of Dodge, so our relatively minor mud season is done and over upon our return!

  19. Astonishing fotos!!! *-*
    I really loved you blog!!
    I'm already a follower... Could you follow me as well??
    My blog is in portuguese but I do understand English, so you can comment if you want...
    Follow the new twitter to!!!
    Thanks a lot
    Kisses xx!
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  20. Dear Jeanne, that house looks gorgeous. I would LOVE a house in Vermont. I'm with Mr H though my dream house would have a sea view. The Actor has to have a sea view on every holiday and would like one also.

    You've inspired me to watch that movie again, I loveed it as a child xx

  21. I used to live in Vermont and although I will say it is quite beautiful and ever so green when you get to see a bit of spring; It feels like you get 9 months of winter!
    Also, there is not much there. It is expensive to live there too.
    All that aside, the house is ever so charming and there are some lovely spots and charming towns to visit.
    When we first moved there we took a moon-lit sleigh ride in Stowe, Vermont...breathtaking!

  22. Lucky hubby and me ...we have our dream house in a dreamy place that satisfies many of your requirements. Keep on dreaming. Sometimes dreams come true.

  23. Beautiful post! And a beautiful home. Very tempting. I googled Marshfield and easily found it. Hub, though, is from New Hampshire, and when he thinks of geese flying overhead they're wearing string bikinis, headed for a southern beach.

  24. Really good post!

  25. It is very helpful!

  26. Exquisite home. Definitely designed by a Dreamer! How lucky the person who gets to spend every day in it...

  27. Lovely home surrounded by lovely land. Thanks for sharing your first look for a far-in-the-future home.

    First, Viet Nam!

  28. I thought you were in your dream house. My huge compromise in moving to Sarasota, especially moving here from wonderful carless living in Paris, is no local train service. If people only knew the joys of train travel they would be clamoring for it. But I love the light, the sunsets, the best beach in USA, the jungle gardens, the Everglades. My ideal: much of your description but with my cottage in Lai Khe on the Michelin rubber plantation, my home/garden in Madagascar, apt in Mexico City with a wrap around balcony and an easy walk to world class museums in a park, and my apartment in Paris' 16th. And oh, my grew up in home in Lowell, Massachusetts with big front porch, screened in side/sleeping porch a short walk from the park with the summer bookmobile, a fall asleep on grass in the backyard. Home.


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