Oh Dear....

The last time Mr. H went to South Africa 
he came home with this bronze statue of cheetahs.
A present to himself to celebrate his 50th birthday.
We had to have the mantle over the fireplace rebuilt.
It is big, it is heavy... but it has grown on me.

He skipped off to the airport yesterday in anticipation of his trip to South Africa.
This morning I woke to this text message.

 " Can I buy one or two?"

Any words of wisdom dear friends?
More on that man of mine here.

Artist: Dylan Lewis


  1. Dear Jeanne,
    say 'Yes!' - it's a lovely word, and it will make him smile - and the work of that artist is beautiful. Britta

  2. I'm lovin' that man already. My husband would bring home a beer fridge. Say Yes!

  3. Ha, my job includes husband coaching.

    The majority of husbands ask for little in the landscape.

    Humor them. Say yes.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  4. Dear Jeanne, If we are weighing in on his purchases, he is obviously a man of good taste- remember the new "office chair" he gifted you last year? xoxo

  5. Oh these would be great in the garden...I see them peeking out of the foliage, subtle and shrouded somewhat so as not to startle one!

    That will most certainly be a baggage upcharge :)

  6. He needs to start collecting PHOTOGRAPHS of his bronze friends!

  7. Hi, Jeanne ~

    I think these are great. If he really loves them, find a place. It could have been worse. He might have brought home life-sized elephant pieces. ;-)

    Gentle hugs!

  8. Oh, let him get a whole herd! Or, it is pride?
    We often laugh.... if it wasn't for me, I'm afraid my husband would have a sculpture garden. As it is, we have more than our fair share of fanciful creatures dotted throughout the landscape!!

  9. Say yes, he might change his mind when he hears the shipping cost, but he will always remember you said yes!

  10. Absolutely love it! I'd go for a pair!

  11. Say Yes! Life is soooooo short, if it puts a smile on his face- why not?

  12. Dear Jeanne, that's hilarious! They're great! I love the one on your mantelpiece xx

  13. Hi Jeanne, I may be the only person who says to you to tell him to:

    "take a photo, we will blow it up and hang it over the mantlepiece."

    No way can he bring them home, how big are they, and how much do they weigh.

  14. Hi Jeanne,
    How dear he is, to ask for your OK...I'm loving all the favorable comments from your friends!

    As for the animals...he's obviously a man's man...who wouldn't love him just for that and find it difficult to say anything but yes!

    Yesterday I received your lovely postcard and I must say, you made my day!

    You live in Surrey? Convenient for the royal wedding:) You'll have to give us all a little looksee when that happens...
    xxoo Becky

  15. I think one would be fabulous and make a strong statement. Of course you could put one on either side of the walkway. (smiles!) :)
    He has good taste...

  16. Nice! I actually like the outdoor sculptures much better than the indoor one, but it's your garden too. Art is so personal, but I like people who appreciate it.

    I have a lovely cheetah carving on our mantle made by a native guard at a wildlife ranch where I camped in Kenya for a summer while studying field biology. I cherish it for the memories and it's not big.

    Perhaps you could nudge your husband to a smaller keepsake?

  17. Oh, how horrible! Is there any way they could be hidden? If you say yes then you are a sweeter wife than me!

  18. Thanks everyone for your encouragement. Mr. H. is thrilled! Sadly for him and gladly for me, they were out of our budget, phew...

    He did bring me back a charming bronze elephant that sits in the palm of my hand. Can you hear my sigh of relief!!!!

    Best wishes to one and all....

    Jeanne xx

  19. Sorry Mr. H darling, but a resounding 'No!' from moi! That-Other-Husband bought something similar years ago on an o/s trip & I ended up using it as a stop for the back screen door. I happily let him take it when our divorce settlement went through, along with the Tongan masks, Zulu spears & fake Samuri swords!
    Millie x


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