Handmade by Sweet Beate

My intuition has always been pretty good.
Today, I would say it was spot on.

I have long admired the creations by my blogging
friend Beate @ Sunday in Bed and decided it was time to act
when I glanced upon a gorgeous handmade blanket
that she knitted herself. The package arrived last night
and I am so excited I am finding it hard to contain myself :)
To start....

Sweet Beate hand decorated this lovely package for me. 
Her creative energy knows no bounds...

It reads...
" The creative is the place
where no one else has ever been.
You have to leave the 
city of your comfort
and go into the wilderness of your intuition.
What you'll discover will be wonderful
What you'll discover is yourself"
Alan Alda

To which she added a few Springtime 
bookmarks from sunny Germany :)

and inside...I discovered this beautifully illustrated card

and a "springtime heart" notebook for 
all my springtime thoughts...

and the piece de resistance....the object of my sincerest affections...
This beautiful handmade blanket of cotton and linen wool.

I feel like a girl in love. 
I swept it out of the package, wrapped myself in it
and have had it by my side ever since. 
See that little square tied to the card above? 
It's gorgeous and I can't seem to let go.

Last night, I placed the blanket over my wintertime 
doona and slept like a baby ;)

and... and... and....
for our dog Tika
She is in doggie biscuit heaven!

Some of you may remember Beate from an earlier post
when I introduced her to fellow bloggers, here.

There she is on the right modeling one of her creations
You can have a look at her beautiful work in English here.


With that, I take pause with another of Beate's creations.

and send my sincerest thanks to
Sweet Beate!

images ~me and Beate....
the story behind the last image here

  Wishing you all a lovely weekend...
Jeanne xx


  1. Oh Jeanne, I`m so happy you like what I just added to the parcel and of course the main reason...the blanket!! :))
    Your post is like christmas, birthday and easter to me, personally!Thank you so much, too!
    It was a really pleasure, my friend.
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Beate :) XXX

  2. Lucky you!
    I visited the blog and it's gorgeous. Thanks so much for the beautiful introduction!
    Happy weekend!

  3. Wonderful! what a delightful treat to brighten your day!

  4. Such pretty things. Beate is so talented. That blanket looks gorgeous.

  5. from the packaging to the contents, everything is beautifully done. i love the springtime notebook. please excuse my left handed typing. x

  6. You have the loveliest post. Always a feast for the eyes and the mind. Happy Weekend Bonnie

  7. What wonderful blogging friends we find! Lucky you!!!

  8. What a talented and creative person Beate is. From the packaging to all of the wonderful goodies she sent you, I looked at all the photos and just kept on saying "Oh" and "Ah" all the way.

  9. Packages in the mail box are so exciting. This one is beautiful inside and out!

  10. That is absolutely beautiful! I love the care that went into every part of it xx

  11. I love Beate's idea that "knitting is the new yoga"...

  12. Ah, Jeanne, Beate truly is a gorgeous soul, I agree. Now I find how talented she is as well. What a divine parcel to receive. No wonder you were giddy with delight! J x

  13. Thanks for the introduction, Jeanne. I will visit her promptly!


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