My Mystery Man

A curious package arrived on my doorstep this morning addressed to me. 
A present for me? How lovely. I opened it to find a beautifully wrapped box
of chocolates with a message:
Thank you very much, 
I had a fab time last week. 
From Tom :-)

My first thought was 'Who is Tom?' 'Did I meet a 'Tom' last week?' 
'Where was I last week?' I called Mr. H, thinking there must be some mistake
and they put in the wrong name. He knew nothing about it but then asked, 'Who is Tom?' 
Is there something I should know? Oh dear....

I called the Thorntons chocolates and told a very nice operator about my dilemma. 
I wanted to know who 'Tom' was as they surely had a mistake. 
I went on in my usual fashion giving more information than was necessary 
and explained that my husband also wanted to know who 'Tom' was. 

I was put on hold whilst they called the sender of this thoughtful gift.
She came back to me, laughing hysterically. 
I think I had made her day.

She said who it was and I immediately knew.  
'Tom' is my son's playmate who was sending me a thank you gift 
for a day out in the city last week.  We both mystery man is an
adorable 11 year old boy whom I know as Thomas. 
I gave my thanks for her inquiry and left her still laughing...

I called Tom's mother and we had a good laugh over it.
She is a very thoughtful Mum!
What a way to start the day. 
A mystery man (boy, in this case)
and a box of chocolates!

I should add that our day consisted of a train ride into Waterloo station London,
a trip to the Imperial War Museum to see the exhibit 'Once Upon a Wartime: 
Classic War Stories for Children', hotdogs in the park for lunch with time at home 
for Playstation. We had dinner at the local pub and then a sleepover.
It was a fun day for me too!

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend to you all
I hope it is filled with sweet goodness :)

Jeanne xx

PS...if you are looking for 
a clever gift...this is great
and they are yummy too!

PS...a technical question. Is anyone else noticing that many
images to posts are no longer appearing in the sidebar blogroll?
Anyone know how to correct it?
Another mystery to me :)

Sharon @ My French Country home has the answer!
Visit here and she will reveal all :)

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  1. Don't know ANYthing about the technical question...but if "Tom" wants another friend, let me know! (I'm a chocoholic!!!:-)

  2. What a thoughtful mum .. how lovely it does not happen often xx

  3. What a sweet mother to remember to send a sweet thank you gift. Good manner still exist. I don't know if I even know what a blog roll is.....

  4. What a sweet gift. I have noticed about the photos but I have no clue what's going on. I thought it was just me that was having an issue.

  5. My favourite line in your today's posting is this: "I went on in my usual fashion giving more information than was necessary"

    Tom must be a cute boy with a nice mum.

  6. How lovely, what a nice young man Tom is :)

    Have a lovely week-end....hope it's sunny over there, it's lovely here :) xx

  7. Hi Bonnie...A blog roll on the side bar is a list of your favourite blogs. You can set it up in Gadgets. You can nominate to show an image. If you do, it usually highlights the first image in a person's post but seems to be doing so selectively...very frustrating!

    Just wondering if anyone knows how to fix it :)

  8. I think that Tom will grow to be a very caring man with lots of lady friends.

  9. how sweet and charming! (Though you are gorgeous darling. A mystery man is not entirely unexpected!)

  10. A great story Jeanne, and a thoughtful young man (Mom)!
    I think there is something you have to set in Blogger to fix the thumbnail issue - a blog friend is sending over the info and I will gladly send you a copy.

  11. A Mystery Man! I love it! That your MM is an 11 year old boy is even better.

    I'm afraid I don't have an answer regarding the blog roll problem. I hope you are able to find out.

    How glad I am that you and your beloved daughter are in almost constant contact. She must be an amazing human being, staying where she is and offering whatever help possible. You did a fabulous job raising her. Bravo!

    I wish you a serene, beautiful, grace-filled day! Gentle hugs!

  12. Ah that is so lovely... a chocolate surprise from a "mystery man"! So thoughtful.. sometimes rare these days. Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

  13. And there we all were, Jeanne, thinking you had a secret admirer (and all of us wanting to know more:)

  14. Oh, Jeanne, what a gorgeous little fellow! Smiling in Hobart.

    As for the blogroll, it's a known issue with Blogger at the moment and bloggers all over the world are logging complaints with the Help Centre. I just checked and they are referring people to this link to try ( I'm off to look at it myself!

    J x

  15. Do kids as this exist anymore? You must be a loving and wonderful host to receive such a thoughtful thank-you gift.

    Jeanne, lovely Jeanne. Have a fab weekend.

    Joy always,

  16. What a cute story - and such a thoughtful mom.

    I am noticing that fewer of my sidebar blogs have thumbnails, which I wish I could change. I love seeing the images. Hopefully Blogger can fix this soon XOL

  17. Hi all, thanks for your comment. I should have added what I did to deserve this box of chocolates. I just added it into the post. It involved a train ride, a trip to a museum, VIP Playstation time, dinner out at the local pub and a sleepover. Not usual fare for a playdate but they had just come back from a school trip in Normandy to walk in the steps of history and it seemed like the perfect venue/day to keep three 11 year old boys entertained :)

  18. Hi Jeanne!
    I just read your comment at Laura's about he movie (kings speech), just saw it myself yesterday, it was a funny movie never expected that to be.
    This Tom story is funny, lovely little chocolates, his mum is very kind, and your day out sounds lovely, do people eat out in pubs too? I thougth it was more like bars? or is it more like grand cafe's like in Amsterdam or Paris where you can have lunch and diner too? (just asking, not know the UK very good).
    Oh, and I have problems too with the sidebar, I will have to look at that link from jane, but for now I changed the settings to text, not my favourite, I like the thumbnail photos better.
    Hope your weekend is a good one!
    Maureen x

  19. Hi Jeanne, can I take Tom out for the day please?

    If it's any help I posted the solution to the picture problem today.

    Have a great weekend
    My French Country Home

  20. Hi case you missed it, Sharon @ My French Country Home has the solution to the sidebar problem. You can read more here....

  21. What a darling and thoughtful gift. We all need 11 year old mystery men in our lives. I spent the day last week with a 2 year old darling . . . wonderful, wonderful treat.



  22. What a fabulous surprise Jeanne! A mystery man :) Love it. Had to pop by Sharon's for that solution. Had an image come up - but not the right one!!! xxx

  23. I live in hope that this may happen to me too Jeanne, but that the sender may be just a little older & sign his name MOTH!
    Millie x

  24. this is such a sweet story on so many levels ~ what a kind mother to go the extra mile to send these chocolates! How fun!


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