The winds of change...

Dear Friends

That female intuition of mine is picking up signals...I can feel the winds of change blowing thru my life again. It is a slight breeze but there is no doubt that it is there. I have had this persistent thought running thru my mind lately and I have been trying to place it. For those of you who watch the old classic TV movies, I am thinking John Wayne in black and white, on a ship that is tossing and turning in the ocean. As the searing wind and heavy ocean sprays beat down on us, he looks to me and says...."Brace yourself Jeanne...we are in for a wild ride". I have no idea why John is visiting...but there it is, swaying back and forth in my mind. This is not the first time John has called upon me, which is probably why I have become an expert at marking the winds of change.
What is the solution for this crazy concoction of emotions? I usually start with a good cleaning out. Everything gets moved, shifted and pushed and then with writing pad and pen at the ready I create an inordinate amount of lists. A mindful spring cleaning. That is my antidote.
Thank heavens for all these blogs of mine...they are being put to good use. I have started with a redesign of a few. That Template Designer program and I are at one this week. I have no idea where the blogs will end up but it has been a mighty fine diversion these past few days. My life has been filled with repairmen...for a house that I do not own. I won't even go there but let's just say it has given me plenty of time to organise and create!

Sigh...(with a smile).
My eyes have been resting on these for inspiration. 
What better way to face the winds of change then spring green :)

Now, if I could just get that shade of green onto a blog background...
Before I go, since you were so helpful
with my photo last week....which one of these
blog designs do your prefer?

The Sand (top) or black layout (bottom)? 



In One Place with a camera here

Time to go...I feel an urge to clean the garage!

Thanks for your help Mateys!


  1. Oh, darling Jeanne. 'A mindful spring cleaning' sounds delicious - how I crave one! I'm intrigued to see what will result.

    Oh, definitely the sand one. Please I *beg* you not to have a black background. They are so hard to read and if I see one, I run a million miles away!

    J x

  2. Gorgeous Blog. So full of life. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5 Ottawa, Canada

  3. Jeanne ~

    I, too, have been hit by the spring cleaning bug! I'm right there with you. With each area dealt with, I feel terrific!

    I like black, but I agree with Jane. It is a bit difficult to read.

    Gentle hugs!

  4. I have no preference on the layout or colours...I am swooning over the roses on that chair!
    Embrace those winds of change Jeanne...they are meant to move and inspire us!

  5. Hi Jeanne
    I'm feeling the winds of change myself at present.. not sure where it will take me.. but I have those intuitions also.. although.. John Wayne is yet to visit me in the wee hours.. on the seas or any other mode..

    So.. I love the first two images.. some of my all time favourites for that shade of green... and re your layouts I like them both.. simple is always good for a photography blog.. yet i like the sandy version too.. it looks 'finished' professional

    Good luck with your urges! hehe.. and thanks for the kind comment.. ciao xxxx Julie

  6. I haven't been bitten with the spring cleaning bug as yet. Soon. Hope you weather the wild winds of change!

  7. Yes, understand the winds of change.

    Black for the blog, Puppet Barbuda thinks the other is fabulously generic.

    Also, consider download time.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  8. I hope you aren't thinking of the old black and white John Wayne movie in which he wrestles the octopus. I think what you are experiencing is spring fever. Everyone of the creative bent suffers dreadfully from it, I think. My advice is to plant a garden, or buy a frock. I've been doing both this week! Of course, I am cleaning out my closet this week as well, out with the winter things, in with the summer things. But that's not nearly as much fun!

    As for the blog backgrounds.... gee. I don't really know. The photography certainly pops nicely on the black background, but there's something serene about the sandy one that I happen to like just now.
    My current longing for the beach, no doubt. But I totally trust your ability to choose!!

  9. I have always enjoyed seeing the color green in interior spaces. Perhaps it's time for me to paint again.

  10. I keep waiting for the Spring Cleaning bug to hit me - I certainly have a lot to do!

    I agree with Jane - please do not go with black. They are really hard to read, and I always avoid them as well.

  11. Ahhhh! Yes!! The green room with the globes!

  12. Spring that's why I'm feeling so restless? A transition's coming on here too, I want new things to do, old things to go. Simpler, the sand at the beach. Sand for your backdrop?'ll dull your photography by adding such a neutralizing color. Black seems extreme but does a nice job with showing off photos...if you use black, be sure your text choice is strong. Just sayin...

  13. Hope the winds of change take you on new and wonderful adventures. I love a black background as I think it makes photos stand out that much more.

  14. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I too have felt the winds calling my name . John Wayne has yet to visit me though. Your post is beautiful!

    I like both backgrounds. I am not any help am I....

  15. Ooo, the winds of change are blowing around here big-time . . . but they aren't leaving much blogging time, unfortunately.

    I vote SAND.

  16. Sand definitely. I find that when there is black on a blog, it hurts the eyes.

  17. Yep, no black Jeanne, I'm not very fond of it, it's sort of blokey. Although in saying that, Vicki over @ French Essence had black for ages & I was devastated when she gave it the flick recently....go figure!
    Millie x

  18. A Jeanne, a good spring cleaning in one's life is always welcome.

    as far as the blog choice goes...since you asked. the sand one for sure. The blogs with the black backgrounds seem to be so very hard on one's eyes. At lease it seem that way to me.




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