Have A Seat...

This room was featured in Nancy Meyer's movie 'It's Complicated'
I just want to sit back, put my feet up and relax when I look at this. 

Image via 59-Design


  1. I never saw the movie but I have seen this picture a number of times now and I love it. Might I join you for a relaxing chat and a cup of coffee?

  2. A room perfectly designed for friendship.
    And I adore the orange windowshade.

  3. I would like to move right in. It's got all I want.

  4. I think from these seats we would all plan that holiday to the South of France or....listen to music, kick off our shoes, feet up, glass of wine for those Northern Hemisphere bloggers reading this or cup of coffee for the Southern Hemisphere bloggers just tuning in. In any case, I would be there to greet you all with open arms!

  5. You're right Jeanne, this is just a room designed to relax in, with friends , with family..... But the detail that really had me gasping in the film was The Vegetable Garden -I'd give anything for mine to look that way this year!

  6. Didn't you love that movie? This was such a great space- with all of the women gathered around enjoying wine, good food and..... a little gossip!

  7. Hi Jeanne,
    Well, I do like it, especially the sea grass flooring BUT..... don't you think that it's a little crowded ? Just a thought !! There seems to be an awful lot of 'stuff' going on and reminds me of a doctors waiting room.
    Apart from all of that, it's lovely !!!! haha.
    Oh dear, I seem to be in the minority. I seem to remember that I disagreed with you on the Louis Vuitton question !!!! Well, you always need someone to play devil's advocate ! I'd still love to sit there with all of you and have a good old chin wag. Will I still be invited if you have a bloggers get together ? XXXX

  8. I have to side with Jackie there Jeanne - where do I put my cuppa??? Great seats though!


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