Taking it easy in Hong Kong...

Tea time in Hong Kong..

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening!

Seeing that I am somewhere in between, I thought I might as well cover it all! I am in a rainy Hong Kong at the moment, taking it easy, taking some down time and truth be told...feeling a bit restless. 

I did a really silly thing two weeks ago. I hopped up onto something to take a picture, turned around and "TWISTO"...I ended up with an avulsion fracture to my ankle and a haphazard looking finger... I shall spare you the details...but...it wasn't pretty and the whole experience made me want to go in a corner of a room and bang my head against the wall. I tried to blame it on a full moon...but alas... not a sliver in sight that night. I had to blame myself.

One 15 hour flight from Boston to Hong Kong, a few days of rest and here I am, on the 43rd floor, in our apartment, writing the alphabet on the floor with my injured foot and doing some strange grab and push routine with a towel and my toes. Doctors orders. 

I can walk OK...and better if I wear my very unattractive foot strap...but I still can't motor around by foot the way I normally would in Hong Kong which has me undone at times. 

So I am accepting my fate, listening to my body and taking it easy in Hong Kong and will do the same in Australia later in the week and in Xi'an next week. A woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do! Right?

I have plenty to keep me busy.

Study, Study
I am catching up on two great online courses I started in March. One is a photo editor course;  Lightroom 31 Days with Kim Klassen and the other;  31 Days to Build a Better Blog Course with Darren Rowse of Pro Blogger. Both are informative and well worth the time and effort. If you are interested in starting a blog, fine tuning one or are interested in working with Lightroom, I highly recommend both classes.

Hong Kong Travel Notes
I started a page for our Hong Kong move two years ago (can you believe it has been that long!) and am in the process of transitioning it to my favorite places to Eat, Shop, Relax and Explore in Hong Kong. I have had many requests and it makes sense to put them all on one page. Perfect timing. 

Deep Breathing
A few weeks ago I wrote about the challenge of preparing myself for an MRI that I was extremely anxious about. I tried once and lasted 30 seconds and went back to try again. The advice sent my way from readers was absolutely fantastic and so very much appreciated! It worked! 

If you are claustrophobic and or tend to get anxious before MRI tests I first suggest that you see if there is an Open MRI Scanner in your area. This was a game changer for me.

Other helpful MRI exam tips

1. I stayed up late the night before as suggested by the MRI technician. This was to help make make me drowsy. The technician said it often helps with people who are especially anxious.

2. I booked an appointment for first thing in the morning, again, another suggestion by the technician.

3. I took my doctor's advice and took a mild sedative to calm my nerves an hour before the test. I would definitely do that one again!

4. I used Dr. Hauschka's Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil for extra measure. If you love the scent of lavender, this product is a must!

5. A wonderful friend taught me the square deep breathing technique also known as "box breathing" and it worked like a charm. It's been a little miracle worker when I wake in the middle of the night too. Another one I highly recommend! 

6. I decided what I wanted to think about before I went in for the exam....a book retreat in Paris and postcards were my thoughts of choice. ;)

Before I knew it, I was done! Hooray for me!

Ok...you may be thinking that this woman is a wreck. MRI's, fractured ankle...what is going on or rather, what next?? Let's not go there...and with that thought, I am deep breathing and visualizing a box and 1..2..3..4.

I am not done!

Resting soulfully with Brene Brown and Oprah
I downloaded two books onto Audible as part of my efforts to take it easy in Hong Kong. The first
Daring Greatly by Brene Brown and Oprah Winfrey's new book The Path Made Clear. I feel like I am late to the game on Brene. I know of her, have heard a few podcasts but haven't delved into her work. She has come so highly recommended by so many, I reckon I should start somewhere. I find her book engaging and thought provoking and the perfect segue into my "taking it easy" strategy. Oprah is Oprah and I can always relate to what she has to say. It's been a while since I have stepped into Oprah's world...and this book feels like the right way to do it. 

When all else fails...LAUGHTER!
While Mrs. H is resting up in Hong Kong, Mr. H is travelling. I won't even get started on that one...but to just needle him a bit, I send photos of Mrs. H having a case of the sillies. I may be laughing by myself but to be honest...laughter is the only way to manage through the craziness that is me these days!

I just love this little fellow below.
Makes my heart pitter patter....
much like I know it will do 
when I see Cooper, 
our grandson, this weekend. 
He just started walking.
Time flies!

Best wishes to one and all for a wonderful week, 
I will be thinking of you!

Jeanne xx

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  1. Prayers for your good health
    Your good tips are wonder for stress events. Thank you. A lavender car air freshener is also on my list. Getting into a hot sunny car greeted by a bloom of lavender scent, methinks, might help calm some drivers.

    1. You can never go wrong with lavender....and I love the idea of adding it to the car. Talk about taking stress out of rush hour (although ours is pretty tame). You just gave me another idea for my essential oils, thank you! :))

  2. Hoping for a speedy recovery Jeanne and that you'll be up around again real soon! Also want to thank you for the lovely bonsai postcard.

  3. What a pretty picture of you!I hope you feel back to normal soon. Thank you for the postcard - it's beautiful.
    Happy travels.
    Gwendolyn Miranda St John Valiente

  4. I just discovered your blog and am enjoying it. I am sorry about your little accident...I've experienced those and the "banging my head against a wall" feeling that goes with it. And yay for Brene. She's the best. I'm glad you're enjoying her book. She has a Netflix special coming out later this month, fyi.

    1. Glad I am not the only one Julie!! Looking forward to the show.. :))

  5. So sorry about your foot! It's so frustrating, I know. I'm going on 8 weeks of a strained Achilles tendon, and it's exhausting. Limping is killer exercise. So I really, really, hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thank you Lisa....I hope you are on the mend as well. It always surprises me to discover another muscle I did not know I had (limping). Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing! ;)

  6. I took all of your empowering self care tips to heart! Thank you so much for sharing such good ideas darling! Sending you healing thoughts and big hugs from Southern California!

  7. The online course sound really interesting. I just wish I had the time. I barely even have time to blog properly these days. It's crazy because I thought that I would have more time as my son got older not less. Maybe I'm just not managing my time properly. Anyhow, it's always a pleasure to hear what you are up to. I am sure you're looking forward to visiting Australia and seeing little Copper. Enjoy it.

    1. I am sure you are managing your time very well Loree. I have to say, for all my planning, it has been hard to get to the classes. Overly ambitious, again! I am not sure how it happened...but looking after "adult" children can be just as exhausting as toddler days. It's a marvel....kind of. ;)

  8. I thought I’d surprise you & come over & read your post from start to finish! I’m glad because now I know I’m
    not the only klutz in the friendship. I broke my ankle when I was 7 months pregnant with Lachie & it was no fun. Rest that ankle as often as you can & have a wonderful reunion with gorgeous Cooper & his Mum & Dad. And no more climbing up on chairs mate!! xx

    1. You got it Meg, I am very mindful these days! Pregnant at 7 months with a broken ankle...OUCH!!!

      Had a fab reunion with the little "Coop" and his mum and dad. So much fun to see who he looks like and takes after with each visit. He is getting so big...and is a little charmer. :))


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