Expat Diary: Hong Kong

Thinking about life at No. 43 with my velvet slippers
 from Shanghai Tang here

Greetings from No. 43 in Hong Kong!
I am in Hong Kong for two weeks continuing my efforts to set up a life in our apartment at No. 43. Shortly after my departure in March I made an executive decision, or rather, an executive demand to hire an interior decorator. Given that my time in Hong Kong will be limited in 2017, it is near impossible for me to complete all the tasks before me in two weeks.  Fortunately, we found someone to help us. Curtains, light fixtures, carpets, re-upholstery, art...it's all on the list. With decorating underway it allows me to focus on spending quality time with family...and carry on with my travel notes.

The trials and tribulations of relocation..
I am not the easeist of expats to work with, I tend to ask questions and more questions and just in case I missed something, I ask them again. I like to be well prepared before I step on foreign soil. Transition is everything when you relocate, the easier it goes for you and your family the faster you can settle into your new life. Relocation agents are worth their weight in gold if you have a good one and in Hong Kong we did.

If you are contemplating a move and are wondering where to begin, I am happy to recommend Cherry Graham, Director, Connect HK Ltd.  Cherry was a tremendous help to us. She guided us through the housing options in Hong Kong and has been a fantastic source for guiding us through life in Hong Kong. I was able to hit the ground running due to Cherry's breadth of knowledge and expertise. You can email Cherry... cherry@connect-hongkong.com or call her mobile +852-93716504.

My Travel Notes...
Mr. H and I are now on the 'other side' of expat life, travelling as two rather than six, we are 'expat empty nesters'. It shifts our perspective and allows us to focus on life in a different light. To that end I have created travel notes for our day to day life in the Central area of Hong Kong, where we live. It will be an ongoing list with more areas to be added as we go along. I am happy to share it in the hopes that you might find something that appeals to you as well, whether you are traveling or moving to Hong Kong.

For those of you in the know, I welcome suggestions! You can write to me jeannecollageoflife@gmail.com


To get into Hong Kong mode..
Top 10 books set in Hong Kong
Must Reads: Books about Hong Kong
Asiaxpat for property and classifieds
Hands On Hong Kong for volunteer opportunities

For life in Hong Kong...
South China Morning Post
Hong Kong Moms
Sassy Hong Kong
The HK Hub

For style...
Hong Kong Tatler 
Hong Kong Tatler Homes
Hong Kong Tatler Dining
Expat Living Hong Kong

For food...
Michelin Guide Hong Kong & Macau

I can not imagine expat life without social media! This is where it all happens for me. Blogging, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have opened my expat world in more ways than one. If you know where to look you can find lots of great travel tips and open doors to wonderful friendships. I will continue to add social media sites, for now a few HK sites to get you started...
Hannahk132 **

** Hannette and I had an 'insta-meet' in Hong Kong recently. Kismet! A fellow expat living in Hong Kong for several years, she has been a great source for me as I settle in to No. 43. Many of the links here have come at her suggestion. Thank you Hannette! I highly recommend her IG page.  One of the things I love that about social media...you just never know what awaits you at then end of the 'share' button. ;)

I love when people take the time to write to me and give me advice. If you are interested in making friends, attending lectures and exploring new areas..check out..
The Royal Geographic Society- Hong Kong
The Asia Society- Hong Kong
Friends of the Art Museum- The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The American Club- Hong Kong
American Women's Association of Hong Kong
Australian Association of Hong Kong
More membership clubs in Hong Kong

The best art galleries in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Arts Festival 
HK Ticketing for latest events

Tabla for caftans and cashmere
M31, Princes Building, Hong Kong

Gorgeous by Lydia for tailoring
27-29 Wellington Street, Yuen Yick Building
3rd Floor, Central, Hong Kong

Four Seasons Spa Hong Kong for the ultimate relaxation
8 Finance Street
Central, Hong Kong
Note: Tried and true, the Lomi Lomi Nui massage,
especially if you are suffering from heavy duty jet lag.

Tai Cheong Bakery for egg tarts
35 Lyndhurst Terrace
Central, Hong Kong

Happy Foot for reflexology and lymphatic massage
11th Floor, Lyndhurst Tower
No. 1 Lynhurst Terrace
Central, Hong Kong

The Loft By The Nail Library for mani and pedi
Level 2, 26 Cochrane Street
Central, Hong Kong

Ellerman Flowers Boutique for something special
Shop 109, Level 1, Landmark Atrium
15 Queens Road
Central, Hong Kong

Visionaire for cool things
G/F 26 Gough Street, Central

Timothy Oulton for hip vintage inspired furniture
15 Gough Street, Central

Homeless for clever gift ideas
28 Gough Street, Central

Good of Desire for extraordinary objects
48 Hollywood Road, Central

Aesop Shop for everything
A G/F 42-42A Hollywood Road, Central

We enjoy all types of food and are keen to check out new restaurants. Many have been recommended to us by locals and some have been researched through magazines. We have managed to try them all!

Zuma for modern Japanese, all delicious!
Landmark, level 5&6
15 Queen's Road, Central

Beefbar  A steakhouse with a twist.  (One Michelin Star)
2/F Club Lusitano
16 Ice House Street, Central

Summer Palace for Dim Sum lunch. Try the Peking Duck!  (Two Michelin Stars)
Level 5
Pacific Place
Supreme Court Road, Central

Lung Keen Hing for exceptional Chinese Cantonese (Three Michelin Stars)
Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong
8 Finance Street, Central

Bisteca for Italian steak house..with a buffet
2nd Floor
Grand Progress Building
15-16 Lan Kwai Fong, Central

The Red Pepper Restaurant-knock your socks off spicy!
7 Lan Fong Road
Causeway Bay

Afternoon Tea-because I just love afternoont tea!
Clipper Lounge at Mandarin Oriental 
High Tea at Sevva
The Lounge at Four Season
Lobby Lounge at Island Shangri-La
Cafe 103 at The Ritz Carlton
The Lobby at The Peninsula
Palm Court at The Langham
More tips for Afternoon Tea in Hong Kong

Time Out Hong Kong
Hong Kong Foodie ToursBigBus Hong Kong Tours
Trip Advisor Hong Kong


WORD OF MOUTH...the best words of all!

Caroline's suggestions...

"Go up to The Peak and do the wonderful 360° walk around Lugard Road.

Go to the Feather Boa for the best strawberry daiquiris in the world..it is in So Ho.

Members only...but, if possible, go to David Tang's China Club for dinner- 
old world Shanghai antiques- great atmosphere.

Go to Ocean Park amusement park (my son loves this idea)

Go to the markets at Stanley, a laid back part of HK on the South Side of the Island.

Try the outside escalator in Central and walk along Hollywood Road to explore the shops.

Visit the market on Cat Street- full of curios and kitsch Chinese antiques. 
They also sell old fashion Chinese POSTCARDS...I love this!

Visit the bird market.. old men walking around with their birds in cages. There are bags
of grasshoppers for sale for bird feed.

Visit the flower market to see the orchids.

Take the tram across the city for more sights."

Cherry's suggestion...

"English local radio is RTHK3- Morning Brew-on the pulse with what's happening in HK"

Mumbai's suggestion...



    I was in HONG KONG ONCE upon a TIME many many MOONS AGO............1981.
    MY stepmother was stationed there way before that with PAN AM airlines...........
    TAKE IT ALL IN.........and GOOD for YOU for getting THE HELP YOU NEED!
    I do not think you follow me but I have SOME EXCITING NEWS TO SHARE.............pop over and see!
    I'm behind YOU a few YEARS!!!!!

    1. Hello La Contessa. I love your comments on so many blogs. I am unable to find your blog. Can you send me a link


    2. Hi Elizabeth, I do follow! I I have been reading more than commenting lately and am SO SO excited about your son's impeding wedding, congratulations! The link for the slippers is under the photo in pink. They are men's slippers from Shanghai Tang.

      Helen...you will loved Elizabeth's site, you can find her here http://thevintagecontessa.net

      xxx to you both.

    3. SO, what size in MENS do I wear do YOU THINK??I am an 8.5 .........thinking you might be close to my size as I have small feet for my height!I MAY ORDER!!!!!
      HI HELEN................JEANNE beat me!
      MY Middle name is HELEN!
      I have seen you around TOO for many many YEARS!I think mostly over on LOST IN ARLES.

  2. I would love to sit and talk to learn more about this life you lead. Maybe we can make that happen this summer. NH and Maine are not far apart.

  3. Alas, I have no suggestions to give as I have never been to Hong Kong. As always, I enjoy seeing it through your writing and photos.

  4. Thank you Jeanne for all the best places and other important information.Cheri and I were in Hong Kong so many years ago.

    I remember liking the climb to The Peak.

    1. We climbed up and around The Peak on the weekend Edgar, it is a beautiful spot!

  5. Hello Jeanne,
    What a rich post with such valuable information I will file it away and one day hope to visit HKG
    I so admire your ability to see the best in every place you live. You make it special by your mere presence at a city/town. Truly a gift.
    Like everyone, I love the shoes. Have you thought of mass producing them?

    Fondest wishes

    1. Hi Helen...the slippers are great. I use them for airlplane travel. So much better than the socks they give you. I have thought about having something similar made with proper soles to wear them out and about. Something distinctly 'Hong Kong'. Stay tuned! Thank you for your very kind words, I truly appreciate them. xxx

  6. https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2017/apr/23/kwan-kee-sweet-cake-pudding-shop-hong-kong

  7. Hi Jeanne,
    I haven't commented in quite some time---but that does not mean I haven't been following you to see what you are up to these days. I love to hear about your journey and what an interesting one this must be at #43! Very very cool pic of your slippers with a view!

    1. You are so kind Annie, life in blogging land, I get it! xx


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