Sharing the Love....with a Blue and White French Giveaway!

to offer you a 
Collage of Life

I wrote HERE about Sharon Santoni
and the lovely
I unwrap each season at Tahilla Farm. 

Each one, more precious than the last.

And the surprises that await...
are always a treat!
You can have a peek at past boxes HERE.

If you would like the 
opportunity to win the next box, the
I would be delighted to take your details
to enter you in the draw.

As mentioned before,
 the contents is always a surprise
but we have a hint...
You can read about it HERE.

Blue and White Spring with My Stylish French Box

"In my garden, blue and white are dominant, 
in particular in the Spring when the beds 
in front of the terrace are full of white magnolia, 
wisteria, blue irises, blue agapanthus and some 
very-nearly-blue roses who I believe go 
under the name of Pacific Blue."
Sharon Santoni

Faïencerie de Gien

"We continue to work with French brands to 
bring you a varied selection of beautiful, sweet smelling,
and very French items for you and your home."
Sharon Santoni

Here's how you can enter the 
Collage of Life Giveaway:

Leave a comment below and be sure to 
let me know how to reach you
or write to me
leave a comment 
Whichever works for you!
I'm easy!

I will draw one winner on April 24.
I will be in Hong Kong on that day
so stay tuned for the exact time.

If you want to skip ahead 
and directly purchase your own box, 
click HERE.

Bonne chance à tous!
Jeanne xx 


  1. Hi Jeanne!
    What a fabulous gift! Anyone would be thrilled to receive a box filled with beautiful French items. From the previous boxes I've viewed I can see there are a great variety of precious things tucked inside.
    Please add my name to the draw. . . . . . . . . and I'll picture you in Hong Kong on April 24th picking the name of the lucky winner.
    Merci beaucoup for the chance. You have my info!

    Safe travel this month, and have a wonderful time in HK with Mr. H I'm sure.
    Hugs - Mary

  2. Love your blog and your farm. I would love to win the french box.😀

  3. Your readers are so fortunate to share the beauty in your life and to have a chance for your give aways. Hopefully, spring is showing signs of arriving at Tahilla and that you will have chance to enjoy it before heading to Hong Kong. What a life you do lead!

  4. Each time I read the posts about the next box, I drool and dream. My contact is
    Kristin Freeman, I live in Missoula, MT and would be delighted to bring some French flavor and flair into my home.

  5. Thank you for the giveaway! I hope I win, but good luck to all! Diana (

  6. That's very generous of you Jeanne. Those boxes are filled with so many pretty things. I would love to be added to the draw. I think you have my contact info already. Have a safe trip to Hong Kong.

  7. Thank you for the opportunity to win this dreamy French box.
    Sue Malizia

    BTW...Received your graceful bonsai postcard yesterday. I love all your little inspirational stickers added. Thanks again. =)

  8. How kind to do this giveaway. Blue being my favorite color and blue and white my favorite combo I would love this box! I have read such wonderful things about Sharon's boxes that it's sure to be another treasure.

  9. Thank you for sharing the love Jeanne! Good luck to your readers! :)

  10. Jeannine: Thank you for the offer of winning one of Sharon's boxes especially since I love blue and white and my living/dining room are blue and white. Also wish to thank you for your card. It is lovely and very kind of you. Erika

  11. I would love to win one of the boxes....they are so intriguing. The post card was very much appreciated. My husband wanted to know who this person was that was sending me a postcard :-)

  12. Oh my Jeanne, that is sooo very generous of you.. I simply must enter.. thank you for being you! x Blue is my standard go to color, whenever i wear it I get compliments, especially that duck egg French Blue shade, almost periwinkle. I started collecting Blue and White crockery in my previous life, and its still gives me so much joy, each time I use it. Oh Jeanne, I'm waffling on, and on.. thank you.. and travel well to Hong Kong. Enjoy x Jean

  13. Jeanne, how wonderful to be offering one of Sharons' special boxes. I have often thought of subscribing but never have. I would love to win one! I loved my postcard and actually use it as my current bookmark!

  14. Wow, wouldn't that be an amazing treat to receive. Ho generous of you. Have a wonderful time in Hong Kong. Should I be lucky enough to win this, you should be able to contact me via my gmail address.
    Happy Easter

  15. I am currently taking French, so imagine my delight when I came across your blog and moments later, your giveaway! Perfecr for me! My French is sadly rudimentary, but being the budding Francofile that I am, I am excited to participate and to hopefully, win. I adore blue and white and all things French. I have collected blue and white china, pottery and art objects all my life. Toile is my next conquest! Gmail is how to notify me. ❤

  16. Such a lovely giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity, and thank you especially for bringing back memories of France :)

  17. Oh my goodness! You are so generous with post cards (currently my bookmark) and now the French Box. I would love to be entered with a chance to win. What a treat that would be! Enjoy Hong Kong and safe travels. Kindest regards -

  18. What could get me out of trouble for skipping Monday's French Conversation group here at Bay Village? Voila, le "French Box" ...opened and shared there, bien sur ! til then, I can be found in the corner at Merci, Joan

  19. Yes, indeed, I'm interested! Please enter me in your giveaway. Love your collage of life ("college" would fit, too!).

  20. Jeanne... so wonderful being with you and 4 other magnificent women at Tahilla Farm for our first Third Act retreat. Thank you for opening your wonderful space to us. I was so sorry to miss the walk and the closing dinner but I understand you all kept the discussion going well into the evening. I would live to enter the drawing! And I will be eager to hear about retreats for book groups! Love it!

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. What a wonderful giveaway! Please enter me. I really enjoy your blog. It's very inspiring.

  23. What a wonderful giveaway! Please enter me. I really enjoy your blog. It's very inspiring.

  24. Jeanne that’s so kind of you sharing some French love...I’ve ‘sat on the fence’ for quite some time wondering whether to subscribe to these! Hope the jet lag is going quietly...;))

  25. What a generous offer...! I've been following your thoughts and photographs for quite some time: always inspiring! Sending you my email via email. ;)


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