A Warm Breeze Blowing Thru Sydney

How wonderful is this photo? 
Can you imagine yourself sitting there, with that gorgeous blue ocean 
whilst feeling a comfortable breeze blowing through your hair? 
I could not be appreciating this more on this chilly day in England. 
My friend Z. sent this photo to me. She lives in Sydney and attended 
the Sculpture by the Sea 2010 exhibit over the weekend.

Z. is not happy with the heat in Sydney at the moment. 
She says it is so humid that if you stand still
you will grow mould. I think I could even take that right now.

This photo brought back wonderful memories. 
Z and I were great walking buddies.  We would rise early, 
do the walk and then do the talk at the local cafe. 

This is where we hung our hat for a few years. It is waiting for our return.
Each morning, I grabbed a cup of coffee and wandered out to this spot.
Telescope in hand I would check out the horizon.

Sunrise, sunset and the fullness of the day. 
It was always spectacular.

last but not least another photo that 
brought a smile to my heart.
Bondi Venus

Created by Dennis Kalous, image by Charles Brewer

Oh, Happy Days!

Now back to my side of the world....
Have you heard about the engagement of Prince William and Kate? 
Did you watch Prince Charles and Diana's wedding all those years ago?
Want a little trip down memory lane?
Visit here: 

First image taken by Z. 
Middle images taken by me.
Last image taken by Charles Brewer.
Apologies for not supplying the details for the first
exhibit. I looked everywhere and could not find it.


  1. Thank you for the beautiful pictures of Sydney! The views you had were stunning. It sounds like you and Z had a wonderful friendship.

    I am loving the news about Will & Kate. What a great couple. She is so chic and confident...I like that about her. Now I am off to visit your link.


  2. ANY place by the sea is terrific...just love being by the water. Your photos are wonderful and I wish I was there right now!!
    The news about Will and Kate, just makes you smile and be happy for them. Ah, romance!!

  3. Beautiful!
    WIll and Kate and a Royal wedding...will be great getting to see the couple as they get closer to the big day!

  4. Jeanne - My Little Miss is taking piano lessons across the road from the telescope window! The house next door to the double garage in the final view photo. We are there at 8am on Thursday mornings. Last week I took my crochet down to the Manly Spit walk waterside and sat on a bench for half an hour. It was beautiful. I did partake in a bit of daydreaming for half the time. We used to live on the footpath at Fairlight Beach. I love the harbourside. Sunday was unbearably humid, I love your friends's mould comment!
    Time for a hot chocolate for you though by the sounds of it.

  5. Pretty! Pretty! Pretty! Strangely enough, I see a bit of myself in the last picture! xoxoChris

  6. Gorgeous pictures jeanne, looks like a lovely spot.

    v.excited about will & kate, but i have to admit shedding a tear for diana this morning thinking about her not being here to see it. i was never a mad crazy diana zealot, but admired her style and perseverance, and as a mum, it just tugs at your heart strings. wow, nearly started again!!

    but yes, i love a royal wedding! xxx

  7. What gorgeous views and photos. Really lovely. It's someplace I've always wanted to visit, but the length of time it takes to get there from the east cost is daunting. Maybe someday ... thanks for sharing these.

  8. Dear Jeanne,
    what a breathtaking view!Having a nice breakfast with a very good friend,watching the sailing boats going by and enjoying the sun is (almost) the best thing in life...!So nice!
    The marriage of William & Kate was No. 1 theme the past two days in Germany and I think this is going to be a very, very big event in europe!

    Oh, yes Jeanne...we must go shopping one day together!As you know, I really adore anthropologie-sytle and I`m coming to London next time with *extra (empty!)big* luggage...I love their endless imagination.:))

    Beate XXX

  9. Love the stone sculpture on the beach...
    What a lovely memory to thank back upon.

    Yes, of course, we've heard about William and Kate, er, Katherine! We're watching piece after piece on television...a rebirth of the royal excitement 30 years ago...we're all EXCITED...Americans are great royal watchers because we have no king or queen of our own...

  10. It will be so much fun for us Colonists to rekindle our love of all British monarchy pomp and circumstance. Of course I got up early to watch "the wedding"... and will do it again.

  11. Jeanne - the photos you posted of Sydney are wonderful. Another blogging friend of mine from OZ has commented how unbearable the heat is there at the moment and also the worrying shortage of water.My thoughts and prayers go out to them especially when I think of the dreadful forest fires they had in Melbourne sometime back. Somehow a cold wet day in Britain doesn't seem so bad.

  12. Thanks all for your very kind words. I hopped on the treadmill at the gym today and took in a TV show called Loose Women, a women's chat show. Lordy, lordy, the debates going on over the royal engagement! I was glued and managed an extra 15 minutes on the treadmill to boot!

  13. PS...
    Carmel, my girls took piano lessons in the same spot. You have great observation skills. Our house is across the street :) I know the spot you are speaking of.. A perfect spot for a little daydreaming :)

  14. So, are you going to the wedding? Wouldn't we love that. Someone should tell Kate and William what fabulous photos you take and surely you would be invited.


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