All in a day....a few words

Sunday thoughts...

Cool breeze
Blue skies
Lazy afternoon
Weekend paper
Comfy chair
Chicken noodle soup
Long walk
and a line or two
Sunday Roast
Fresh baked cookies
Family laughter
All in a day

Best wishes for a wonderful week :)


and more...


  1. YUP....that sounds like a wonderful weekend for sure!!
    I love family get togethers, all gathered around for sunday dinner....LAUGHTER, happy tears.

  2. Nice! I love it all and the music too!

  3. Jeanne - sounds like a little bit of heaven!

  4. I love all those things too...they make the perfect weekend for sure!!

  5. Ooh I like the way your mind works, Jeanne! Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me!

  6. It reads like the perfect list for sure. I am jealous! Such a shame weekends are so short-lived isn't it? Lou x

  7. "Family Laughter"... the best of the sounds. The one that speaks to your heart and should be brought with you to the eternity.

    Luciane at HOMEBUNCH.COM

    PS: You might like my post from Saturday... go take a look... it's about my trip across Canada. :-)

  8. Sounds a great weekend. Wishing you a great week too.

  9. This is the first time I comment on your site, but I've been reading your posts for about a few months. I admire the passion with which you tell your stories and dream that someday I can do the same. Love


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