A Little Lovin and Blog Talk


You know it is going to be a good day when
your morning coffee looks like this.  
I made myself an espresso, whipped up the milk
in my handy dandy Nespresso aeroccino and plopped it into my cup
 and voila...a little lovin.
Which I am sending your way :)

A few thoughts as the week comes to a close..

image here

Blog Talk
I just love our little Blog Talks. I learn the most interesting things. Many thanks again to all who responded to my questions about blogging a few weeks back. For those who may have missed it, I asked three questions. Original post here.
Why do you blog?
What do you like most about it?
What would you do differently if you were to do it over again?
I wanted to know because I had been asked to give a talk about blogging to a woman's group I am involved with. They were interested in  why someone would blog and how to start one. This is where you came in. You very kindly responded to my questionnaire and in doing so you gave me the perfect picture.

Here is what you said....

Blogging is....
'It is like being a magazine editor of your own magazine. You choose the topic, write the article, select the photos and enjoy the finished product with feedback.' I could not have said it better myself!'
'It has given me a spring in my step and a new interest in life.'
'It helps me to keep focused on the positive.'
'Allowed me to rediscover a passion for art and photography.'
'I have found kindred spirits and love feeling connected.'
'Blogging motivates me to be better, do more and try new things.'
'I enjoy the supportive group of readers and find them very encouraging.'
'I blog to leave stories for my grandchildren.'
'I blog to keep in touch with out of state/country children.'
'I liken it to penfriends of the past.'
'Blogging allows me to record special moments that I do not want to forget.'
'Thru blogging I notice the little things and see more beauty and interest.'
'I am getting to know interesting and inspiring people.'
'I am learning about other cultures- it feels like a big global hug.'
'Blogging is like a virtual cup of coffee.'
'It is like peeping thru an open door and watching a huge friendly 'in' party in full swing.'
'Blogging puts an added dimension into my life and widens my world.'
'It is a place where I can say something and not be interrupted in mid-thought.'
Lastly, what would you differently?
Many of you would not change a thing and if any changes were to be made you would have spent more time reading blogs and developing a theme before starting. I feel the same way. There are a number of things I would differently but sometimes you just have to say cest la vie.
So what can I say, but thank you for your responses to my questions. Your words guided and comforted me. It was nice to see that I am not alone on this journey. The reasons for being here are our own but one thing we can say is that we are having fun. Isn't that what it is all about?
A year ago, when I first started, I wrote down a few words that resonated with me and made me take my first step... 'STAY ON PASSION-CRAZY IS GOOD'

Keeping that thought in mind....
Cashmerejeans or cashmerejeanne's is up and running. I am still working out a few things in addition to the title and I decided to dedicate it to fashion.  I have a skirting dilemma if you care to help. You can join me here.
images~me and zina

Yes, it is true, I am up to five blogs now...
I look at them as my life files. I liken it to the pockets below plus one.  Fashion, Photography, England, Health and Life.  Instead of putting my ideas in a paper file I am putting them on a blog. Trust me, you would not want to see the end result of combining all these into one blog. I think 'mad as a hatter' would be the expression you would be looking for if I did. I keep it light and simple and it fulfills all of the things that are mentioned above. So...if you are thinking of adding another, I say go for it :) All you need is a little time management and you are 'sweet' as they say in New Zealand.

Friday Bliss...
Not only did my coffee show me a little lovin this morning, my daughter Miss Christine did as well. We teamed up and tackled a room which I have dreaded for the past year. Every miscellaneous object that I managed to collect for the past 20 years was in this room. Today we cleared it all out and now have a very clean and manageable room which we will dedicate to crafts. We are both very happy with the result and agreed that we make a good team. I guess I must have taught her a thing or two over the past 20 years as well :) I think I will wait until Monday to mention the garage to her.

On that note, I am going to sign off. 
Miss Christine is making home made pizza tonight and 
I have a glass of Australian Sauvignon Blanc that is calling my name. 
I will toast to you for having made it this far in the post. 
You sweet thing you, thank you!!

Best wishes for a wonderfully relaxing weekend. 
I hope you manage a little 'me' time of your own.

Jeanne xx

 An Afternoon on the Seine (here)


  1. Wow, another blog! Good luck with that. I will check it our as soon as I finish here.

    Hope that the Aussie wine was lovely! We make good wines over here but we are still not as good as the Kiwi's when it comes to Sauvignon Blanc!

    Best wishes,

  2. Thanks for getting us to focus on what blogging means to us, Jeanne. I just posted on "Why do I blog?" (oh, and you scored a mention!). Have a delightful weekend, sweet one. J x PS You lucky duck to have a crafts room. I long for a room of my own a la Virginia Woolfe.

  3. Hope your weekend is awesome too Jeanne! Cheers *clink clink* of the wine glasses!

  4. Jeanne I think you are amazing having another blog too! And well done about tackling that room - we all have one don't we?!! Hope the Australian wine was as good as you hoped (and the pizza!) x

  5. Thanks for condensing those blogging thoughts Jeanne, very succinct and very interesting.
    FIVE blogs !!!! Oh my, catch me I feel faint ... I really don't know how you do it and you find time to sort out your spare room!
    Wishing you a happy weekend, we can tell how much you're enjoying having your family around you.
    PS Loving your Paris shots

  6. Hi Jeanne,

    gosh your profile reads like my sister-in-law's family! They are spread like seeds on the wind too _ Australia, Vietnam, France, England....
    that's the reason I began blogging - so that my brother, Dad and beloved sil can drop in on my life as and when. They are all in Australia.

    Glad you liked the roses,

    Sarah x

  7. Oh Jeanne,
    I'm worn out, reading about all of your exploits !!!! I don't know how you manage all of those blogs.....I hardly manage the ONE that I've got !! Over my year and a half of blogging, I have learnt much about the process. Somedays I love it and other days I find it all a little strange ! I am rethinking mine a bit. I think that a change is needed.
    Have a lovely weekend.....I, too have a bottle of Sauvingon Blanc in the fridge so....CHEERS !! XXXX

  8. Hi all, many thanks for your comments :)
    I decided this morning that another way to rationalise
    five blogs is that it is good for my mind. I am working towards a better brain. Sharpening my mind and exercising my brain with a big mind puzzle..it's an age thing :)

  9. Somehow I missed the post asking we why blog...a totally interesting topic and I'm glad to hear you speaking to a woman's group about it...you'll do a great job, given all the true and fine responses you've received from the others...I'm always rethinking my blog, believing that it's a bit narrow. Still, I love it's limitations because it makes me think more...brain exercise, challenge, I guess.

  10. Loved this post, Jeanne!
    Happy hugs for the weekend xoxo

  11. Jeanne - a job shared is a job halved. How great for Miss Christine to give you a hand. A lovely frothy heart shaped cup of coffee for both of you.

  12. You are one busy lady with the blogging these days! Just popped over to cashmerejeans and thought it was great. If I were wearing that gorgeous skirt of yours, I team it with a white shirt for sure.

    The coffee looks lovely, and I hope the pizza was too.

  13. Hi Becky...I added in the link to the original post for you :)

  14. Five blogs. You are amazing! This is a great post. Loved reading what blogging means to others. I could see myself in most of those comments!

  15. Big hugs and oodles of best wishes for the blogs. Remarkable woman!

    Immense joy,

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