Roses and Tulips in Paris

Flowers on a street corner in Paris...

These were so beautiful and so tempting. 
I wanted to bundle them up and take them back to London with me.
If you were standing with me, which would you choose?
Tulips, roses or would you say the heck with it...
and go for the lot?

Would you keep them or pass them on?
Where would you place them in your home?

I would buy for me
and one for a dear friend who is celebrating a birthday today.
I would send hers via air express to Sydney where she lives.
I would place mine in our kitchen and then cook to my hearts content.

Listen to me...I guess it is true, there is something about Paris.

Best wishes for a wonderful week :)



  1. The flowers are gorgeous and you are a wonderful friend to your Sydney pal!! Hope you are having a Happy Halloween in Paris, Jeanne!!

  2. Jeanne - I love flowers too and like you I think I would want to come home with armfuls.Some for me and some for my daughter I think. I've got a thing about scented flowers. The roses are beautiful but so much more so when they have got this wonderful heady fragrance. The problem with the supermarket ones here, they are scentless.

  3. Would you send me a bunch too please Jeanne?

  4. so gorgeous!!! lovely,lovely post!
    by the way,love your beautiful blog!

  5. Beautiful...this could be what I would love about Paris most, the flower markets. And I think I'd take the whole lot and spread them throughout my home!! Thank you for the sweet pictures!


  6. Nice pictures Jeanne, hope you both had a great time in Paris.

  7. Not much better than flowers in Paris, is there? Beautiful!

  8. What an amazing post!!! It brightened my morning! Can't wait to hear more of your adventures in Paris!

  9. Well. I'm a 'the heck with it' kind of person. I would by them all:-D
    Enjoy Paris, Jeanne.

  10. Such gorgeous flowers - feel sure your friend in Sydney would love any of them... I would adore a huge bunch of tulips myself! x

  11. I couldn't possibly choose Jeanne....I love roses AND tulips !! It's the lot for me !!
    Sound's as if Paris melted your heart.....hope that we can see pictures of your dalliance there !
    Have a great week, Jeanne. XXXX

  12. Roses Roses I would choose the Roses
    Oh you can send those roses to me!! and then I will hand deliver [most of] them!! hehehe

    Have a lovely week Jeanne.. ciao xxx Julie

    Oh.. and Happy Birthday to 'someone'!!!

  13. Hi Jeanne,
    I found your blog via Jane (we are both invited for the dinner tag) and I like your blog, so I'm your newest follower! Have a good Monday!

  14. I love the fresh scent of flowers in the air! And just to look at them on a photo fulfills the`ll come back from paris with so much impressions and I´m anxious for your beautiful photos and stories... :)
    Your *scarf lovin`* blogfriend Beate :) XXX

    PS: Yes, we are "scarf-sisters" in mind and I was smiling again from one ear to another during reading your sweet comment!


    Wow! Paris.. flowers.... how perfect life can be! :-)

    Thanks for the gorgeous pictures... I almost could "smell" the flowers. :-)

    Luciane at

  16. So beautiful! I would keep a few and then pass most of them to you, my wonderful friend!

  17. i think i would have to snag a whole bunch... i am such a sucker for pretty flowers... xx

  18. Oh, just reading your words makes me long for Paris. Fresh flowers are a given in my life. Fortunately they are now available with little fuss and cost.
    Me, I'd pick the tulips. And yes, I'd get some for me and some for a friend.
    Thanks for the Paris smile. ~ Sarah

  19. I pretty much love flowers of all kinds.
    I put my flowers in a vase, and basically just move them around to wherever I am.
    when I go to bed, I move them to my bedroom to enjoy them and wake up to them.

    and how special to buy some for a friend.

  20. I would spend my last dollar on flowers.
    From these, I'd fill my arms with those crimson tulips and white freesias, cart them all back to my hotel room and put vases full on every surface. Then I would throw open my window and shout to the world..."I'm in Paris!".

  21. I would take them all, and share them out..

    Gorgeous colours..

  22. Gorgeous, I would take them all aussi.

    Leeann x

  23. Were you in Paris this week-end?! So was I!!!!

    We took the Sat morning Eurostar and came back last night, had a wonderful time :) I had prepared myself for rain but the weather was gorgeous!

    Hope you had fun too! xx

  24. I'd make one giant bouquet of roses to display in the biggest vase I could find. Then I would invite my Mom over for a fantastic dinner, cooking and baking as I look at all those flowers. At the end of the evening I'd send her home with the giant bouquet!!


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