Town House, Scottish Lodge or Country House?

Town House Study

I am playing house thru the Oka website today.
A British home design store with a wonderful collection.
I honestly think you can do it all here...any home, anywhere.
Books, flowers, pillows, throws and candles with a touch of red.

I think there are lots of 'do it yourself' ideas here too. 
I for one am off to do a little nesting.

Which one could you call home?

The Scottish Lodge

The Town House

The Oxford Townhouse

The Country House

 I am thinking it would be nice to merge them all.
Wouldn't that be fun!

Which one would you call home?

Images~ Oka


  1. Oh Scottish lodge for sure. It is calling to me. Will just pour a wee dram and be there in a flash. xo

  2. Funny you should say that Jane...I woke up thinking in a Scottish accent this morning. My kids were not happy this morning when I attempted to call them wee bubs. That is what I get for late night postings...I then dream about them. Saying that, I did not mind dreaming about any of these :)

  3. Hi Jeanne - think it's got to be country for me. I was in Surrey yesterday - stayed in Egham at Great Fosters - have you heard of it? Lovely images here many nice things! Lou x

  4. I love them all Jeanne and I would happily combine them but if I had to choose I would pick the country house. xx

  5. Beautiful pictures and very hard to choose a favorite...I like the idea of having separate wings in all of the styles!!

    I think I do like the Country House the's a bit more causal and comfy!


  6. I think I'll go with the Country House...if I were able I'd visit each one and stay for a fortnight!

  7. The Scottish lodge if the dog in the basket comes with it!

  8. Scottish lodge. Looks cozy. Plus I've had a Scottish addiction since reading the Outlander series of books....Ah Jamie Fraser :-)
    But they are all beautiful.

  9. Melody..does one ever get over Jamie Frazer?? I think not, it has been five years and I still think about that series. I have tried to explain it to so many have to read it to get it. Glad I found someone else who does :)

  10. If you don't mind Jeanne I'll have the sitting room from the Oxford Town house and the bedroom from the Country House.

  11. The Oxford Townhouse calls out to me but I think in a weak moment I would add toile and make it country, and the Dons' wives would cease to visit. My research papers would be rejected and I would go into a slow decline. Perhaps I'd be safer joining you and Jane for a wee tipple.

  12. What a great post!! I love every single picture you posted!! Oooh sooo charming!! Thank you for introducing us to OKA!

  13. Oh how I love OKA's catalogues - glad you love them too Jeanne... think I would go for the townhouse myself but they are all great! x

  14. The Scottish lodge, absolutely, so cozy.
    Very nice post, congratulations.

  15. Can't choose Jeanne....I love them all. I love dining room table and chairs came from Oka. XXXX

  16. You could merge them...they're all quite a bit alike, especially when it comes to color.

  17. I'm a bit besotted with that Oxford townhouse bedroom Jeanne :)

  18. Oxford Town House for me Jeanne. Sometimes when I'm in the city in the evening, I just wish I had a little bolthole close by to retire to instead of the long drive home up the Freeway to The Hedge!!
    Millie ^_^


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