A little foot frolic and cashmerejeans....

I could not resist this display today.
I found it in Selfridges on Oxford St. in London. 
The boot of choice around town is Hunter.

I had just left the Wallace Collection museum
with my favourite painting in mind. (more here)
I think it's true...
 girls just wanna have fun!

The Swing by Jean-Honore Fragonard (1767)
top image~me

PS...I am running a little test blog for 
a project I am working on. 
Which title do you prefer?
cashmere and jeans
created only to show friends how to start a blog 
but now I am thinking.....


  1. Love the zingy wellies, Jeanne. Just the thing for today - it's been cold and very wet all day here!!

  2. That IS a cute display! Hunters are very popular stateside as well. And that painting brought me back - my uncle was a talented painter and did a reproduction of the girl on the swing detail for my sister's home. It hangs in her living room 33 years later.

  3. I couldn't live without my Hunter wellies. Perfect for Edward walking in all sorts of weather. That's a fabulous display.

    And I love it that that is your favourite painting. Unbridled, delightful femininity!

    Cashmerejeans for me!

  4. My wellies are the one's I brought with me when I moved to Canada from England in 1973...you know the old black ones with orange soles. Wouldn't part with them for all the tea in china!
    I think HE is having at least as much fun as she is!!!
    The Wallace Collection was one of my most favourite places to spend and afternoon in London when we lived there in 1999. Mostly as it was a ten minute walk from our flat on Bryanston Square.

    Shouldn't it be cashmerejeanne's?

  5. I agree with Jacqueline cashmerejeanne's

    Hunters although the choice I desired did not fit me properly...I bought Sperry's instead and comfort is mine.

    The Fragonard painting has an ethereal quality to it...nothing nicer than a relaxed walk trhough a gallery on a rainy day.

  6. Ooh, I covet some Hunters but they cost a bomb here in Australia! That painting is just delightful, Jeanne. I think cashmerejeans is best - any blog with 'and' in the middle ends up with all sorts of problems. Keep it simple. Oh, and a great idea to boot. J x PS How would you run 5 blogs?!

  7. I too, love Wellies and have about 5 pair...great to wear! As for the name...both are fun! That will be clever, will look forward to it!

  8. I love my wellies...don't know the brand but they work well!!!

    I like Cashmerejeans!


  9. I totally want a pair of those boots
    cashmerejeans.....good title

    and I WANT that painting.

  10. Absolutely my favorite museum in London, and it's an extra serendipity that Selfridge's is so close!


  11. Cashmerejeans all the way for me! I cannot wait to see another one of your wonderful blogs - it is part of my day catching up with you and I look forward to it enormously! Thank you!

  12. Adore the wellies! And I would say Cashmere and Jeans for the blog title! x

  13. I think the word "cashmerejeans" doesn`t exsist for real in english (never seen jeans in cashmere...), so this is an interesting new creation of words and a good name for a blog!!
    But "cahmerejeanne`s" is really worth to think about it!
    So ...unfortunately I must leave you with two perfect new blogtitles...
    Beate :) XXX

  14. Cashmerejeans for the same reason as 'Sunday in bed' mentions. Love the hunters boots - such a great window.

  15. love the windows....
    love "cashemere jeannes"

  16. Thanks all for your comments and suggestions for the new blog...still tinkering away. I set it up as a test blog to then delete but now I am thinking of letting it hang around for a while :)

  17. I must be the odd ball here, but I like Cashmere and Jeans for some reason. I love that painting! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  18. Hmmm cashmerejeans is riding at the top of the list but the others are not to far behind. Thanks all!

  19. I'm loving all the new colors and designs on boots/Wellies.

    What's in a name? I like cashmere and jeans to describe an eclectic blog, but cashmerejeans sets the tone for a blog of unique, unexpected. I'll be anxiously awaiting your big reveal.

  20. Cashmerejeans for me, Jeanne. They sound so fabulous!

  21. Hi, I just found you via Life On Planet Baby. I love this post - I think you should Photoshop some Hunters on that gal on The Swing! That would be great!

    Newest follower, Laura
    P.S. Thumbs up for CashmereJeans :) Quirky and easy to remember


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